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The Canadian Rockies

July 12, 2009

Sunday July 12, 2009

We have another busy day ahead of us.  We are travelling between Banff and Lake Louise (58 km), there are many stops on the Bow Valley Parkway.  The Bow Valley Parkway is the old Trans-Canada highway. The maximum speed is only 70 km/h, many curves, but beautiful vistas.
Getting up is hard to do for some!

A beautiful view of Mount Cascade just as we are leaving the campground.


Mount Cascade again.

For this "island", the story goes like this.  During construction, the foreman was very hard on his men and drank a lot.  One time, while he was surveying ahead of his crew, he fell asleep against a tree.  When the crew caught up to the foreman, they were too scared to wake him up, so they built the road around him.
Now we have this "island" on the road!

One stop you must never ignore is Johnston Canyon.  As we got there, the place was not very busy.  A great time to go to the falls before the crowd.  A good thing we did this because on our way back, the trail was getting busier and busier.
Even if we have been here before, we still do it because it is so beautiful.

The three musketeer!!!

Poor tree, being abused like that!

In no particular order, Johnston Canyon.

Johnston Canyon has two sets of falls.  The uppers and the lowers.
Here are the lowers.  There is even a hole in the rock to get closer to the falls.

And the upper falls

Estelle cannot get over the size of the crows.

The Johnston Canyon trail is very well done.

Back on the road and a few kilometers later, another fall, Silverton Falls.
This trail is not as well made as Johnston Canyon, but still spectacular.

As you can see, the trail is not very wide, but we had a very good guide.

Marilyne, Robert and Denis got to the bottom of the falls, Estelle stayed higher.
It was pretty steep, so I stayed a little further back on the trail and waited for the adventurous travellers.

The view we had after the hike to Silverton Falls.

Castle Mountain.

Photos of the stops on our way to Lake Louise.  Ah!  What a day so far!

Back at the motorhome, time to cook dinner.
As you can see,  Estelle is on holiday. Robert is working to prepare the meal.
Holiday are like that, we reverse jobs.

Marilyne is trying to connect to the internet and not successful.  We take it easy before dinner.
The weather is getting pretty warm, Estelle is not wearing a lot of "warm" clothes!

Deer steaks.  We always had very good meals.  Denis and Michèle are extraordinary hosts.

After dinner, time to go to the Banff Hot Springs.

We were so tired, Marilyne had to drive back to the campground.

Another great day.

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