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Friday March 1, 2013

Shoot!  No photos!

A cold front is going through for the next few days. Maximum are to be in the +19 for the next few days.  It should get warmer by Tuesday.

Today it is +20 and on the cool side.  I know, +20 C is not cold, but...

I emailed our friends Daniel and Sylvie and they are in Hollywood and we will visit them on Saturday.

We did some shopping for our new flooring on the step entrance in the motorhome.
We have to return to a floor store on Monday morning to talk to the pro.

Today is a TV day!

Saturday March 2, 2013

We are going to visit our friends Daniel and Sylvie in Hollywood this afternoon.

First we are going for the trolley ride in Hollywood.

A photo of one of the mailboxes in the RV park.

The drawbridge before we get to our parking place.

Taxi cabs have very simple phone numbers here, like 999-9999, or 777-7777 and for the first time, 333-3333.
I like the advertising on this cab

The drawbridge we just crossed.

Our trolley.  We are a little disappointed, the trolley ride is not a guided tour, just a bus...

Hollywood boulevard, but not the one in California.  A pretty house.

The trolley tour is over in 30 minutes.  We decide to take a walk on the broadwalk.
The last time we came here, I did not noticed the bike path is made of concrete with all kinds of shells in it.  Pretty neat.

As you can see, at +16 C, the cold front is still here.

Where are the people?

This photo is for our son Benoit.  He loves "The Little Prince".

We leave the boardwalk to move towards the main road to this "Beach Shop".

To walk back we decided to take the sidewalk by the main road.  It is very busy and noisy.  We decided to head back towards the broadwalk to walk back.
Who do we see?
Our friends Daniel and Sylvie on the deck of a hotel talking with friends.  We stop by and talked to them for a while and bid our goodbye and meet again in a few hours at there place!
What are the chance to meet the people you are going to see a few hours before hand?

An homeless having a nap on the beach.  Nice bike!

Before going to Daniel and Sylvie, we stopped for the first time at the place, Pollo Tropical.  A chicken fast food with.

Michèle got the shrimps on a bed of rice and black beans, very good.  I got the quesadilla wrap with shrimps and chicken with frieze, all this for only $12.

With a belly full, we are going to Daniel and Sylvie's place.  Sylvie made all kinds of snacks during the afternoon.
We do a lot of catching up with our trips and the likes.
Thanks Daniel and Sylvie for a great afternoon.  We will see you soon.

One busy day.

Sunday March 3, 2013

The weather is still on the cool side with the cold front sticking over this part of Florida.

Today I have to catch up on some preventive maintenance on the motorhome.
I wash all 13 light fixtures in the motorhome.
Next, it is the inspection of the silicone on both sinks and the shower.  All is good on that side.

I also wash both A/C filters.

This filter is only a piece of foam about a 1/4  each thick.

After everything is washed, I believe I need a smaller particles filter to be added to both A/C.  I went to Home Depot and bought two filters for a home heating system.

I cut out all that is not needed and made it fit.

I installed the two layers filtering system on both A/C, but I did not run the A/C.  It is on the cool side to do that today.

As soon as I use the A/C, I will let you know how it preform.

A good day today!

Monday March 4, 2013

Monday morning started like this, noisy!
Let's start from the beginning.

I usually talk about the RV park we stay in from a few days to a few weeks.  I think sometimes what I want to say and what I write does not always send the same message.

So, I will try to make this one a little more "what I meant".  We are at Highland Pines RV Resort.  It is a very nice RV park just like a lot of RV park in south eastern Florida.  This means we are pretty well side by side with little room between each other.  Nobody seems to mind.  This RV park is mostly people from Québec.  They organize lots and lots of activities, it is a very busy park.  They are also very active, always people doing something from biking to walking to exercise in the pool and playing shuffleboard.  The park has more then 300 sites and most are a long way from the sources of noise.  Our site is not amongst them!

As you can see, we are on the site with the red car.  Close to busy boulevard.

If you look behind our motorhome, you can see a shopping plaza with a grocery store and a bar plus a few other little shops.

The next 3 photos are from left to right with a closer view of behind our motorhome.  All the deliveries take place here.  Also, people wanting to miss the signal light on the main road take this little road behind the plaza to miss the signal light.  This means all the little cars with loud music and loud mufflers, plus the harleys and even the police cars come by this little road.

To get back to this morning, the bars, or us for that matter, do not return bottles, we just put them in the recycling can, so does the bar!  First thing this morning, the recycling truck showed up a 6:15 am and dumped 4 recycling containers in his truck, what a noise!  Now I am awake!  By 9:00 am, it is the dump truck turn to show up, 4 big container to empty, I am really awake now.  This is followed by the beer truck, produce truck and all kinds of delivery trucks...  Not fun!

All this to say, our site is very noisy, but the whole RV park is not that noisy, just our end.  It is a nice RV park, just not where we are.

In the afternoon, we went to the Bass Pro Shops store.  Everything for hunting and fishing.

Jaws is back, AHHHHH!

This is just the entrance hall, huge!

More photos of the entrance hall.

This is the inside of the store, just as nice, look at the chandelier.

Fish finders the size of big laptops.

You want fishing rods...

It is almost a museum.  Michèle with a big catch.

Even the cash register have a tower like fishing boats in Florida.

For the hunters, a bed spread or a lazy boys chair in camouflage colour!

Funny place, from classic lamps to unsecured bullets access!

I did not know we had tunnels in south Florida, after all we are only a few feet above sea level!

The magazine or the club!

A Smart Car all "ducked taped" out.

In every city, you never know what you are going to see.  Nice murals or bad brick works.

We are almost home and we get to see the train that goes really close to our RV park...

Monday evening is bingo night at Breezy Hills RV park (next to us) and Michèle is gone to play bingo there. I stayed home and watch TV.

Sad, but she came home with no wins!

Tuesday March 5, 2013

The cold front is gone!  It is +25 C today, WOW!
We do some reading, some pool time.  I biked for a little over an hour this morning, it felt good.

I told you about the delivery trucks yesterday, well here is the view from our bedroom windows.  Need I say more?

Regardless of the noise, the people here are great and if we were at the other end of the RV park, we would love this place.

Wednesday March 6, 2013

This morning, I am on a bike ride for about one and half hour.
Remember, in south Florida, when you see a big hill, it is a dump.
Good news, they do use the garbage to create renewable energy.

Signs for the local S.P.C.A.!

Very nice and well-done!

For the afternoon, we do a little cleaning and some pool time.  The water is not as warm as it was, but still good.

Thursday March 7, 2013

We are at the "West Palm Beach RV Show" to check out some motorhome.

We are a little surprised at the size of the RV show. After seeing the one in Tampa, this one is very small, but they do have some used motorhome.  It turns out the used one are not very good, some are even dirty!!!
Less than two hours later, we are out of there and on the way home...

Before we got to the interstate, we had lunch at the "China Queen" buffet.

Lately I got lazy about polishing the motorhome wheels.  Today is the day I start with the front right wheel.

After about one hour and forty five minutes, it is done.  The photo does not really shows the highly polished wheel on its best side.

The afternoon is spent at the pool for a few hours.

Friday March 8, 2013

This morning, my bike ride is 15 km long.  I go all the way to the next town, Boca Raton.
This tree is only one tree, pretty amazing.

One of the many waterway with a great deal of nice ships/boats.

Today is the polishing day of the right/back wheel.
Here is the "before".

This is the "after" wheel.  Two hours of work and it is very nice.  To finish the polishing, I use some "pledge" to add a protective coating.  I will talk about my use of pledge on the motorhome.

While I was polishing the wheel, Michèle was looking at the inside of the motorhome and looking for ways to make it better.
She was looking at the driver and passenger seat.  The passenger seat is much bigger than the driver's.  Michèle suggested to change the passenger seat for a smaller one.  After I looked at both seat, I suggested that we swap location for both seat before we buy another seat.
We switch both seat.

While we are at it, I have to do a big cleanup...

The passenger's side seat turn.  As you can see, it is much wider.

On my left, the old passenger seat, now on the driver side.  I am getting the passenger side ready for the old driver side seat.

The new location of the seats.

By having the narrower seat on the passenger side, it makes the entrance much bigger or less crowded.
Now I will have to see how this seat change will affect the driving of the motorhome.  My comments later.

Saturday March 9, 2013

More than 20 km for my bike today.
Here is the train that goes all the time by our RV park.

What a nice car!

My ride took me close to the beach and all the canals.

Canada House?

A view of the road.

Deerfield Beach.  The big boulders you see are only at this location.  Nice beach.

Most of my rides are done on sidewalk, remember we are in cities after all.

Just relaxing with a beer and my Ipod.

I forgot to take a photo of our dinner... It was quesadillas with sweet peppers.  I only have a photo of the sweet pepper.  It was very good.

Spent some more time at the pool, life is good!

Sunday March 10, 2013

Our last time at the Sunrise Flea Market.

We only bought little things, but you always see some intriguing things...
This is not an entertainer, but a real person, just beautiful.

I made a big purchase, but not at the flea market.  A new pillow for me, boy does it feel good!

This morning I made reservation for our next stop.  We are leaving two days earlier because I am tired of the noise from the dump/delivery trucks starting at 6 am.
I start on some packing for our departure.

Monday March 11, 2013

This morning I continue doing some preparation for our departure, not because I have a lot to do, but because I am slowwww.
I also wash the windshield of the motorhome and I do it with pledge,  I will talk about my use of pledge soon...

We are spending the afternoon at my uncle André and Ant Gisèle.
Thanks for a great afternoon and a very good dinner.

André and Gisèle, we will see each other this summer.

Tuesday March 12, 2013

I continue the preparation for our travel tomorrow.  A little dip in the pool in the afternoon.  Some reading the rest of the day.

A nice sunset for our last day here.

Nice RV park, but our site was not very good...  I cannot wait to leave!

Wednesday March 13, 2013

We are leaving!
I cannot wait not hear the noise from the garbage truck behind the motorhome at 6 in the morning.

Once we are out of the site, we hook up the car to the motorhome.

Today is also the grand finally of the baseball/bean bag game in the RV park.  This activity is always attracting its share of people from the RV park.

Even if we like traveling the back roads, here is south Florida, it is not always easy.  So, we hit I-95 with its load of traffic.

I-95 is some times lined with palm tree, it is also lined with some pretty interesting billboards.

Getting close to our new home.

After I-95, we hit I-4 going west for a short while.

Coming up to our new home.

Tomorrow, I will have some photos of our site.
Once we are set-up, we have to wash the car from all the dirt/sand/dust from being towed behind the motorhome.  We also did some grocery shopping.

We traveled a little less than 4 hours today.  We had lots of wind coming at us from the north-east, not always fun to drive into that wind.
As far as the new driver seat goes, not bad.

Thursday March 14, 2013

This morning, I am washing our patio.  Well, that's the plan, and as I hooked up the hose to the faucet, the whole pipe comes off and water flow up like a geyser.  Luck is with me, the manager of the RV park drives by at the same time and sees the whole thing.

So, we look at it for a while and come to the conclusion that is broken!

People working, this got to bring lots of people to our site.

In less than two minutes we are 6 to look at the work being done.

Three minutes into the repair, we are now 9 and two dogs.  I GOT FRIENDS!

The repair is done and they even added a post to make it better!

Now that the patio is washed, here is our new home.

Our street.

Another view of our yard!

After all the commotion, we head to the pool.
Here is the hot tub.

Michèle in the + 30 C pool.

A panoramic view of the pool.

We are very lucky to have a site because we are in the middle of "Bike Week" in Daytona Beach.
Daytona Beach is only 20 minutes away.  There are lots of motorcycles in the RV park.  Not bad because they only leave at around 9 or 11 am and they come back at around 8 in the evening.
A very quite RV park compare to the last one.

I had a great night, I slept like a baby and I was not woken up by a dump truck a 6 am.


Friday March 15, 2013

Daytona Beach has a big Flea Market, so this morning we are off to the Flea Market.
Remember this is also Bike Week.  Lots of odd motorcycle on the roads.

Flea Market, here we come!

Because of Bike Week, part of the Flea Market has a Swap & Meet for anything motorcycle.  Got to have a hog if you have Harley-Davidson around.

We were not told that the only part you had to pay for was for the Swap & Meet, not the Flea Market.
We paid $14 to see something that did not really interested us!

Pretty neat, a dyno to fine-tune your motorcycle.

Some of the bikes we saw...

This Flea Market is 99 % new stuff, not our kind of Flea Market.

After the Swap & Meet and the Flea Market, we are back home and read in the shade.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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