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The Canadian Rockies

July 11, 2009

Saturday July 11, 2009

It rained all night. Jeremy ended up in the water, sorry no photos.  He decided to sleep in the motorhome from now on.
Mornings are a little hard for some of us.  We have a busy day ahead of us.

On our way to Banff, we saw this deer having a snack, right in town.

Today we are going up to Sulphur Mtn.  Marilyne, Robert and me are going up using the trail.  We made it in 2 and half hours.
Michèle and Estelle went up with the gondolas!

Marilyne is teasing us, calling us "old" and saying we will have a hard time going up.  We will see!

Denis and Robert telling lies?

One of the very few pylons for the gondolas.  You can see the starting point at the bottom of the valley.

We had to check out this little stream. Let me tell you, the water was very, very cold!

Marilyne was feeding this little chipmunk.

Just as we arrive at the top, Michèle and Estelle took a photo of the hardy hikers.  The trail has a lot of switchbacks and is very steep in some areas.  Hiking at an altitude of 7,415’ (2,260m), you sure notice that you have a little less oxygen in the air.

Finally at the top!  Marilyne, who was teasing us about being old, well it turns out she had a little bit of a hard time with the climb.
If you need to know more about it, just ask Marilyne!

Estelle and Michèle went up with the gondola.  They wanted to save their energy for the rest of the trip Ah Ah Ah!

They patiently waited for us at the restaurant.

After working so hard to get there, we were hungry and thirsty.

All around the building, they have a balcony offering you a great view.  Here is the gang at an altitude of 7,415'.

As the crows fly, Montréal is still a long way from here.

We are on the Sanson Peak.  We can see the building where the gondolas arrive.

The same view, but in reverse.

What a view from Sanson Peak!

The village of Banff. The small mountain in the center is Mtn Tunnel at 5,544 feet, almost 2,000 feet below us.  The big mountain is the Cascade Mtn (9,833' or 2,997 m).  The line going left to right below Cascade Mtn is the TransCanada highway.

Looking west, the Bow River Valley.  The big mountain in the distance is the Bourgeau Mtn (9,615’ or 2,931m).

One of the local residents.

We all take the gondola to get back down.  A lot easier, ask Marilyne!

The rest of the day is spent in Banff shopping.  The last time (2007) we were here, the main street was being rebuilt.  It sure looks better now.  The mountain in front of us is the Cascade Mtn.
I might add that Robert and Denis went for a beer or two while waiting for the "girls".

The other end of the main street.

At the top of this building is where we had our beers.  The mountain is Tunnel Mtn, the same one we can see from our campsite.

This photo is  for Rolland, what a nice car!

We are back at the campsite for a rest and a good meal.  The weather is warming up.  Great!

Mexican meal, Tacos!

It is warm, but as soon as the sun goes down, it cools off quickly.
Estelle has quite a hat, like an elf!

A busy day it was.

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