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The Canadian Rockies

July 15, 2009

Wednesday July 15, 2009

We are leaving Lake Louise.  Jérémy has a hard time getting up this morning!

A very nice road.  We leave the Trans-Canada highway behind us and hit the "Icefield Parkway", Highway 93, toward Jasper.

I know I said it before, but what scenery are around us.
Because of Denis's experience in the Rockies, we stopped often and take incredible photos.

First stop, Herbert Lake.

Getting ready for the group photo.

The masterpiece.


Back on the road.


Jérémy playing the monster.

Jérémy and Marilyne.

Those birds were not afraid of humans.

Bow Lake, the beginning of the Bow River.
The Bow River flows south, joining the South Saskatchewan River and finally the arctic ocean.

Estelle is getting down to take a photo of us.

And us of Estelle!

The Icefield Parkway is one nice road you have to take slow, so much to look at.

Finally, the weather is warming up!

Jérémy stealing water from us.  Estelle posing for us!

And we are back on the road.

Peyto Lake, the photos do not give true justice to the scenery.  Just beautiful.
From this point on, all rivers flow north.

Can you see the dog's head?  Or the angel, or the ghost?

On our way to Waterfowl Lake.

Waterfowl Lake looking north.

And south.

Group photo.

With no interferences!

Our "machines".

Brrrr!  Some cold water!

Pretty Michèle.

On our way to Mistaya Canyon.

On the bridge crossing the river.

Looking at the bridge.

What a sight!
Incredible, I did not get as close as Marilyne, Robert and the other.

Look at the erosion on the rocks, I am amazed.

Back from the canyon.

Jérémy stops for gas at Saskatchewan Crossing.  He will be leaving us tomorrow morning to get back home in Comox, on Vancouver Island.

The road to Rampart campground.  Does the name come from the surrounding mountains?

Our site for the night.  It is the only one that can accommodate our motorhome.  Do not forget, the campgrounds were built in the 50 and 60 when a trailer over 24 feet was huge!

Looking at what we will be doing tomorrow.

Estelle almost twisted her ankle.  Nothing that ice and wine cannot fix. LOL!

Looking at today's photos.

Chinese Fondue for dinner.  What a way to end a great day!

I do not know what was best, the day visiting or the evening filled with laughters and drinks?

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