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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Gabriel confirms that the new cot is comfortable.

Some special moments between grand-papa and Natasha.

Gabriel, Jeremy and Kristin are going to Buffalo Pound to try out the new "old" motor.

Some of the photos Jeremy sent us.


Weird position to sleep!

Kristin found a screen enclosure for only $65 online. It turns out to be new. It will be useful since they are going camping next week.

The supervisors.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

It is a beautiful day, not too hot. I am going for a walk with Natasha.
Here is a little something, the ride on this stroller is super smooth. Natasha was not falling asleep. I pushed the stroller beside the path, on the bumpy grass and she falls asleep right away!

When we got back from our walk. Jeremy was cutting the grass. Natasha and I watched him the whole time.

Two cute girls.

It is hot again. We watched the kids playing in the pool.
Gabriel is playing with Joshua.

Kristin is making cinnamon buns from scratch.

The keeper of the buns. We did have some for dessert at lunch.

Poor Natasha, she did not have any cinnamon buns...
But, she can hold her own bottle now.

We are having a cheese fondue tonight.
Gabriel is helping to cut the bread in cubes.

It was a great supper.

Gabriel loves cheese and bread.

Monday, August 3, 2020

"Hummmm, What is that? It still tastes like plastic!


Grand-maman and Gabriel have a lot of fun in the pool.

Gabriel is spending the night with us. A sleep-over. He has to help me set-up the cot. You only have to show him once. He is very good at assembling it.

The mattress.

The two "compadres" watching TV in the bedroom.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kristin, Jeremy and Gabriel are leaving later today for camping.

Gabriel plays with Natasha.

The boat is loaded.

Ready and waiting to go.

Another bad collage of two photos.

These are the photos we received from Jeremy and Kristin.
A quick stop at some round hay bails in the middle of nowhere.


Natasha is looking at me working on the laptop.

Random photos of us and Natasha.

Natasha did not like having anything on her face. We made it a game and now she thinks it is funny.

Jeremy, Kristin and Gabriel's site.

Supper, bath and time to go to bed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Our first full day with Natasha. She had a good night of sleep.

I was out walking for about an hour and a half before lunch with Natasha in the stroller .
I am waiting for her to wake up.

Suddenly, she opens her eyes. She stays like this for a good 10 minutes. Weird.

Natasha with her sundress.

Grand-papa also needs a nap some times.

It is very hot today.

We skyped for over an hour with Benoit this evening.

More photos from camping. Kristin caught the first fish of the trip.

Jeremy and Kristin told us that the cows were coming at them rather fast.

I needed some explanation about this deflector. Jeremy told me that the motor was splashing water back into the boat when going fast. It was bad, after 20 minutes, he had 3 inches of water in the back of the boat. Jeremy built this deflector to keep the water out of the boat.

Gabriel is doing some chores. He is very helpful.

We had a good day with Natasha.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Natasha had another good night of sleep.

She loves to cuddle when she wakes up.

Here she is watching me cleaning the pool. She is still not sure about the grass on her skin.

More random photos for the day.

Ready for bed.

It was a good day.

Friday, August 7, 2020

One very curious Natasha.

She does not want to miss anything. Specially grand-papa making meatloaf.

Jeremy, Kristin and Gabriel are back from camping today.
A few hours ago, Natasha started to do "BRRRR" with her mouth. It is funny.

Gabriel is tired from camping.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Kristin found some of her old dolls. Natasha is not too sure about them yet!

Daddy shows her the peddles from his bike, she smiles!!! Too funny.

Time for the pool. Natasha loves the pool.

Grand-maman's turn to be in the pool.

The two partners in crime.

Kristin has found this table on Facebook Market Place for only $15. Once it was all clean, Natasha could play with it.

The legs can be removed and she can play sitting down.

Jeremy tries to make Natasha understand a roller coaster. Nope!

A nice Saturday at home.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

We had one wicked wind storm last night. The MH was shaking.
When we woke up, the sun was shinning, but the wind is still blowing strong with wind gusts over 50 km/h.
One more flower bloomed.

We all believe Natasha is in a growth spur. She eats like you would not believe. She is a little cranky too.

She wanted to leave me! She ended up upside down. She enjoys that.

Nothing like a carrot stick to keep her quiet for 10 minutes.

Spending time with Dad.

Gabriel with a treat.

Kristin is all smile.

And my pretty Michele.

Once again, Gabriel is having a sleep-over in the MH.
Setting up the cot.

Just look at the snacks!

Gabriel ate all the healthy food first. The junk food last. He did not even finished all the junk food.

Monday, August 10, 2020

It is only so she does not fall!

Somehow, we ended up in the MH!

I made a promise to Gabriel that we would eat beans with molasses for lunch before he left.
The main draw for it, it makes you fart a lot!!!

Boy, did we fart!

Supper is "allthat's" all that is left over.

It was a good day, even with the smell.

Jeremy is starting a cold, not good.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Jeremy had a terrible night with his cold.
Natasha seems to be starting a cold too.

Gabriel, as always, is full of energy.

Jeremy is not moving a lot today. Natasha is a little cranky all day. The cold!

Jeremy still had the energy to do this to Natasha.

"Me sick?"

It is a hot day. Natasha being cranky, we each do a little time with her to keep her occupied.

Look at the animal on the cousin. A turtle, with the head of a fox and the tail of a snake!!!

Natasha has a hard time to breath through her nose, poor little one.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Natasha had a bad night, all congested. So did Jeremy.

I am off for a walk with Natasha. This way, she will sleep a little longer, poor little one.

We have lasagna for supper.
While I wanted a second helping, the big spoon slipped from my hand and made of mess of me and the floor.

Natasha with Daddy.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Natasha seems to get better today. I am out for another long walk with her.

Gabriel joined us for the walk. He is the KING of the hill.

Jeremy is feeling better. Gabriel and him are going to Buffalo Pound for carp fishing.

Some photos of the fishing.
Gabriel caught a snake.

A crayfish.

And a seven pounds carp!

Hummm, one unhappy little girl.

She loves watching balloons.

The first sunflower.

We had Chinese for supper, real good.
This is Natasha after her bath when Jeremy dresses her!
She is just a plain old girl from Saskatchewan.

Natasha is feeling better.
John, Kristin's dad, stopped over for a short visit in the afternoon.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Tickling Natasha's bellybutton.

She is too cute!

The big day. I am getting two new tires installed on the front of the MH.
They were manufactured in 2014. On a MH, tires usually last 5 to 7 years before they get too weathered. They are not worn out, just old. Having said that, they did wear out more than usual, because I ran them with a lower pressure than recommended. Hard on the tires, but what a nice, soft ride. Since they are 6 years old, time to change them. This is the cheapest place in Moose Jaw and Regina.

I got here 15 minutes before 1 pm. Right on time, they got me in.

The old tires.

James is the tire man working on the MH.

He put more support under the MH because I was in the MH while he was working. Two jacks, two stands and two more wooden blocks stand.

The "horns" you see are pipes used to direct air to the disk brake to aid in cooling them off.

Since the wheels are off the MH. I check the exhaust manifolds for any signs of cracking or other damage in the area.
All is good.

James lets me check out all the steps of the changeover. He is very knowledgeable about tires. He is very careful with the wheels.

Meanwhile at home, Jeremy and Kristin are washing the two cars.

 The supervisor!

And so is grand-maman.

James is not impressed. He was about to balance the tires when he realizes the owner did not buy the 8 studs adapter for the wheels. He only has the 10 studs adapter, like on the big trucks.

The solution? Place these little beads inside the tires. They balance as they roll down the road.
We will see how it works.

Almost done.

After the job was all done, I went for a drive to make sure all is good. Just as advertised, no problem with the balancing and this up to 100 km/h. I am happy.
The new tires were fabricated in May 2020. Technically we should be good with theses tires until 2026-2027.
For those that are interested, here is what we paid for two Michelin, XRV 255/80/22.5, $1,648.00 out the door.

I fueled up too before I got home.

The Audi Quattro Q5 Kristin and Jeremy bought.

One more time at the nail spa!

A father and son moment.

Gabriel is going back to his mom's on Wednesday. He wants to do a couple ore sleepover in the MH.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

As I said, Gabriel is leaving us on Wednesday so he also wants to get as much fishing as he can before he leaves.
Jeremy, Kristin and Gabriel left before lunch to go fishing.
Grand-maman with Natasha.

Some times it is grand-papa's turn.

Sometimes alone.

Some photos from today's fishing.


Kristin is the first one to catch a fish, a pike.

Gabriel caught the second one, a big one!

It took him over 15 minutes to land the fish. He is carp fishing.

Even the net was bent while lifting the carp.
Jeremy estimated the weight at around 20 lbs.

Michele done with washing the front porch.

Another sleepover for Gabriel.

Gabriel will have really good souvenir from the summer of 2020.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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