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Saturday, February 1, 2020

A quiet Saturday afternoon at home.
Patrice is waxing his truck and Flick hiding.

During the afternoon, we heard music getting louder and louder.
It was some kind of parade going by.
We saw lots of horses.

It is basketball night tonight.
We are at the Vipers game. They have a tailgate party before the game. A few years back, they had free burger and free beer at the tailgate party, not anymore.

We still have a few things we can do.
Like watching the Snake Charmers.

Getting our picture taken with Venom, the Vipers mascot. Patrice seems to be distracted.

No comments!

There was some dancing.

A nice sunset.

Every time there is a pause during the game. We have dance group doing a show.

The 50/50 ended p to be $3,115. WOW!

The Vipers did not win. They did not play very well.

Basketball fans.

The Vipers lost against the Lakers, 128 to 113.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Another quiet afternoon at home.

We are invited at André and Louise's place to watch the Super Bowl.
Lucille was also with us.

It was a pretty close game at times.

Louise and André prepared a nice Football snack.

The Kansas City Chiefs won with 31 against 20 for the San Francisco 49ers.

The Fans.

A very nice evening with friends.

Monday, February 3, 2020

I did not feel very good when I woke up.

Michele went to the local thrift stores like every Monday morning.
We have a quiet afternoon and did not go to the pool.

Manon and Michele went to the bingo without me, still not feeling 100 %.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Today I feel fine!

Michel, Marthe and Danielle are back in Mission to play for the bronze medal.
Michele, Manon and Patrice went to see the BOH team battling for that bronze medal.

Michel, Marthe and Danielle played well, but so did the other team.

Watching the game closely.

They did not get the medal, but they were close games.
Good job the three of you.

Michele, Manon and Patrice are back home for lunch.
It was a good thing the sky was cloudy because it is a warm day. It is 30° C.

This time we went to the pool in the afternoon.

Patrice and Manon came over for supper. A good beef stew.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

WOW! This morning the temperature was 17° C at 8 o'clock.
Look at what it is now!

We still went to the flea market next door.
We spent the afternoon indoor.

Manon and Michele make soup, but not together.

It only has to simmer for a few hours.

It has to be steered every so often.

It sure looks good!

Michele in a cocoon. It is on the cool side outside.

As usual, we are watching our shows at Manon and Patrice.

The cold front is still here. We have cloudy skies and lots of wind.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Now the cold front is really upon us.
A cold 5° C last night and a 6.2° C by 8.52 am.

Nineteen minutes to eleven and almost 9° C.

We had talked about going to Mexico today, but the cold weather is slowing us down.
We decided to go anyway. We left home at around 11 ish.

Manon with a foot in the US and the other in Mexico.

Mexican custom.

You can see the main street with its glasses place, restaurants and dentists.

Mexico. This is the first time Manon comes to Mexico. But! Nuovo Progresso is not the real Mexico.

The first store we went in is the El Disco Super Center.

It has three floors. A restaurant/bar on the main floor.

I saw this lady's face in many places, but I do not know who she is!
She is part of the religious Day Of The Dead.

Lots of stuff related to the Day Of The Dead.

On the drug store side of this place. You can buy penicillin of the shelf. No need to see a doctor to buy it!

Mexican stuff is so colorful.

After that store, we had to stop at a bar for a frozen margarita. The bar is on the sidewalk, three seats only. We filled this bar.
Two margaritas and a beer for $10.

The view from the bar.

We had lunch at the Red Snapper.

Nice place, clean.

Seafood platter for 2 for me and Manon.

Mexican platter for Michele.

The food was very good.

The next store is... Canada Store.

I know I have taken this building's picture before, but I like it!

I stopped at a glass place. I want to change my lenses on my glasses.
Eye exam, lenses for my glasses and my glasses ready in 15 minutes, only $45.
While waiting for my glasses, we went to this shabby-looking bar for a Margarita.

Thursday evening petanque!

Manon and Patrice came to watch the games.

A nice day. Manon really liked Mexico.

Friday, February 7, 2020

An easy day at home. We watched out TV shows at Manon and Patrice's place.

Manon and Patrice fixing supper for the four of us.

They prepared a Salisbury steak with fries.

As usual, we had lots of laughters.

Now for the serious stuff, dices.

A very good meal and a fun evening.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

It is now the Olympics of the BOH.
Michel asked us to be in his team for the games 6 Packs.
The 6 Packs is six games requiring minimal skill.
Our team.

The first game is shuffleboard. We each have 2 disks to play.

Our next game is the large bean bags toss.

You can play any of the 6 games in any order you want.

The small bean bags, not easy!

We are waiting for the ball toss.

It is a go!

The washers toss.

Next and last game for us is the flipping of the cup. They have to land upright or upside down.

We finished with 81 points.

The medals.

The team at the end.

Manon and Patrice came to support us. Manon also took all the photos for us. Thanks Manon.

The three top teams.

We really enjoyed the games.

Manon and Patrice bought some petanque balls this morning at the patio sale in the Park.
After supper we played a few games.

Another good day.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Natasha making a face.

We purchased the airline tickets for Michele's trip to Moose Jaw. She will be leaving on March 17 and be back on March 31.

This morning we went to the flea market Don-West
Manon bought a few bathing suits.

It is hot and humid today. We spent the afternoon in the pool!

The gang...

...and the crazy.

After we got back home, we had a few margaritas.

We actually had many margaritas in the afternoon. It is because of the hot day (29° C) and humidity (90 %). Michele still went to play petanque.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Time to change our water filters.
Once it is done, I still have to flush the new filters for 10 to 15 minutes before I can hook them up to the MH.

The first filter is turning green. This is the only place it does this. That filter is only to remove the solid particles.
The second filter is charcoal and it removes odors and  some of the bad taste water can sometime have. You always change both at the same time.

Next on my to do list, the hot water tank.

You can see some of the particles that still ends up in the hot water tank.

Flick just got back from the spa! He is all handsome!

Why not rinse Patrice's hot water tank!

It was actually pretty clean.

But! With Patrice nothing is easy!
He over torques the plastic plug on the hot water tank. Off to the RV store we go. Got a new plug and an easy out to remove the old plug from the tank.

This is the piece we had to get the easy out to get out.

It is hot and Flick still goes under the BBQ cover to rest !?!? It must be some hot under there.

Bingo night! I feel ready for some winning!

Manon is the only one who won! She won with two other people and got a nice $4.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

It is hot and humid until lunch time.
Then, the wind switch from the south to the north. In less than an hour it got cold.
We still had fun at the petanque court.

The pros!

Who won both games? The boys!

The temperature dropped to 15° C.
We skyped with Jeremy, Kristin and Natasha.

It is snowing in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

We had supper at Manon and Patrice today. We had meat loaf, very good.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Patrice and I went to McDonald for breakfast this morning.
This is the temperature at 11:15 am.

Michele and Manon are at a Tea Party/Fashion Show at lunch time.

This is how the hall is decorated.

Patrice and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.

Patrice had the broccoli cheddar chicken with mash potatoes. For me, roast beef with carrots and mash potatoes and gravy.
All was very good.

Meanwhile, the ladies had tea.

Marielle, Maryline and Michele

Manon, Julie and Francine.

Louise, Danielle and Anita.

Lucille and Lili.

Their server, Michel.

The good-looking ladies, Manon and Michele.

The main course.

We can see all the servers in the back.

Some of the pretty hats the ladies were wearing.

Supper is at our place tonight. Steaks from Saint-Tite.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Park has a petanque tournament today and Michele is part of it. And so am I!
I was asked to replace a sick player, sure no problems.

Jean is the organizer.
Here, he is explaining the rules of engagement.

A group photo of all the players. As you can see, it is not a warm morning.

Here we go!

Lucille and I and with our captain, Stefan.

This is a serious sport. We got to measure.

The medals.

Michele has Louise in her team. Louise is very proud of her shot. Andre is the captain.

Sometimes, the game are pretty close.

Michele's team (Andre) are in the finals for either gold or silver. As for me, (Stefan), we will be playing for the bronze.

Andre, Louise and Michele with their Olympics T-shirts.

The tournament started at 9 am and we were done at 5 pm. It was a long day.
Michele pretty happy about her last shot.

The final score. Michele's team won the gold medal and our team won the bronze medal.

Myself, Lucille and Stefan for the bronze.

For the silver medal, Marthe, Michel and Danielle.

And for the gold medal, Louise, Andre and Michele.

The winning teams.

We had a great day.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Brrrr. It is on the cold side this morning.

By lunch time, it was warm enough to go to visit the Hidalgo flea market.
On the right photo, you can see the wall between the US and Mexico.

It is not a very nice flea market. Lots of ropas. Ropas are a place where you pile cloths or other garments in a pile and you have to "dig" in to get to something good.

On our way back, we stop at the local Walmart.
We saw this car again!

Today we go our car back. About a week ago, we loaned our car to people we know because their truck broke down. Since we are mostly using Patrice's truck, we loaned them our car until they get their truck back. Poor people, they got the truck back, but with a $7,000.00 bill to pay. All we asked in return for the use of the car was that they paid it forward.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

It is going to be a very humid day.
Before it gets too hot, I check and fill our RV batteries.

A few of the batteries were a little low on water. It is normal.

In less than 15 minutes I am done.

Next! Patrice's RV battery.

His RV battery was almost empty of water!!!

The battery is now filled and good to go.
I got a haircut and so did Patrice.

We did not do much for the rest of the day. It is 27° C with over 80 % humidity, not fun.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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