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1 to 15 October 2013   16 to 31 October 2013

Tuesday October 1, 2013

We purchased the new trimming for the shower and I varnished it, no photos!

I do have photos of the installations of the new carpet.
Here is the entrance before..

I make a template before I cut the carpet.  I am not known as a good person for measuring and cutting  ;-)

Time to cut, I hope I did the template right!

It fits, we inserted the carpet under the dashboard and under the trim for the step.

Pretty darn good!

We completed many projects this week.

The forecast for the next few days are for cooler temperature, high of +14 C with a low of 0 C for the night.

Before we start this part of the blog, I have to inform you about some changes taking place within our web site.
  1. Informally, the updates were done from Wednesday to Tuesday of the following week.  I am changing this to Monday to Sunday starting with the update of October 7th.  Why?  Just to make it easier for me.
  2. I am correcting/cleaning our pages from 2006,2007,2009 and 2010.
  3. I am also changing the format of those pages.  So if you are trying to access some of them and it does not let you, it is because I am in the process of changing/fixing them. 2006, 2007 and 2009 are done.
Alright, let's carry on with the next update.

Wednesday October 2 to Sunday October 6, 2013

This is our second night with frost.  It went down to -7 C.

We are off to visit the Legislative Building of Saskatchewan.  It was built between October 1904 and October 1912 at a cost of  1,8 million.  Imagine what it would cost today!
Saskatchewan was created in 1905 from the North-West Territories.  A firm from Montreal was chosen to design and built the legislative building.  It contains 34 different types of marble from Canada and the world.
Here we can see the builder of the legislative building, Peter Lyall looking at the plans and the building.

The view from the top of the stairs towards the park and the lake.

Michèle with a beautiful bird.  It was done by an artist from Saskatchewan.

The tour was really good.

"Before The White Man Came" from John Leman painted in 1933.  Over the years a black deposit covered the painting.
In 2005, a restoration took place and the best cleaning agent to remove the black grime was human spit!

This painting is from Roger Jerome and is from 2005.  It represents "Northern Tradition And Transition".
It was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II for Saskatchewan's centennial.

The table on the right photo was reputedly used at the Quebec Conference in 1864, on the left photo, which led to the drafting of the Britich North American Act.  The table was shorten by 6 feet some years later.

The Legislative Assembly Chamber.  On the left, the elected government with a majority at this time and on the right, the opposition with a minority.

From the park.

From Thursday to Sunday we were busy with day to day stuff.

Monday October 7, 2013

The sun is just getting out of bed!
It is 7:30.  I noticed that we still have quite a few campers in the campground.

We are just waiting for Jérémy to come.  He is coming to do some paperwork and other this related to his transfer and his military house.
His aircraft is arriving in Regina at 6:35 pm.
We are on our way to the airport as the sun is going to bed!

The big arrival area!

Jérémy's aircraft.

And our oldest favorite son is here!

Back at the motorhome, we are catching up on all the news about Danielle and Gabriel and his transfer.

Jérémy goes to Moose Jaw for the night because he has a room there.
We will go to Moose Jaw tomorrow morning.

Tuesday October 8, 2013

The scenery on our way to Moose Jaw and meet Jérémy.
Harvest is about 80% done in Saskatchewan and it is a very good year for the farmers.

Jérémy got the key of the house he will get when he gets here.  The upgrades were not finisher, but it gives him an idea and a chance to take photos for Danielle.

What a nice big backyard they will have.  It is all fenced and they have a garage. WOW!

Jérémy's place is the one on the right.  Here is his rental car, it was the only one they had!  Talk about bad luck!

Mother and son at the playground!

Jérémy comes back with us in Regina for diner and the evening.  He is going back to Moose Jaw for the night.

It was a very productive day for Jérémy.

Wednesday October 9, 2013

After Jérémy completed some more stuff in Moose Jaw, he is back with us in Regina.  We do some furniture shopping.  Jérémy and Danielle are thinking about possibly getting a new couch in a few months.

Just before diner we went out for a walk in the campground.
They have those big rubber ball kids can push around the playground.

It hurts!!!

Dad and his son!

And we spend some more time talking.

Thursday October 10, 2013

Jérémy is spending the day in Moose Jaw, we are staying in Regina.  He still has a few things to do before he leaves for Comox.

Friday October 11, 2013

Jérémy is with us first thing in the morning.  He is going back to Comox and his family today.


Jérémy treats us to a good breakfast.
We have to say our goodbyes, but we will see him, Danielle and Gabriel on November 4th.

Saturday October 12, 2013

The campground is rapidly emptying out.  The snowbirds are taking flight south.  We only have a few snowbirds left and workers.
We did some shopping, reading and TV for the rest of the day.

Sunday October 13, 2013

Brrr!  Last night was some cold, -7 C.  A +9 C as a high today, Darn it is cold in October in Saskatchewan.
No photos for today because we did not do anything out of the ordinary.  I dumped the black and gray water.  I filled the fresh water tank.  The reason I fill the fresh water tanks is that the campground shuts the water off and drain the pipes in the evening to prevent freezing.  They turn it back on by 10 am the following day.  This allows us to have water a little later in October.  So, we fill our fresh water tank so we can have water after 9 pm.   If it does not get below - 8 C at night and  a high of +5 during the day, we should have water for a while longer.

If they shut the water permanently, we will be looking for a room or apartment for rent by the week until Jérémy and his family gets here.  But we are not at that point yet.

Monday, Tuesday October 14 and 15, 2013

Monday and Tuesday were just easy days.  The nights were cold and the maximum daytime high were only +8 C.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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