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The Canadian Rockies

July 21 and 22, 2009

Tuesday July 21, 2009

Easy day today, or should I say easier day!
We are going to walk the Valley of the Five Lakes.
The next photos are in no particular order.  It was some of the hardest to pick from.
Of course, there will be some comments!


The water is so clear, it almost feels like looking through glass and what about the colours!


All the trails are so scenic.  It really makes the hike stunning.



We end the day, again, with a campfire.  We even have Sean and his daughter Miranda with us for a few hours.
Sean and his daughter, Miranda, visited. It was fun. With the day we had today and yesterday, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open.  I was too tired to follow the conversation.

Some elks are just around the bend from our site.

Time for a good night of sleep!

Wednesday July 22, 2009

We are leaving Jasper for Elk Island NP.
As we are driving out of the park, I notice the car is not quite straight on the tow dolly.
A quick stop to reload the car straight and we continued our travel.

The last BIG mountains before we leave Jasper behind us.

The road to Elk Island is pretty boring...

Lunch is in a parking lot.

We will park the motorhome on our site in the park and go to the West Edmonton Mall with the car, a little easier!
Just as we come to Elk Island NP we see our first bison...

One nice National Park.

Elk Island is the only national park in Canada surrounded by a fence.
We are in the prairies. The "island" is actually a small hill.
The beauty of this is we can see up-close and personal lots of bison.

It is pretty special to have them so close to us!!

Michèle is ready to get back in the car if even on bison looks at her the wrong way!!!

Once the motorhome is set up, we head to the W.E.M.  Again, it is BIG, we liked it.

After the mall, we are back at the campground in the park.
We take a little stroll around the campground.

So pretty!

We did travel quite a few kilometers today, but the things we saw!
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