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Friday February 1, 2013

A quiet day today.  We did some grocery shopping.  It always impresses us to see a "normal" house with steel bars on the windows.

Our first game of shuffleboard with Manon and Patrice.  They love it!

We finished the evening with a board game called "sequence".

Our time together is going to fast.

Saturday February 2, 2013

Breakfast with some Matte-muffins.

Michèle playing around with the camera, taking a photo of the sun coming through the branches.

Very relaxed day!

Sunday February 3, 2013

Patrice and me are at Patrice's uncle this morning.  He is giving us direction for a flea market so Patrice can buy a deep fryer with a rotating basket.
This is where Daniel lives.  Very pretty.

Shoot!  I forgot to take photos of the flea market, but we did get the deep fryer.
Back at home, we played more shuffleboard.

We even got a nice sunset.

We are watching the super bowl outside while eating junk food, like chicken wings and stuff like that.  Hard on our arteries, but good.

As I was saying, time is just flying...

Monday February 4, 2013

Our last full day in Homestead.  We are visiting Coral Castle.  It is located close to our campground.

This castle was built by a man called Edward Leedskalnin.  For more information and the story of the castle, just click here.

Every single corals block were brought here and then sculpted by hand.  Very impressive.  Kind of hard to see, but this table is shaped like the state of Florida.

Edward was a pretty knowledgeable man in regards to the sun and other astronomy stuff.
On the left is a sundial/calendar.  On the right, if you looked through a small hole in the wall and lined it up with the big hole on the obelisk, you can see the sun travel in the sky all year long. Of course, at the same time every day.

Some of the chairs Edward sculpted.  They are quite comfortable,

The lovers chair...

Edward even sculpted a not so comfortable chair for a mother-in-law, which he never had.

Manon and me.

The place got a bath and two adult beds.

A very religious man, he even built a "punishment corner" for unruly children (or mother-in-law?).  This is true!

This lizard is from Africa.

So cute?

The only tower of the castle, upstairs is the living quarter for Edward and downstairs, the toolshed.

A "big" gecko on the patio.

Edward weight in at a whooping 100 pounds and was a little over 5 feet tall.

Back at home, we are getting ready for tomorrow mornings move.

Another very busy day.

Tuesday February 5, 2013

Ready to leave and it is only a 3 hours drive.

Patrice and Manon are behind us.  We can see them in the mirror.

The first 20 miles between Homestead and Miami were slow as we were on US1. 

Just south of Miami, we finally got on I-95.

Now, that is one good advertising billboard.

In Pompano Beach we found our RV park quickly, it is the Highland Wood RV Resort.
This park and the sister's park next to it, are mostly people from Québec.  We are in the "low cost" side and for the week long people.  By that I mean on the other side of the white fence we have a nice, busy, 4 lanes boulevard and next to it, we have the railroad track and it is a busy train track, next to the train tracks is a gravel/coral crushing plant, imagine the dust and the noise!

But on the positive side, we are located across from each other.

Once we are settle in, we took a little bike ride in both RV park.

The pool on the more "upscale" RV park (read more expensive).

Pretty expensive for what it is and we were told that they did drop the prices compare to last year, WOW!
We only chose this one because it was the only one (more on that later) close to my uncle.  My brother is also coming down to Florida in the next few weeks and he is staying at my uncle's place.
I will tell you more about this RV park in the next few days.

Wednesday February 6, 2013

A relaxed morning.  Manon updating her travel journal.

We did some shopping at Costco.  We even had a hot dogs lunch at Costco

I said I would let you know more about this RV park.  Here it is.
Highland Wood and Breezy Hill are both part of the  Encore/Thousand Trails network.  We found that this network is usually more expensive than other RV park with little much to show for the high price.  Including a discount, we paid $320 for a week.  The sites are offset from each other, you can see it on the right photo.  This is common in the area.  The pool is small, but you can use the facilities from the sister RV park, Breezy Hill.
Now for this RV park, very, very noisy place because of the  big boulevard next to the park.  Next to the boulevard is the train tracks with trains going by 10 or 12 times a day or night. And then, next to the tracks is a rock/coral quarry.  The people here tell us that after a while you do not hear it anymore.  Well, if I was paying $1,400.00 a month, I would not want that noise and dust.  Of course, this is only my personal opinion.  Would I come back here, maybe, if it is all that was available.

Before we came here, we made a reservation at another RV park for a month.  Just to get closer to my uncle's place.
Once Patrice and Manon are gone, we will move to this new RV park.  Highland Pines will be our next home.  Surprise!  Highland Wood is in Pompano Beach and where we are moving to next week is in Deerfield Beach.  After checking the addresses, I found out that Highland Pines is just across the street.  I will let you know more about Highland Pines RV park later.

Thursday February 7, 2013

We are on our way to the beach and a pier to look at some fisherman and their catches.

We found a nice pier and some very nice people on it!

A view from the Pier.

We are lucky and a fisherman showed up.  We saw how he got all set up.  They are allowed up to four line lines in the water at the same time.

Another fisherman caught a fish, a blow fish.  This blow fish has teeth almost like ours and from what the fisherman told us, when he bits, he won't let go.  He is very careful in removing the hook.

The Atlantic is quite warm.

Back at home, we check out the latest photos and I cooked some grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

Another warm day, +25 C, time to hit the pool.

A busy day we had today.

Friday February 8, 2013

The corporation Encore/Thousand Trails, who owns both RV parks is offering a free hot dogs and beers lunch today.

The hot dogs are very good and the volunteer from the RV park are doing a fantastic job.

The tiki where the hot dogs were served.

After lunch, they had door prizes and dancing.

The sun was getting pretty hot so we headed to the pool again.

Saturday February 9, 2013

A big day ahead of us.
We are going back to the flea market where Patrice bought his deep fryer.  It has started to leak from the pivot point.
The first time we came here, I did not take any photo because I forgot.  This time, I am taking photos.
The funny thing here is that to get to the parking lot of the flea market, we have to drive in front of 6 or 7 places that sell tires, windows tinting, etc.  They all beacon you to come in like it is the parking lot, but it is not.
Talk about a trick to get you in their place.

The deep fryer man exchanged the cooking oil basket without any problems.  To make sure this one does not leak, Patrice filled it with water and when we came back 30 minutes later, we found no leaks.

Next stop is the city center of Fort Lauderdale to get on a cruise with the "Water Taxi".
For $20.00 per person, you have a cruise of about 3 hours and you can get on and off anywhere the whole day.

When we arrived, we just missed the water taxi, we have to wait for the next one.

This is the one we missed.

We must live a good life because the next water taxi is a bigger one.  It has a second deck, a bar and toilets.

From the second deck we can see a lot more of the yards of the big mansions.  It is also a guided cruise.  We have an all female crew, a captain and two other crew members.  This is one of our guide/crew member.  She was a very good guide with a dry sense of humor.

At certain stops, the captain had to come out of the wheelhouse and stand on the rail and use a remove control box to "park" along the dock.
She is very good at what she does.

Some of the ships on the river and intercoastal waterway.  They cost between $50,000,000.00 and $450,000,000.00.

The port of Fort Lauderdale is home to many cruise line and their big ship.  We saw 6 or 7 of those big beast.

I forgot the price of this one, but here is the "story".
The owner is a Mexican billionaire.  He bought this ship, it has 3 turbine engines and can reach a speed of up to 80 km/h on the water.  When he got home with his ship, he docked it and his wife complained that it was blocking the view of the river.  So he bought the house next to his and tore it down.  He turned it into a tennis court and now docks his ship by the tennis court.  His wife can see the river now!
He must really love his wife!

At the intersection of the New river and the "Intercoastal Waterway", a sand bar is formed and at low tide.  People come and stop at the sand bar and they play in the water and have some beers.

Some of the "dead ends" along the waterway.

We are back on the New river.

After the big ships, the big houses.  Some of the owners are people like Steven Spielberg...

...and a men called Wayne Huizenga.  Very few people know this name. He is a self-started billionaire who started the garbage companies Waste Management. The, he started two other business, he eventually sold all his empire and retired.  He now lives here on the point.  He has 5 houses connected together.  On the right, he is seating on the deck, enjoying a beer with his wife.  By the way, he drinks his beer out of the can like most of us.  He waves at who ever waves at him.

Sunny and warm, but the wind keeps it just right.

We even saw a few lizards.  A nice park along the waterway.

From the "small" home at 10 or 20 million dollars to the "White House" at more than 100 million dollars.

Our cruise lasted almost 3 hours.  WOW!

Back on the shore, we have lunch at a, Irish Pub with a "Water" decor theme.

We never have seen this before.  A pedaling bar!  The customers sit and while they have a drink they pedal and the bartender serves them and drive the "bar".  The "bar" does not supply the music, the customer simply plugs in his or her smart phone and they listen to the customer music, smart!

We had to take the shark photo.

This was a busy day.  Back at the RV park, we went to the pool.

Sunday February 10, 2013

We went to Daniel's place and he showed us a big flea market.

The "Swap Shop" is located on a drive in.

A large part is inside, but an even bigger part is outside.
Manon with the Blues Brothers.

We will have to come back to this flea market later.

Monday February 11, 2013

Our last full day with Patrice and Manon.

Tomorrow they are going to Daniel's place in Hallandale for a few days and us, we will be moving across the street for a month.
Before we move to our new site.  We went to blow off all the sand and wash the patio for tomorrow.

Patrice and Manon giving me a hand.

A good thing we came and cleaned up.  We found the sewer connection is broken, the fresh water pipe is broken and a steel rod is sticking out  about one inch out of the driveway.  This could damage our motorhome tires.  I report every thing to the owner and she said all will be fixed before tomorrow 11 am.

Tonight is the first campers bingo for Manon and Patrice.
Good bingo, with very good prices, but oh, so long.  We got is a 7 pm and did not come out until after 11 pm.
It was too long, especially since we did not win once.
Manon and Patrice liked the bingo even if it was too long.

Tuesday February 12, 2013

First thing I did this morning, I went to check out our new site and everything was fixed, great!
Here we are, almost ready to move.

Manon and Patrice are going to Hallandale for a few days.  We will see each other again on Thursday evening because we are going to the hockey game between the Montréal Canadians and the Florida Panthers at the BB&T center.

Wednesday, Thursday February 13 and 14, 2013

Wednesday, we did not do too much, some pool time, some reading and I worked on the next update of the web page.
I have a lot of catching up to do.

Thursday morning, I cooked some meat balls for a nice stew.

A view of our site.  We are pretty lucky to have such a big concrete patio.

Tonight we are going back to Hallandale to pick-up Patrice and Manon.  We are going to the hockey game between Montreal Canadians and the Florida Panthers.

Patrice got some window louvers for the side windows and a bug deflector for the front.  It is much cheaper here then back home.

We arrived at the BB&T Center under a light rain.

A view of the whole arena.  Our seats are all the way to the top.  3/4 of the fans are from Canada.

The Habs.

After 3 periods, score is still 0 to 0.  In my humble opinion, both teams are not very good.

This being the USA, you have got to have cheerleaders.  Just like football.

Almost a goal...

Still 0 to 0 at the end of the third period.  They have to play a fourth period for 5 minutes.

After a few minutes, the Habs are coming strong on the Panthers.

He shoots, he SCORES!

Funny Photo?

It was a good evening.  Hockey is not my preferred game, but I still enjoyed it
We drove home under heavy rain.

Friday February 15, 2013

The highlight of the day was going to the post office to mail a parcel.  It turned out to be way too expensive to send to Canada.

Just a relaxed day.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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