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The Canadian Rockies

July 18, 2009

Saturday July 18, 2009

A big breakfast from a great chef!
The girls don't look so sure!

Today, we are visiting Mount Edith Cavell.  This time it is a little easier than the last time.  Last time, in 2007, we had the 24 foot motorhome.  Either way, the 40 foot motorhome would not have made it on this very narrow and twisting road.
Even if this is our second time here, for Michèle and I, it is still gorgeous.
So let us start with the road to Edit Cavell.

We have to make many stops just to look at the scenery.

And then Mount Edith Cavell takes you by surprise, right around a curve, there she is!

Once the car is parked, we head to the glacier and the small lake.
This time we are hiking the trail clockwise.
A really nice trail.

This is the view behind us as we move towards the glacier.

We knew Mount Edith Cavell is big, but it is way bigger than it looks.

The trail on the left-hand side of the valley is on the lateral moraine left behind many years ago.  The trail takes us high on the moraine. It gives us an unforgettable view of the lake and the glacier at the bottom of Mount Edith Cavell.

The following photos are of all of us at the edge of the lake and glacier.
We had the chance to see a big piece of ice fall off from the glacier into the lake.

On our way to the base of Angel Glacier.  All the rocks you see are actually on top of ice.

Everything is huge. Just look at the people by the lake.  It look likes a small lake and glacier, but it is very big.  Everything around us is big.  We feel so small.

People do go inside this hole in the ice, but not us.  You never know!

The following set of photos shows you as we try to take a photo of Marilyne "lifting" the Angel Glacier.
Just as we are taking the photo, a big rock comes tumbling down the mountain.  Marilyne moved pretty fast.


The next photos are all mixed up, including our trail back to the parking lot, enjoy!

For me (Estelle), Edith Cavell was the most beautiful place.

On our way back, a few birds were feeding from your hand.

After Edith Cavell, we stopped at the Athabasca Falls.  Here, we are at the top of the falls.  Behind me, you can see where the water enters the falls.
Let me tell you, every day it is beautiful.

A really nice trail at the top of the falls.

At some locations, we are very close to the falls.

Different views of the falls.


Can you see the rainbow?  Michèle took this photo.  Real pretty.

Here is where the water comes out of the falls.

Between the top and the bottom of the falls, really nice people. (Us?)

Back at the campsite, we heard elks were close by.
Off we go to have a look.  Saw them, but no good photos.

The two that work the hardest.  Marilyne and Denis.
Notice that Marilyne has switched to the western look and wears socks in her sandals.  LOL!

Mosquitoes control.  To each its own!

For a short while, we had a light shower.

Another great meal!

Some goofy photos!


A very busy day!

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