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Thursday August 1st, 2013

Moose Jaw is a big place for the CPR.  I have never seen so many locomotives in one place and there are even more on the other side of the building.

We are a little tired of having very little space in our living room.  The couch is coming out.

Once it is out.  Some cleaning is required.

This is a temporary setting of the living room.
We now have a lot more space.  We are still shopping for a new couch.

Free to a good home!  Even a not so good home...

We only have to find a good couch and to get a counter/TV stand built.  More to follow!

With the rain we had a few days ago, time to re-spray some ant killer stuff.

The park is having an appreciation upper for the campers, Hot Dog and Hamburger.

A few days ago we purchased some tickets for "Shrek, The Musical". it is tonight at 7 h 30.

This was the opening night.  There were a few glitches, but we also have to remember that half the actors are amateurs.
It was kind of fun because one of the girls working at the front office is also in the play.
We enjoyed the play.

Friday August 2, 2013

Coming back from a short walk in the campground, Michèle pointed out a deer close by.
I got as close as 3 meters before he took off.

Next on the agenda, one of our sink in the kitchen is not draining as fast as it used to do.
I took everything apart to find the blockage and cleaned it up and put it back together with no spare parts left behind.
By the way, RV plumbing does not have to meet housing standards.  This leads to some strange pieces of plumbing every now and then.

I bought some wood and I needed to split it.  Here, in Moose Jaw we have to have a fireplace with spark arrester.

The chef hard at work!

Saturday August 3, 2013

So far nobody even came close to look at the couch.  The forecast is for rain tonight so we are taking the couch to the Salvation Army.

Earlier today, we did a few yard sales, but very few purchases :-)

Sunday August 4, 2013

What a funny face for a dog!

Last week we bought a fireplace and now we are trying it for the first time.

We really enjoyed our fireplace.  It can even be used as a BBQ.
We did laundry this afternoon, some grocery shopping and lots of reading.

Monday August 5, 2013

What a surprise I had with my egg this morning, two yolks!  This is the first time it happens to me and the eggs were store bought!

We have some stall bread, so we are off to Crescent Park downtown Moose Jaw to feed the ducks.
My friends are coming!

Two duck family come for bread, but somehow one family has very small ducklings compare to the other duck family?

No park should be without a waterfall and an outdoor theater.

Next to the big pool, the splash park.

From 4 pm on we were under a severe thunderstorm watch.  By diner time we had our first thunderstorm with some hail.
We had a few more thunderstorms throughout the evening, but nothing spectacular.

Tuesday August 6, 2013

I received my new camera from "Air Miles" this morning.
I will have to play with it in the next few days.

We had rain all afternoon.  Once the rain finally stopped, I went for a walk in the campground and tried my new camera.
Boy, I do not envy the tent campers in weather like this!

The Moose Jaw river.

This pipe has been here for a long time for the tree to have grown around it!
We are only two in the full service area of the campground.  The other one is behind me.

I took some photos inside to compare to our other point and shoot camera and this one is much better.

A good week.

Wednesday August 7, 2013

Get ready, we have a lot of photos today.

My day started with recycling of my cans and water bottles.
Here is Saskatchewan you have to take your empties to Sarcan to get your deposit back.

This has to be one of the cleanest recycling place I have ever seen.  Even the employee were happy to work here!

Before lunch, I went for a bike ride in Moose Jaw and took a lot of photos.  I have to get familiar with my new camera after all.

On the other side of the river there is an asphalt plant and when the wind comes from the north, we can smell it at our campsite.

Paxton's lake is part of the Wakamow Valley park.

Here is Paxton lake.  This lake is created by Mr. Paxton when he built a dam down river from here.  This is where the Moose Jaw and the Thunder Creek river meet.

It may be a lake, but I would not swim in it.  It is very muddy as you can see by the photo below.  Very few aquatic plants and fish live here.  The bottom is mostly clay.

One of the many tracks goes over the lake and this is the first time I saw a truck pulling cars...

Looking back where we were on the previous photo.

This is Manitoba Street looking west.  The railway is behind the Giant Tiger.

I am at the corner of Main (behind me) and Manitoba looking at the old railway station.

Looking up main street with my back to the railway station.

Continuing on Manitoba Street, you have many old building from the 30s and 40s.
This one is actually from 1927.

Once at the end of Manitoba Street, I went up one block to High Street.  This is looking east.

I never expected to see a scuba diving store in Moose Jaw!

Mosaic Place is where concerts take place as well as the Warrior minor pro hockey team of Moose Jaw plays.

One more old building, but this one only have the first floor used.

At the corner of High and Main.

The Yaracentre is the sport center of Moose Jaw.

While I am on the bridge of the 9th Avenue west, I try my new camera.  Here is a shot with the zoom to the max (X40) in my hands.  I am very impressed with this little camera.

In the afternoon, I took another bike ride, but much longer this time, over 20 km.

Thursday August 8, 2013

Funny weather today, if you are in the sun, it is very hot, but if you are in the shade, it is way too cool.
A treat, a fire in the afternoon.

Lot of reading today.

Shortly after 4 pm, Michèle goes out for some yard saleing.
Here she is with her treasures.

Our new neighbors turned a little too soon coming in and hit the stop sign.
The result is a hole about 4 inches long and a long scratch on the side.

As I mentioned before, we are in our site the wrong way.  Our slides are very close, but we are still on our site.
It does not matter, they are here only for a few days.

We had a good day.

Friday August 9, 2013

This morning bike ride is towards the base. The road is actually very strait.  This curve is only showing because of the stitching of the photos.

All the way to the base you have these signs showing the way to the Snowbirds home.

A Harvard taking off from the base.

As you come in on the base, on the left, the operational base and on the right, the married quarters.

My ride took me for about 12 km.

On my way back, I went through the south side of Moose Jaw and I spotted this house.
Why this house?  It is the same house as a MQ only this one has probably never been upgraded.

Our fire pit can also be used as a charcoal BBQ.  Here, I am cooking some chicken.  We finish off the evening with a nice fire until 10 pm.

Weather forecast for the next few days, hot with some + 26 C and little chance of rain.

Saturday August 10, 2013

Well!  Did they ever screwed up.  Rained all morning and we only got to +15 until 1 pm.
But the sun was out in the afternoon and it warmed up nicely.

We still did some yard sales in the morning.

Before we headed back home, we decided to check out The Brick to look at some love seat.
We got all the info and went back to the motorhome to analyze all this.

We looked, we checked, we measured and we talked about the options.

Finally we went back to The Brick and put a deposit on a love seat.
I know, this is not the photos of a love seat, but it gives you an idea of what it will look like.

Now we only have to sell our two lazy-Boys and get our love seat delivered.

Sunday August 11, 2013

I was having a good coffee while reading the news on my tablet.  I watched the parade at the dump station.

This is the second person I saw this morning dumping without a hose!
They just dump the "sh%t" close to the hole, thank God they rinse it off after.

Today's work project was to build a shelf for the glass cupboard.

I did measure three times, but still made some minor mistake.  I am not good with measuring and cutting.

It fits!

Some paint, some varnish...

First coat is on, we now let it dry.

In mid afternoon I went around the campground looking for firewood left by campers.  This was my lucky day, lot of firewood for me to pick up.

Most of the day was reading and more coats of paint.

Monday August 12, 2013

Here I was back from my ride talking to Bob, one of the employee of the park.

A chickadee enjoying a good meal.

Cooking my breakfast sausages for the next few mornings.

Haircut time, it may not look like it, but I needed it...

Some more coats of paint were applied today.

Tuesday August 13, 2013

Early afternoon and I started the installation of the shelf.
More measuring...

Putting on some pretty edges...

Brackets to hold the shelf in place...

The master-piece!

The first placement of our glasses with the new shelf.

The purpose of the new shelf was to uncluttered the counter.

Now that this was done.  Off I went for a short bike ride in the many trails of Wakamow park.

We are catching up on our "To Do" list.

Wednesday August 14, 2013

First thing I did after breakfast this morning was to get some laundry done.
This is the laundromat we use while in Moose Jaw.  Very clean, but really warm inside, no air movement at all.

The forecast is for really hot weather for the next few days.
It was time to paint the frame around the basement doors, but first I had to remove some surface rust.

Michèle with the roller and me with the brush, no photo of me...

It did not take very long to do, but it was very hot.
A well-done job by highly qualified retirees.

A nice dinner with some "mustgo" (leftover).

We had quite a surprise today!  Denis and Jody moved right next to us for a few days.
Many years back, I used to work with Denis in Trenton, Ontario.

Our first evening together was great, we had a lot of catching up to do.
I was/am very happy to see Denis and Jody again after so many years.

Thursday August 15, 2013

We are in the middle of a heat wave with temperature in the +30s range with the humidex up to +40.
One of those days where you move a little as possible.  Most of the day was spent in the shade with lots of liquids to keep hydrated.

Michèle went to a few yard sales before suppertime.
So many toys for Gabriel when he shows up!

Across from the campground they are showing an outdoor movie and everyone is welcomed.
The screen was an inflated one and the movie was free.
Me, Michèle and Denis are getting ready to watch the movie.

The special presentation...

It was kind of fun to watch a movie outside with a large crowd.  We had popcorn and a pop.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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