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The Canadian Rockies

July 19, 2009

Sunday July 19, 2009

It is kind of hard to see, but in the center of both photos, you have the village of Jasper.

We are at Maligne Canyon.  It is hard to imagine that water did this canyon for thousands of years.


Just like always (almost), the trails are really nice and well done and what about the beautiful people on the trails!!!


With Maligne Canyon behind us, we are driving towards Maligne Lake.  First, we stop at Medicine Lake.  Estelle is at the discharge of the lake. There is no water!  Medicine Lake "fills up" in the spring. Water spills this way, but comes summer when the water level is lower, no more water comes out of the lake here.  It actually leaves the lake in underground rivers.

Marilyne at Medicine Lake.

Medicine Lake and the mountains.

We have lunch near Medicine Lake. Let me tell you, it is not very warm with the wind.

Once at Maligne Lake, we take a trail from the parking to the lake.

These two photos of Maligne Lake are not "doctored".  The one with Marilyne does not look real, but it is.

We had to stop at the gift shop and take a photo with the bear!


They do have caribou in Jasper NP.

On our way back from Maligne Lake, I had to stop and take a photo of this big rock in the middle of the river.  Yes, the water was very cold!

We finish our day with a walk around Edith Lake.  The photos do not give the right colours of the water, but still nice.

Edith Lake and Pyramid Mountain as a backdrop.

Get a room!

The beach at Edith Lake and two odd-looking trees.

Right next to the trail was this big tree. It was leaking sap big time.  The yellow you see on the bark is actually the sap.

Some goats are crossing the road in front of us.

Got to have clean windows to see everything.

Back at the campsite, we relax with some fortifying beverages.

Just before we are going to bed.

A very busy day, it was filled again with so many sights.

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