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Monday September 16, 2013

I wanted to go for a bike ride today, but with the wind at 40 km/h and wind gust at 60 km/h, no bike today.
With the wind you should see the dust in the air!

A hot day, but we are not complaining.

Now that we are closer to Rona and Home Depot, I will continue with some of the project we have.
I am preparing the inside of the cabinet to turn it into a storage for light stuff.  I will install some oak doors.

Lots of measuring to do as it is all angles.  My drawing...

A good day!

Tuesday September 17, 2013

The high winds finally died down last night.  I am on the bike by 10 am and going to Regina.

I had a good 12 km bike ride this morning.
After lunch, I rinse the hot water tank.  Why do I do this?
We take water in many places in our travels and all the water is good, but some water have are either hard or soft water, some is with high iron contain.  After a while the "solids" in the water settle in the bottom of the hot water tank.
By rinsing out the tank every so often it allows the sediment to be flushed out and the water to remain odor free and the hot water tank works a little better.

I also installed the wheel covers on the motorhome.  Got to keep my wheels shinny...

With the weather so hot again today, me and Michèle are out back for some serious reading...

This is harvest time in the prairies.  With the tractors and trucks going around we have a lot of dust in the air.  It is like a light fog at times and everything is covered with dust.

I receive a few news letter in my email.  I would like to share some info from them with you...

When you travel, try to stick to the 3/500 rule.  Be off the road by 3 pm or 500 km of driving.  You will be less tired and will enjoy more you travel.

Do you have the right driver's license?
Every province or states have different rule on which license you need.  As an example, for me living in Ontario I need a class D license.  If I have a regular driver license, a class G, and I get into an accident my insurance policy will not cover me because I was not properly licensed.  This is not just for motorhome, Fifth wheel also have rules
Here is what the requirement is for me, my motorhome weight 12,500 kgs + I tow a car behind:
- A motor home towing a trailer and/or a motor vehicle:
    - Class "G" if the combination weighs 11,000 kgs (24,250 lbs) or less,
    - Class "D" if the combination weighs more than 11,000 kgs,

I hope this will help some of you out there.  Remember, each provinces and states have different rules".

Wednesday, Thursday September 18 and 19, 2013

Not much  for Wednesday.  We went shoPing for the material to finish the inside of the TV "hole".
We had a gray day weather wise.

Thursday, another cool day  with only a +15C.
We spend some time in the local mall.  Let me tell you, 15 minutes later we are out and we did go to the end and did some shoPing.
Back at home after that!

Time for laundry again.
Regardless of the photo, it is clean!

TV, reading and internet for the rest of the day.

Friday September 20, 2013

Sunny day and warm, I start with the TV "hole" and finish the inside.
I just installed the white shelf.

Without getting into the details, I use white cardboard with foam in the middle.
It is light, easy to work with and looks good.

Remember that this "box" is not square, also doors will cover the "hole".

We are now looking for oak doors to cover the TV "hole".

Saturday September 21, 2013

Ah! Such a busy day!  I had to take a nap, good therapy!

Reading, TV, bike ride and some walking today.
We got to skype with Jérémy, Danielle and Gabriel.

Jérémy gave us some more info on his posting to Moose Jaw.  Of course nothing is 100% confirmed yet.

Sunday September 22, 2013

Yesterday, I re-started to work on my archived pages.  I am transcribing and correcting my French web pages of our trip in the Rockies in 2007 and 2009.

Monday September 23, 2013

Today, I am making a small shelf above my coffee maker.

Some cutting and the shelf is ready.  Well not really, I still have to paint it.  Tomorrow maybe!

I just remember, we also went to a kitchen cabinet making shop for some doors for our TV "hole".
They can make them, but I think we will sleep on it before making a decision.

Tuesday September 24, 2013

Last night, Michèle found a small oak cabinet with doors in the classified in Regina.
I contact the person this morning and before lunch we head out to have a look and maybe buy it.
It turns out we bought it for the doors

Before we start on the installation of the doors, I have to paint my little shelf and varnish the trim that will go around the shower. That project will be done a little latter.

Installation of the new hinges.

It is not easy to install doors!  Especially when nothing is square is a RV!

We are almost done, now we only need a strip of oak above the doors to be completed.
Not too bad for $15 for the set of door.

We are pretty haPy with the results.

We have more project to do in the future.

Wednesday September 25, 2013

Today, I am installing a small corner shelf for the "T Disk" for my Tassimo brewer.
The cabinet without the shelf and with the new shelf.

The shelf still has to dry some more before I can use it.

Thursday September 26, 2013

I can use my new shelf!  We are pretty happy with the results.

That's it!  I'm changing the radio in the motorhome.
The radio we currently have is so bad that we cannot see the radio station information on the face plate.
First stop, Walmart.

After visiting a few more stores, we finally pick Canadian Tire with a Kenwood radio.
It has a USB port and an AUX IN port, just what I wanted for a good price.  I am very happy!

The old radio is out and will be going to the recycling depot.

I have to splice in the new connection between the motorhome and the new radio.  An easy job...

All done and it works great.  I can see the information on the face plate!

Michèle found a TV series on Kijiji for a good price, only $30 for 5 seasons.

Michèle also found a new skillet for only $10.

We had a good day!

Friday September 27, 2013

No photo today because we did very little out of the ordinary, some TV, some reading, some internet!

Saturday September 28, 2013

What a funny helmet cover!  He has a big moose on the back seat!

We spent the afternoon garage saleing in Regina.
One of the many beautiful street in Regina.

I think Michèle will not take me to garage sales anymore, I spend more than she does!

We watch the movie Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets after dinner.

Sunday September 29, 2013

I am using my new skillet this morning and it is working fine.

After lunch, I stain the cuts I made to build our pantry.

Most of the afternoon I listen to an audio book of Harry Potter.  I also check-out the maps and prepare our itinerary for our travel south this winter.

A good day with the weather going from sunny to cloudy and windy, but no rain.

Monday September 30, 2013

Not much today!

I start the installation of the trim around the shower.  It should have been done a long time ago, but hey!
Shoot! We got a trim too wide, we will have to get a smaller one before I can continue.

The white cardboard is only used as a template to find the angle that I will use to cut the trim.
I will finish this project later this week.

We have purchased a carpet for our front entrance and a small manual washing machine with spin option.  I will have photos later on.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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