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The Canadian Rockies

July 9 and 10, 2009


This trip is very similar to the one we did with my brother Rolland, and his wife Suzie, in 2007.  There will be some repetition in the texts and in photos.  The actual roads taken are the same as in 2007.  What makes a big difference are the people we are with and the motorhome we are using on this trip.  This will give it another dynamic.

Note: My sister has added some of her own comments, to make the difference, they will be in blue.

I hope you will enjoy this trip as much as we did!

Thursday July 9, 2009

We left Cold Lake right after work.  We are towing our car on a dolly behind the motorhome.  The weather is good, the road is great.  Our destination is the Walmart in Airdrie.  Just before we got to Airdrie, the rain hit us, no problems. Then, we hit construction, meaning new pavement, meaning black pavement, no street lights and no line on the new pavement.  Signs are non-existent. I miss the exit.  No problems, I will turn around at the next exit.  The next exit is 10 km down the road.  I am tired, I just want to stop. This extra 20 km is no fun at all.  This parking is not very level for a motorhome, but we managed.  An uneventful night.

Friday July 10, 2009

We left Walmart early for the Calgary airport.  Parkings are not made for a 40-foot motorhome with a car behind.
We manage to get in and park.  The same parking as in 2007.
Here I am waiting for our 3 travelers.

Here they come! 

One of the "official" photographer of our trip.

And our first group shot.

After all the luggages are put away, we take a short break to catch up on the latest gossip!
Marilyne is already enjoying herself.

Robert, always happy.

Banff, here we come.

Once we are out of Calgary, we can see the Rockies.

The first of many photos stops.

Just before Canmore in the Foothills of the Rockies.

Ah!  Cute couple.

We finally made it to the Rockies, but we are still a little ways from Banff.

Jérémy was supposed to arrive tomorrow, but he called to say he is already in Banff.  He asked when will we be in Banff?
We are only 100 km away from Banff, but with all the stops, it will take us over 2 hours to get to the campground.

A few photos of us by the Lac Des Arcs.  The river feeding the lake is named the Bow River.  They kept the French name for the lake, but not for the river!  The mountain behind and to the left of Robert is the Mount Grotto. It is 9,590 feet tall (2,923m).

Estelle is so happy to finally start this trip.

So is Marilyne!

It is a good photo Mom!

Some more group photos.

The entrance to Tunnel Mt Village campground.

Jérémy finally meets us at the campground.

We had a good laugh at Jérémy as he tried to put up his tent.  Many supervisors, but very few workers.

As you can see, the problem was the cot is too big for the tent!

Won't work this way either, Jérémy decided to sleep on a mattress on the ground in his tent.

Our site.

Another view, the black car is Jérémy's.

Once set up is done, we can relax.

The temperature is on the cool side, notice how the men are still in short sleeves!

Behind Estelle, you have Tunnel Mt, at 5,544’ (1,690m) tall.
The mountain was always changing as the sun was moving in the sky.

Marilyne feeding some ground squirrels.

Our first dinner is a good Raclette and wine.  A feast!

After such a big meal, we had to go for a walk in the campground.

What a beautiful day!
It was fantastic in every way.  Our eyes were not big enough to see it all. It is just the beginning!

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