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The Canadian Rockies

July 25, 2009

Saturday July 25, 2009

This is the last full day in Cold Lake. It is hot outside!
We decide to hike a trail in the Cold Lake Provincial Park.

One on the many bay on Cold Lake.

Inside the provincial park is a "Peace Park".

It is too hot for hiking. We are back home for a cool beverage.  Guess what kind???

The Males!  Pulling their tummy in!!!

A nice simple meal, spaghetti, but so good in good companies!

We spend the evening indoor, Marilyne chatting with Charles. 
 I tell you, she is very happy now.  She really misses him...

Not much TV, but a lot of reminiscing.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Edmonton.
Marilyne, Estelle and Robert will be flying back to Québec... Snif snif.
But as everything has to come to an end, we have to leave and get back home.


It was a great trip!  We are not even trying to compare this trip to others we took in the Rockies.  Each time it is like a new trip for us, especially when it is their first time, we see it again, but through their eyes.
Thank you, Estelle, Robert and Marilyne. It was a pleasure to see you again and visiting the Rockies with you.

Denis & Michèle

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