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Thursday October 31 to November 2, 2013

Halloween night was a big success, 12 kids showed up for candies.  Marquis is a very small village.
We remembered Cold Lake with 150 kids on Halloween night.

Friday and Saturday were quiet days.

Sunday November 3, 2013

Jérémy, Danielle and Gabriel have finally arrived in Moose Jaw.  They had a snow storm on their drive from Comox to here.

We are joining them after diner.
Just as we arrived at the motel, we saw Jeremy carrying some luggage to the room.

Once they were installed in the room, we went out for diner at Boston Pizza.

Their car and trailer.

Beautiful family!

We are so happy to see Jeremy, Danielle and Gabriel.  We really missed them.
Tomorrow Jeremy will find out if he can get his PMQ, if he does, we will be moving in the driveway with the motorhome.
If not, in the next few days we will.

Monday November 4, 2013

Jérémy got his key for his Military house (PMQ) in the afternoon.  We are moving from our "home" in Marquis to Jérémy's driveway.
By 4 pm we are all set in our new "home".  Snow has started to fall pretty heavy when we decide to go to town for diner.
This is the road condition to Moose Jaw.

In town it is worst and the roads are very slippery.  Not easy when your car has summer tires and they are worn out.

The Men!

Diner at the Mad Greek in Moose Jaw.  It was good, but if you have kids, it takes a little time to get your meal.
The love birds!

Jérémy and Danielle should get their furniture Friday if all works well.
They cannot wait to get started on their "new" home.

Tuesday November 5, 2013

Jérémy is at work, Danielle and Gabriel are on their way to the "Mom & Tots" at the MFRC.

Michèle and I are busy cleaning up the sidewalk and the driveway.  We move some of our stuff tot he house to make it somewhat functional.  Jérémy and Danielle are still in the motel until they get their furniture.

So what do we do?  We look after "our" little man for the night.  This will give a time out for Jérémy and Danielle, time to catchup on sleep and other things.  It is not easy to travel with an 18 months old kid.

We do some running around the house.... Gabriel looks like a .....

Michèle doing the disco!

We get Gabriel all exited before he goes to bed, this way he will sleep right away.

It worked with our kids, and it seems to work with Gabriel!
After the bath, a cookie and one last cartoon...

No problems putting Gabriel to sleep, he is so tired...

Wednesday November 6, 2013

Gabriel had a tough night. He has filled his diaper with you know what!  It must be the restaurant food not agreeing with him.
Grand Papa and Grand Maman are not used to change diapers in the middle of the night anymore!

Gabriel had a change of diaper 5 times in 12 hours, but he is still one happy guy!

The temperature has gone down to -16C last night, boy are we happy not to sleep in the motorhome.

We enjoy Gabriel as much as we can...  Some reading...

Some funny stuff!

We think Gabriel is not used to snow yet.

After diner, while Gabriel is watching some cartoons, Danielle is doing some reading.

Thursday November 7, 2013

We had a nice surprise this morning.  Jeremy got a phone call telling him that his furniture will arrive in about one hour.  Yes!
The weather is warming up at +4 C.  Good for the move.

Michele and Gabriel getting ready to move to the motorhome during the actual move.

This is the first time Gabriel is in the motorhome.  He loves driving and talking on the CB.

Jérémy is checking the boxes coming in.

Gabriel and Michele spent the day inside the motorhome.  This way, Gabriel is not in the way of the movers or us.

Snacks and puzzles, life is good.

Even cartoons all day! 

Late afternoon and the movers are done.  Time to unpack starts...

One little snack before bed time.

Gabriel was very good in the motorhome.
We ordered pizza for diner.  I started to feel woozy by around 7 pm.   Life is not good for me right now.
Michele has no issues with her food.

Friday November 8, 2013

Talk about a wasted day for me and Jeremy.  Jeremy was sick all night, just like me.
Today, both of us are weak.

Michèle is back in the motorhome with Gabriel and Danielle is working hard to empty boxes.  I try to give her a had, but I am pretty useless.  Jeremy is sleeping almost all day.

The Shaw Direct technician is here connecting TV, internet and phone.  He mentioned that a lot of people were sick in Moose Jaw.  The symptoms are just like what me and Jeremy have!!!

Michèle having fun with Gabriel.

By late evening me and Jeremy are feeling much better, lets hope tomorrow will be a better day

Saturday November 9, 2013

Yes, me and Jeremy are feeling much better, not 100%, but close.
We all got busy and emptied a lot of boxes today.

Once more, Gabriel went in the motorhome with Michele.
Gabriel had a busy day...

Cheese sandwich and some TV.

And we play with the vents...

Toys, TV, what else do you need as a kid?

It was a very productive day.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jérémy and Danielle left this morning to go shopping in Regina.  They are shopping for a new couch.
Michèle looks after Gabriel while I empty more boxes in the basement.

Jérémy and Danielle found a new couch, they will receive it Wednesday.
For our last night in Moose Jaw, we are playing the game "Settler of Catan".
Here, Danielle and Jérémy get their, early, Happy Birthday cards from us as we will be in the USA.
They are comparing cards?

Tomorrow we are back on the road heading south.

Thank you Jeremy and Danielle for having us in your new house.
It was a pleasure to see all three of you.

We will miss you!

Monday 11 November, 2013

Monday, Remembrance Day, I would like to say thank you to all the Canadians who have served and are serving right now.
Thank You for your service.

On the bright side, we are leaving today for Yuma, Arizona.
It is a nice -17 C here in Moose Jaw.

Poor little Gabriel, he had a bad night.  He was awake many times, but he still keeps his smile in the morning.

Thank you Danielle and Jérémy for having us at your new home in this "busy" time.

Time to hit the road.  Notice the windshield is still half full of ice, inside.

Once the car is hooked up to the motorhome, we hit the road and drove ... west!
Goodbye Danielle, Jérémy and Gabriel.  See you soon...

Sunny day, hardly any wind, still mighty cold.

We leave the TransCanada highway behind us and take the 37 south.
The only place so far that has snow, is the little town and villages.

Good thing it is not snowing!

The southern part of the prairies are very divers in sceneries, more than we can think.

I chose highway 37 because it looks like a good, big road to head south into the US.  Surprise!

Not a very busy road, but we make it anyway.

What a name for a place!  Climax: the most intense or highest point of an experiences or a series of events, or just a good old orgasm!
Is that what the white people saw the first time they saw this place?

The border crossing. Both customs are in the same building.

Only two places to stop for inspection.  One for the cars and one for large vehicle.
We will drive between the two yellow post and get scanned for radioactive stuff!

The custom officer was very surprised to see people from Ontario crossing the border in the middle of nowhere.
He was a very nice man, but he forgot to ask about guns!  They usually all do, not that we have any with us.
Five minutes later we were in the US.

Our first deers.

It was not very warm inside the motorhome.  The "truck" heater is not powerful enough to heat the whole inside.

We drove through some wet snow and look what it did to our beautiful wheels.

It is way too cold to stay in the motorhome tonight.  So, we stopped at a motel in Havre, Montana.
For $80 it is not bad.

We use the hot tub to warm up after a cool day in the motorhome.  It is -18 C outside.

Traveling in a motorhome when it is cold like this is no fun at all.
But we are happy because our trip south has started.  We were happy to help Danielle and Jeremy unpack some of the boxes they had.  This will help them get the house set up more quickly.
We will miss you Danielle, Jeremy and Gabriel.

Tuesday November 12, 2013

This motel has free hot breakfast and it is good.

The motel where we spent the night.

For a few hours we drove in a small valley, it was beautiful with the frost in the trees.

In certain part, the roads were snow covered.  Not the best for traveling in a motorhome.

The worst parts were the one in the shade, they sometimes had black ice.  Like this poor guy learned.

First fill up for the motorhome in the US.  The diesel is not at $7.78, but at $3.78.  This is about $1 per liter.

Funny the stuff you see in a truck stop.

Our car after being pulled behind the motorhome in wet snow.

Of course, the roads were sanded, so the car got sanded.

We treat ourselves with a Subway submarine for lunch.

The temperature is warming up some.  The snow is finally gone.

Some of the sceneries we saw today.

This is where the water flows either to the pacific or to the Gulf of Mexico.

Our next stop is in a campground in Dillon, Montana.  time to de-winterize the motorhome.

This jar of sweet pickles is for saying "Thank you" to Danielle's Grandmother Marie.  They are some good, thanks Marie.

We traveled a good distance today. It is a very beautiful country around here.

Wednesday November 13, 2013

The campground is OK, mostly gravel and for travelers like us who stop for a night.  It is cheap at $20 for full service.

Our first cowboy!

Why a statue of a bison on top of the hill?
I guess why not!

Some more beautiful sceneries on our drive today.

How often do you see exit 0?

Goodbye Montana. Hello Idaho.

We have been on the Interstate 15 for a while now and let me tell you, it is one beautiful interstate.  There is hardly any traffic on the I-15.

We now leave Idaho behind us for Utah.

WOW!  Now the speed limit is now 80 mph or 130 kph for the rest of the world.  I do not drive that fast with the motorhome.  I maintain a nice 60 mph.

More sceneries.

Salt Lake City, Utah.  The RV park is the Pony Express next to the I-215.  A little noisy, but not too bad.

We have to wash the car before we go anywhere.  It is covered with sand, some oil for the use of the Jake Break.  The oil is normal when I use the Jake Break a lot, which I did in all the mountain we drove through. (In a few days you will learn more about this "oil").

Once we have a clean car and we can see through the windows we head to Walmart and buy this submarine for $7.  It is now missing about 1/3 of its length.  We had enough for three meals.  What a good deal!

I forgot to tell you that when we left Moose Jaw, our entrance platform got stuck in the extended position.  It was not fun to get in or out of the motorhome.  I did not, could not repair it because I was missing some tools and it was way too cold to work on it.
Today, I purchased the right tools and retracted manually.  I will fix it when we are in some warmer  temperatures.

Salt Lake City is a place I always wanted to visit.

Thursday 14 November, 2013

Shoot, I forgot to put some photos on yesterday's page.
So, this is about yesterday, Wednesday.
We could not see anything out the car windows. We had to wash the windows of the car before we could go and wash the car. 

I also took this time to wash our rock guard.

OK we are back to Thursday.
This morning, we had to go to Camping World for some serious shopping.
First a new water hose because ours developed some holes in it.  It was old.
Next, a water pressure regulator because I forgot mine on some water tap somewhere!
A new black water gate valve, ours is starting to show some wear in the form of a small brown leak...
A new 30 amp extension cord.
A collapsible rake.
And, finally a new dump hose, ours was just about to breakin two.
So, when all is said and done, about $250 later we are out the store...

We have never seen a red light like this one before.

After all this spending, we head to Temple Square.
This is one place I always wanted to see.
The Temple Square owned by "The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints" (Mormons).

Here, we can see the Slat Lake Temple.

The "Assembly Hall".

They have a seagull monument!  After some research, I found that in 1848 the crops were infested with Mormon crickets.  A large flock of seagull swoop down on the crops and ate all the crickets  and saved the crops.

The "Museum of Church History and Art".  We went in for a free guided visit, but we had to cut it short to go to the tabernacle for the organ concert.  It is a very nice museum.

The stained glass represent when Joseph Smith got the revelation of God and Jesus.

The Tabernacle.  This is home for the "Mormon Tabernacle Choir" and the "Tabernacle Organ".
The Tabernacle was built in 1867 and can sit up to 5000 people.

We are here to listen to a concert on the organ.  It was beautiful to listen to.
The organ has 11,623 pipes and is in the top 20 in the world for size.

Downtown Salt Lake City.

We treat ourselves to a McRib for diner.

Back at the RV park, here is what the park looks like.  Very nice, but noisy.

Since the weather is nice, we wash the motorhome.  It really needed it.

At 7 pm we are back at the Tabernacle for a Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice.
Here is the Salt Lake Temple.

The choir in full rehearsal.

Even if it was only a rehearsal the sound was just spectacular.

The weather forecast for the next few days are not very nice for Salt Lake City.   We will leave tomorrow for Las Vegas.

We will have to come back to Salt Lake City.  There is so much to see it would take a least a week just for the Temple Square.

Friday November 15, 2013

We are leaving Slat Lake City with some rain.

This is going to make a mess of the car behind the motorhome.

Before we got the chance to get out of Salt Lake, there is an accident on the I-15.  It is moving slowly for about 20 minutes.

As we drive south, the weather is clearing up some.

This is beautiful country.

One of the highest point for today.

We stopped in Beaver, Utah for a short break.  As usual, I do a quick walk around the motorhome to make sure everything is good to go.
Right under the engine we have some fluid leaking.  It is diesel fuel.  I asked at the convenience store if there is a garage that repairs diesel engine around here and he says there is one on the other side of the Interstate.

So here we are at Anytime Road Service & Repair in Beaver, Utah.

To get to the source of the fuel leak, we have to open the engine compartment from inside.

The mattress is in the bathroom, the two wood panels are in the kitchen and the mechanic is in in the engine compartment.

The source of the leak is found and the part will be in tomorrow morning.

Another night at the motel.  Good news, we mentioned that our motorhome is being repaired at Anytime Road Service and then got a %25  off for the room.  Only $70 for the night.  Super!

We spent some time in the spa.

We even had some Chinese take-out.

We are lucky we saw the fuel leak almost right away and a garage that is open on Saturday.  We are lucky in our bad luck.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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