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The Canadian Rockies

July 20, 2009

Monday July 20, 2009

We woke up to a beautiful day.  We are off to the "Jasper Tramway".

Good, no waiting in line to get in the tramway.

Up to the top of Mont Whistler.

Once you are out of the tramway and outside, you can follow a trail to the top of Mont Whistler. We did.
The first few meters, you walk on a wooden sidewalk and shortly after, you are on dirt. At some point, we had to retrace our path because the trail turned into a goat trail.  Not easy when you look left and all you can see is the valley.  I even have to sit down to take some photos!

Oxygen is rare up at 7,173 feet high, but what a view!

You have almost a 360 degree view from the summit.  Over my right shoulder, you have Mont Edith Cavell.



It is starting to warm up some, time to remove some layers.

The town of Jasper.

The highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies is Mount Robson, 12,972 feet.  We are very lucky because we can actually see Mount Robson.

In the center of the first photo you can almost see some lakes.
They are in the valley of the Five Lakes. We will hike around there tomorrow.

The view is just plain awesome, but we have to get back down for some horseback riding!

Here we are getting ready for our horseback riding.  No comments.

Not just Estelle has hurting bums!
It feels like I only measure 4’11" at the end of the day, hi hi hi.

The Four Musketeer.

Regardless of the pain in our b%$#, it was a very nice ride.

We are back at the motorhome for dinner. After that, we are heading to the Miette  Hot Springs.

Store-bought chickens?  Hey, we are on holiday after all!

On our way to Miette, we travel along the Ashlar Ridge.

Michèle with her crooked hat protecting her from the sun!

The sun is putting those two to sleep.

First, a walk on Mont Whistler follow by a horseback riding. It is now time for a nice bath in a hot spring.
First, we have to check out the source of the hot springs.

On the road back home, we come across a herd of elks eating by the Transcanada highway!

We need a good night of sleep after this day.

I can tell you it was one FULL day. I was very tired at the end of it.

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