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The Canadian Rockies

July 13, 2009

Monday July 13, 2009

The day starts with a good breakfast,  some "Matte Muffins".

The dishwashers at work.

Before we start with the day, I have to tell you that every time we decide to visit something, it always turns out to be the best decision.

Forecast, rain!  So we start the day with a visit to the Cave & Basin.  The Cave & Basin is the birthplace of the hot springs and the first National Park in Canada, Banff National Park in 1885.

This photo was taken inside the cave where the employees of the railroad found the source of the hot spring in 1875.

The hole you see above is where the railroad men came down to the hot spring the first time.

The next two photos are of the first commercial hot spring bath in Banff (1887 - 1902).  Today this place is a protected area because of a snail that lives in the hot water. It is the only place it lives in the world.

Here is the second commercial hot spring bath.  It was closed in 1977.  If I remember right, I used this bath when my parents and I came this way in 1976.  It is a historical site now.

A nice photo of Robert with the bath and the mountains as a background.

The gang!

I forgot, today we picked up our Gypsy.  A palm pilot / GPS all in one. It is like a private tour guide.  We use it to visit Banff.  Our next stop is "Surprise Corner" with a beautiful view of the Banff Spring Hotel.
I could not decide which photos to use, so I included all the very nice ones.

Off to visit the Banff Spring Hotel.  As we got there, the rain is somewhat heavy. We use the closest door to get in.  It turns out we have more to visit than we expected.

Maryline really loves geodes.  She is spoiled to see some many big ones.

Continuing the visit of the hotel.


After visiting the hotel, we head to the Bow River Falls.  The rain is coming down pretty hard now.

Shortly after, the rain stopped.  We follow the trail to get closer to the falls.

The weather is really clearing up.  Our next stop is the Hoodoos Viewpoint.

Ah! Such pretty scenery, with such pretty people. hihihihi.
After the Hoodoos, Lake Minnewanka is our next destination.  Now that the clouds are lifting up, it makes really nice photos.  Sorry, no photos of Minnewanka lake!

But we have one of Johnson lake!

Right next to Lake Minnewanka, some mountain goats are on the road.  You can also see the Gypsy on the window of the car.

Some elks we've seen on our way back to the motorhome.

We treat ourselves with a pizza for tonight, with some good wine.

Estelle really loves the wine.  We laughed a lot.  Wait, let me tell you the story.  It was a Pajama dinner because the last few days were not very warm and it was raining a lot.  So Estelle did not want to have a shower because it would have been cold.  So she took one early and said, "Why not a PJ dinner party"?
It was accepted by all!

Another little story, Estelle really, really loved the wine. On top of that, she is really tired.  Later on, we played a game and when asked what does 2 + 2 does she answered "5".  I think she was drunk, but she had a lot of fun.

This was another great day even with the rain.

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