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Monday April 1, 2013

The forecast is for a high of 32 C today.
First thing this morning, I clean the battery post on our "house" batteries.
Some of the protective grease had worn off and some corrosion was starting to show on the connections.  Not bad for having done them more than 2 years ago.

You have to know that the batteries are exposed to the weather when we are driving.  They are located behind the rear wheel of the motorhome.

The cleaning is done, I put a lot of grease on all the connections.  Next time, we will be driving down the road, dust and fine sand from the road will cover the grease and make a perfect protection for the next few years.

Our neighbor, Wayne, Janice and their dog Duchess, are driving back to Ontario this morning.
Safe travels!
They are very good people.  We hope our path will cross again some day.

We have some stall bread. Time for me to feed the turtles and the birds at the pond.
On the left, some small fish race to the top of the water to get the bread before the turtles or the swan get the bread.
A heron is keeping watch over the whole thing.

They are hungry, but the swan do not like the turtles.  He keeps biting them to push them away.

On my way home, somebody threw away a 12 volts cooler.  Being me, I take it home to see why it does not work.
One of the fan do not work.  I happen to have a 12 V computer fan in my stuff.
Less than an hour later, the fan is replaced and it works.

By early afternoon the temperature reach 32 C.  The wind feels like a storm is coming.
Forecast is for clouds and rain (70%), but it is sunny all day!!!

Tuesday April 2, 2013

Sadly, our "new" to us cooler, does not work anymore.  The 120V to 12 V power supply is dead.  I will have to buy a new one.
I will let you know the outcome...

Our neighbor, Larry and Donna, are leaving this morning.  They are on their way to Missouri.

The chocolate factory Angell & Phelps  of Daytona Beach offers a guided tour of the factory.  Close by, the winter house of John D. Rockefeller, also offers guided tours.

We started with the chocolate factory.

The tour is OK, small place, good thing it is free!
Lots of chocolates, white and dark.

Some of the product they make.  They even have a piece of bacon dipped in chocolate.  Everything is boxed by hand.

The front store where they sell the chocolates.

We would not make a detour to come here, but if you are the area, stop by for a tour.

Next visit is the winter house of John D. Rockefeller.
A simple house, but pretty!

Nothing special with this house other than it was the winter home of John D. Rockefeller.
The red arrow indicates the house location in 1930.

The lady giving the tour was good.  We learned that John D. Rockefeller was a very successfully businessman and had accumulated a vast fortune.  He was also very generous man.

The on the skylight.

He was very supportive of the scout movement.

There is even an Ukrainian display in the house.

Michèle in the garden by the house.

In our opinion, if you have a "do nothing" day, you can enjoy these two visit.

Wednesday, Thursday April 3 and 4, 2013

Wednesday morning, we are heading out for the last time to the flea market.
Some purchases, strawberries...

...and two new tires for my bicycle.

Thursday is a little bit like Wednesday, reading, pool and some biking in the park.

Friday April 5, 2013

This morning is for yard sales.
We start the day with a treat, breakfast at Steak'n Shake.

Usually this place is good, but this morning only one waitress is working and she is very busy.
When our breakfast shows up, it is cold.  She did give us a deal for our breakfast.

One of the road we took for the yard sales.

We only spent a few dollars.

As we pulled in our street in the RV park, we noticed a motorhome looking like the one our friends have.
Sure enough, it is Daniel and Sylvie.   They are here for only one night.
We cought up on our travel since we last seen each other.

Saturday April 6, 2013

Daniel and Sylvie are back on the road this morning.
Be careful on the road and may our path cross again soon.

We heard of an RV show in Daytona Beach today.  Off we go!
No RV show, but a dealer showing all his RV for sale, new and used.
We took a look at many used RV.  Not one like we like.

Back at the RV park, I slowly started on getting ready for our departure on Monday morning.

Sunday April 7, 2013

Not much for today, continued putting things away and spent some time at the pool.
Reading and relaxing.

Monday April 8, 2013

We leave Orange City behind us, drove by Daytona Beach and got on I-95 north.
Goodbye land of the Harley Davidson.

Going around Jacksonville is easy, but still a lot of cars and trucks on I-95.

What a nice looking bridge, the  Dames Point Bridge of Jacksonville.

The U.S.A. use quite a few nuclear reactors to produce electricity.

Oskar Mayer weaner!

Goodbye Florida, Hello Georgia.

Earning a living!

Some 200 kilometers later, we are in South Carolina.

Not as busy on the I-95.

Must be a good place to fish!

After another 200 kilometers, we arrived in Manning to spend the night in a Walmart
Trees are blooming, very pretty.

Tuesday April 9, 2013

A good Walmart to spend the night.  It closes a midnight and the noise drops quite a bit.
We woke up to fog.

We can see billboards like this one every few miles.

The fog is not bad, the sun is working hard to burn it off.

A few more billboards.

Here is what the billboards are talking about.  An attraction park like place.

North Carolina, here we come!

So pretty.

Our goal, this dealer has a motorhome like we love for sale.

We are disappointed, the motorhome was so dirty and unkempt.  We probably would have had problems with it.  It looked like a 1995, but it was a 2006, no maintenance was ever done to it.

We are going to the next Walmart to spend the night.  Michèle continue her search for the right RV for us.

Our "RV Park",  Walmart in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

This Walmart is very noisy, not a good night a sleep for us...

I think I said we would stop a few places before we got to our friend's place, June and Pete, but we decide to check out the motorhome before it sold, so we drove straight to North Carolina to check it out.

From now on, we will slow down as we head back home in Ontario.

Wednesday April 10, 2013

Not much driving for today because we are only a few hours away from Pete and June's place.
Sunny without a cloud in the sky and a nice 78 F (or 25 C).

Highway 70 is very nice highway, just like the interstate, but without the traffic.

We make a quick stop at a small municipal park to empty our waste water tanks.

A pink Dogwood tree/shrub.

Havelock, the town where Pete and June live, also home of the military base Cherry Point.

We forgot how far Pete and June live outside on the town of Havelock.

We finally made it.  All set up for the next few days.

Pete and June, missing from the photo, are taking us for a drive around the neighborhood.

We had to stop at a friend's house for a drink.
We are on the main floor.  It is at least 6 meters above ground.
Behind June we can see the Neuse river.

They are not hand bags, they are wine boxes.

Michèle took a photo of the friend's house inside. WOW! Very nice.

A very good day!

Thursday April 11, 2013

This morning Pete and June take us for a drive in the countryside.
Really nice area.
A flea market, we will have to come back Saturday morning.

When we got back home, we had a (few) beer on the back porch.
June checking out the water's edge.

Hamburger night!

Today is also Pete's birthday.  Happy Birthday Pete.

A very relaxing day, just like we like them.

Friday April 12, 2013

Another very nice and warm day.  Not much on our plate for today.

I take a stroll around Pete and June's house for some photos.
Pete and June's house.

A very nice place they have.

A few years ago a storm came by and a storm surge came through here.  The water was 1 meter above the grass.
Now look at the house and garage next door. The water, combined with the strong wind and the waves damaged the garage and moved the house off its foundation.

The cement blocks you see in front of the house was the foundation of the house.

The people that lived there just left and did very little clean up after the storm.  That was two years ago.

Saturday April 13, 2013

Off to the flea market we go.  It was an OK flea market.

Back at June and Pete's place, we sat on the porch and had a (few) beers with a snack in the afternoon.

If you look at us, you will notice we now wear long pants and jackets.  The weather turned a little chilly today.
I have to keep up with my wheels so they stay shinny longer this time.

Another great day.

Sunday April 14, 2013

Our last day with June and Pete.
The weather is nice and calm.  A good day for cruising around with the pontoon.

Ahhhh!  Happy couple.

The ladies.

The captain of the ship.

We are traveling the Intercoastal Waterway towards Beaufort.

Hardly any winds.  A porpoise!

Some of the houses we saw on our cruise.

I like the one on the left, June like the one on the right.

Ships we came across.  The sail boat is from Québec.


It looks like a nice beach, but it is oyster shells and they go for kilometers.
Pete has no idea why they are here. Nothing around this area for kilometers.

One of many porpoise we saw.

The intercoastal is used by a lot of barges to move goods around.

After about 2 hours on the water we are coming up to Beaufort.
Some fishing boats.

The columns on the house a leaning to the side, even the side wall has a wave to it.
Results of a storm?

The water's edge is all for the tourists.  From bars, restaurants to small boutiques, everything to please the visitors.

The parking lot for the restaurant Finz.

Once we are parked, we leave Pete to guard the pontoon while me, Michèle and June go in Finz for a bite to eat.

The food was good and the prizes were not too bad for a touristy area.

For real, Pete was not hungry, so he stayed on the pontoon and had a beer.

Across from the docks, there is an island and it is home to a herd of wild horses.  They only one we saw that brown spot in the green leaves.

One more pirate ship!

After lunch we head back home.  Goodbye Beaufort.

The wind picked up a little, but it is coming from behind us so it is good.

This "cut" in the forest is for the owner of the house you see under the trees.  This cut is the landing strip for his small private airplane.
Isn't nice to have lots of $$$.

Today we traveled a little more than 55 kilometers on water.

Thanks Pete and June for a great cruise.

Monday April 15, 2013

Time to hit the road again for us.

A big thank you Pete and June for a wonderful time at your place.
Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you again soon.

The first hour of driving is done under a light rain.

Again, we stopped to empty our waste water tanks in Kingston.

Those dogwood trees are so nice, white and pink... (I could be wrong about the name, but hey!)

The lumber industries must be doing good around here.

We stop in Raleigh's Camping World to check out used motorhomes.  No luck!

Imagine growing up with a name like that?

Next stop is in Colfax, near Greensboro, to another Camping World.  Here too we had no luck for used motorhome.

Our home for the night is the Walmart in Kernersville.
Some of our neighbors...

Our yard and landscaping!

Close by there is a buffet style restaurant, the Hibachi.  Off we go and treat ourselves.
What a nice lamps, and so bright!

We are still looking for the "right" motorhome, eventually we will get the right one.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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