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Sunday December 1st 2013

Me and Michele are biking in Quartzsite today.  We are looking at the historic old houses in town.

Look at the price for a full service RV lot for a month!  WOW!

The first water well in Quartzsite.  Quartzsite was an important stop for the people going to California at the turn of the century.

This old house was built in 1893 with local "adobe".  This building even resisted the great flood of 1919.
Unbelievable that the walls are still up after more than 100 years.

Now we are at the "Why camels in the USA?"

One of the photo will tell you the story of the camels.
The first photos are of Hi Jolly.

Our next stop was at the museum of Tyson's wells.

This gentleman was our guide.  He was very good and he really knew his stuff.

The interior on the stage station.

They rebuilt the original Tyson's Well Stage Station.  It was built around 1866.  There is so much history here.

Michèle with the miniature village built by Walter Barret.  It took 8 years to build and when he passed away, the family gave the village to the museum.

Another busy day.

Monday December 2, 2013

We are coming back from town.  Here is the road to get to our motorhome.  We are about one mile away from the main road.

Can you see the motorhome?

The ground is very hard because it is clay, sand and rocks.

It is warm when you get out of the wind.

One more sunset.

Tuesday December 3, 2013

We are out for a nice walk around the area.  In some are, people have cleaned up and made "fences" with rocks, other have used sand to make "sidewalks".

A nice big cactus.  It has no arms because it is too young.

We noticed that a lot of cactus have damage at the bottom.  We do not know how it happens.
If you look inside the cactus, you can see what looks like small trees.

I think this is an ocotillo.

In a little over a month, this place will be crawling with RV's.

Another view of our home.


Wednesday December 4, 2013

Time to move to Yuma.  The weather forecast is for a cold front over the next week.  They are right, it is +10 C this morning.  A rare occurrence for Quartzsite, rain.  Not much, but it drizzled for about one hour.

The sun is back just in time to see us off to Yuma.

But before, we can hit the road, we have to empty all our black and gray water.

Yuma, here we come.  This dip on the road is a wash.  When it rains hard, it can turn into a raging river.

Here are some of the wash we drove by.

They do not use too many sign, one for the next 60 miles.

The Sonora desert is really dry.

As we got closer to Yuma, we saw more and more agriculture.

In March 2012, we spent the night at this garage because of problems with the motorhome.

After driving an hour and half, we are finally at our new home.

Shoot!  We forgot to tell the RV park that we are not 55 years old or more.  After the people at the office talked to the manager, we were allowed to stay.
Our new home.

This is the first time we have full service site with 50 amp, we can try our new washing machine for the first time.

A few people have mentioned that this type of washing/dryer combo leaves you clothes wrinkly.  We have to re-learn how to do laundry with this new machine.  No problems.

Thursday December 5, 2013

We are in Yuma for one main reasons, the dentist in Mexico.
This morning, we are on our way to Mexico and the town of Los Algodones.
Nice trees by an RV park.

Less than 10 minutes of driving from the RV park and we are taking the exit for Mexico.  We are about 5 kilometers from Los Algodones.  By the way, to get to Mexico we have to go to California for a few kilometers.

Ahhh!  The Americans and there guns...

It is easier to walk to Los Algodones than drive.  Just before the border you have a very large parking lot.
When you get in the parking lot, you cannot back up, look at the black arrow!

The only thing stoping you from going to Mexico is a rotary door, no border agent.  You go through the door and you are now in Mexico.

 We did not take many photos because we were too busy looking around.
The main industries in Los Algodones are dentistry, medication and eye care.
Cheap pills here.

Once my estimate for the work on my teeth is done, we have a typical Mexican meal.

We also chopped around for glasses for me.  We are not sure where we will go for that.

Back at the motorhome, it is +15 C, but in the hot tub it is very nice.  This RV park has two hot tub, one at 104 F and the other at 99 F.  I am in the 99 F.  The pool is at 86 F.

We spent the evening watching TV.

Friday December 6, 2013

We are back in Los Algodones and this time it is Michele who gets an estimate for the work on her teeth.
Looking towards Mexico from the parking lot.  The building next to the big tree is in Mexico.

It is quite an experience here in Los Algodones.  As soon as you cross the border you are asked by 10 or 20 Mexicans if you need pills (viagra), dentist or glasses.  On top of that you have the trinkets sellers on the sidewalk.  The sidewalks are covered.

Once Michele has her estimate in hand we shop for my glasses.  For $499 (US) I got two pair of glasses, one with anti-glare, high index, progressive lens and a titanium frame and another pair, the other is a pair of sun glasses with the same options.

Here, we are getting back on I-8 towards Yuma.  Yuma is about 5 miles east from here.

Arizona is about 100 meters from here.  We are in California now.

Our RV park.

No, I did not forget Michele's birthday.
Happy Birthday Michele!
Some nice flowers...

We are getting ready for the (now) traditional tequila shooter.  We started this with Benoit.
We test the camera!


Lick the salt.

The tequila.

Bite the lemon.

Wow!  It took 4 shooters to get the right photos...

Saturday December 7, 2013

As I mentioned before, a large cold front is over us right now.  The people in the RV park don't remember when it was this cold in Yuma.
This morning there was frost on the car!

Our first fruit trees.

We are at the flea market.  We had a hard time finding it, but hey, it happens...

This is not the type of flea market that we like, it is all new stuff.
We did have a very good hot dog, or should I say a very good Godzilla dog.

Our first bingo at this RV park.  I won one bingo with someone else, so I ended up with $14.  It cost us $18.50 to play  :-(
We still had a good time.  The average age of the residents in this park is higher than what we are used to.

I forgot, we did some more pool time today.

Sunday December 8, 2013

Today, I am doing a cleanup of the basement, it is time!
Got it empty, passed the vacuum and then we look at the mess!
OK, not that bad, just some sorting and decide what goes to Goodwill.

The clean up is done from both sides.  The bike is not mine.

Two and half hours later I am done.  I was slowed down by a few gentlemen who stopped for a chat.
If it is not too cold tomorrow, I might wash the motorhome.

The weather forecast is for cooler weather for the next few days, but will warm up after.  I can't wait for that to happen!

Monday December 9, 2013

Here is the receipt for my new glasses.  This is for two pairs, one with high index, progressive, titanium frame and anti reflexion. Another pair, but this time sun glasses with all the same plus Polaroid.  Both pair for 1,283 Pesos, or $499.00 US.

We have mailed our estimation for the work on our teeth to our dental plan company, also the receipt for my glasses.  Let us hope they will pay...

We are now driving to some thrift shops and see if they are good or not.  One good looking pick-up truck!

We found quite a few thrift shops, but many were closed because it is Monday.

We got to skype with Jérémy, Danielle and Gabriel.  We are so happy...  Boy do we love them!
And, we have them on the big TV.

Time to go to bed!

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Our friend Terry is here in Yuma for a few days, she is visiting her mom and dad.
Our career have crossed so many times we have known Terry for over 30 years.
It is great to see you again Terry.
Next time you are in Yuma, you will come for a nice diner.
See you soon.

Terry, you have a very nice motorcycle, enjoy life to the fullest, GO GIRL!  Love you!

Bingo night!  Two bingo a week in this RV park!  I don't know if we can afford it?

Of course we can, even if we don't seem to win very often!

Wednesday December 11, 2013

A big day today!  We went to check out the people playing Bean Bags.
As we arrived, they all looked at us like they were waiting for us!
We got to play right away and had a great time.  This is a fun league.

They are very nice people and they want to have fun, just like us.  I did not do very well, but Michele did very well, her team finished first.

We will play again next week.

The remainder of the day was mostly reading, pool and some TV.

Thursday December 12, 2013

The people we played bean bags with invited us to the Thursday shuffleboard games fun play.
So here we are.  It turns out this is a special game today.  It is a turkey shoot, you play four ends and whoever gets the highest score get a turkey, one for the men and one for the women.  Who finishes last, men and women, gets a Cornish hens.
Here, I am shooting my first disk.  I finished with a score of 23, I am at the bottom end of the scores.

Michèle finished with a score of 27, not that great either.

The winners of the turkey and the Cornish hens.

After lunch, we go to the hall and listen to a jam session.  Lots of old country songs, good, but not our style.

After an hour of the music, we left to go looking for a RV scrap yard.
A cool car on our way.

We are shopping for another RV, but our budget is not that high so this is all we can afford!

Of course not!  We are looking for a pantry in the old RV that we could take home and use.
We did not find anything...

On our way back we drove by the Marines air base and saw this V-22 Osprey.

This was a very good day.

Friday December 13, 2013

Some bicycling for me this morning.  This time along the canals in Yuma.

Some beautiful trees.

What a jungle gym for kids!  Unbelievable.

To get back home I follow the "East Main Canal".

After 10 km, I am back home and after lunch it is time to wash the motorhome.  It really needs it.
Tomorrow we will wash the windows.

WOW!  It is Friday the 13 and we did not even notice, good, nothing happened.

Saturday December 14, 2013

Back on the bicycle this morning.  This time it is another 10 km.
On my way back, I came across this cool pick-up truck.
It is not road worthy, but still cool looking.

After yesterday wash of the motorhome, there is a lot of water stains all over, especially on the windows.  We have to wash the windows today.  We also learned that the water in Yuma leaves stains all the time.
I do the outside and Michèle the inside.

The "before" and "after" shot.

One more bingo and I am good tonight, I get one bingo worth $28.  It is putting back some money in the "play" money wallet.

A good day, again!

Sunday December 15, 2013

No photos for today, but still a busy day.
First, I "pledged" the front of the motorhome and this removes all the water stains.
I wash the wheel covers.
I wash my "pledge" rags.
After lunch we went and did some grocery shopping.  Mostly alcohol for the Holidays.
One, 5 liters box of wine for $10.00
A saving of more than $30 on the hard stuff.  The prices are between $11.99 and $14.99 for 1.75 liters  Hummm! That's cheap :-)

Back at home we just relaxed and watched TV.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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