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The Canadian Rockies

July 14, 2009

Tuesday July 14, 2009

Today we are on our way to Lake Louise.  The weather is yucky, rainy and cool.

Pretty Estelle...

As you can see, the ceiling is pretty low.  The forecast for today is for clearing skies later on the day.

We take the Bow Valley Parkway to get to Lake Louise.  We could have taken highway 1, faster, but not as scenic.

The sky is clearing up.

Jérémy was supposed to bike today, but as he said, he did not want to freeze his brain.  He is driving his car. Marilyne is with him.  They had a good time.  More fun to hang out with him than old farts like us!

Once in Lake Louise, we drive right away to our campground and get our site.  Big site, but ordinary.  We took some very nice photos here.  We are visiting a lot, so we spend very little time at the campground.

The Bow River.

We spent some time in the village of Lake Louise.  Did some laundry and visited the great information center.

We have to make a choice, with the weather we have right now, foggy and light rain, are we going to Lake Louise or Moraine Lake?
Marilyne had a chat with a lady at the information center. The lady said not to miss Moraine Lake.
Off to Moraine lake we go.  She was right, it is very beautiful and not to be missed.
A view from the parking lot.

If you remember the view, it is because it was on the back of the old $20 bill.

Let's start with photos of us.  We look like Paparazzi and movie stars.

Lots of photos, once again I could not decide which one to pick.  The place takes your breath away.



Once at the end of the trail and the end of the lake, the view is not as pretty because the clouds are coming back.

Of course, we had to stop at the souvenir shop, the ladies love those places.

After Moraine Lake, we head to Lake Louise.  The clouds are still with us, including a light rain.  We visit the hotel.

Some more huge geodes.  Marilyne loves them.  Too expensive for our wallets.

If you were to compare Lake Louise from our trip in 2007 to this year, you would see a big difference.
We are at the mercy of mother nature, still very pretty.

On the trail to the end of Lake Louise.

We end the evening with some games.

Time to go to bed.  Estelle and Robert on the left, Marilyne on the right and Jérémy under both and on the ground.

WOW! What a day!

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