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The Canadian Rockies

July 17, 2009

Friday July 17, 2009

Jasper, here we come!
Coming out of Honeymoon Lake campground was so bad, a little tight in some spots, but we managed without damage.
Our first stop of the day is at the Sunwapta Falls.

The girls are looking serious...

And a little less!

On our way to the falls.

The short walk to the falls is worth it.  The falls are very pretty.

Robert, Michèle and Marilyne at the top of the falls.

Looking down the falls and into the canyon.

Now looking the other way.

Our next stop is at Mount Christie.  This is another very good pull out.
The girls are playing around again!

We were lucky we saw mountain goats on the side of the road.

What a view!

Once we are set up at the Whistler campground in Jasper, we head up to Pyramid Lake.  Pyramid mountain in the background, it is at 2,762 m high.

Here some of the photos from our campsite before we left for Pyramid Lake.
Some of us are getting tired?

Robert and me are expert at getting the car on and off the dolly.

Ended the day at the campsite with a nice cold beer.

A few days to rest and visit Jasper.

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