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Tuesday May 1st, 2012

Jérémy, Danielle and Gabriel are spending the afternoon with us.  We took a walk to Air Force Beach to watch the Snowbirds practicing their air show routine.

A few of the campers with young kids have this "little man" on the side of the road when the kids are playing.  Good idea.

Snowbirds in action.

Gabriel could not care less...

Back at the motorhome, Gabriel needs a diaper change and then it is feeding time.

Just relaxing...

OMG!  Who's birthday is it?
Must be a mistake on the number!

25, even the wrong way is still better!

Danielle and Jérémy gave me a special wine glass and a book titled... "What's your poo telling you?"

For my birthday, we went out to a small pub just outside the campground.  I had chicken wings, very good and Michèle had Quesadilla, also very good.

A very nice birthday day.  Thanks everyone.

Wednesday May 2, 2012

I noticed that the birds are not coming close to the windows anymore.  I am taking down the plastic sheeting off the windows.
After that, I finished the cleaning behind the motorhome by the fence.

A small trip to Comox for a little exploration.  All the trees are blooming, very pretty!

Thursday May 3, 2012

Not much planned for today.  I spend some time modifying a garbage disposal unit to turn it into a black water garburator.

For those of you who wonder about this modification, you can buy a real RV type of garburator for over $300.00.  I know I can build/modify one for a lot less.  The black/gray water enters from the top of the unit and gets all hacked up and is moved out by the side connection.  You hook up a garden hose to the unit and you can "move" you stuff about 100 meters to a suitable place like a toilette (never in the wild!).  Very useful when you do not have all the services that way you do not have to move your motorhome/5th wheel to empty the black/gray water, just garburator it away.

Very little wind in the afternoon, Jérémy is going to fly his FPV.  Off we go!
Some rain coming our way?

Jérémy getting all his stuff ready.

Jérémy is flying his aircraft by looking at the video screen, his aircraft is too far away to see.

Just after taking off and on the right, the aircraft is about a kilometer away in the red circle.

For some strange reason Jérémy lost video signal and the plane crashed in the field.

A few minutes before we were leaving, Shann showed up with his helicopter.  Impressive!

Jérémy and Shann can fly their FPV aircraft a little farther than 5 kilometers away.
Very impressive to see all this technology for a reasonable price.

Saturday May 5, 2012

Danielle mentioned that there was a big yard sale where her Grand-Mother lives.  Off we go!

We bought a few things.

The trees are in full bloom, very pretty.

In Courtenay, a town close to Comox, they have a festival "Elevate The Art" on main street.
We spend a few hours there.
Some entertainer doing some improvisation.

From one of the local artist.

Everything is in full bloom in Comox/Courtenay.

Back at the motorhome we have a nice fire.  I even managed to get a hole in my nice sweater, I am not very proud of myself!

Reading is very hard work you know!

I believe I heard noise in the basement, sure enough, here is the guilty party!

Sunday May 6, 2012

Another day without a plan.  Here is what I saw on my bike ride this morning.  I am going to have to come back to check out why these blocks are there.

We have a little laundry to do at Jérémy's place.  We use this time to go for a walk with Gabriel.

Some more blooming trees.  A slug about 3 inches long...

It may look like I do not hold Gabriel the right way, but he stopped getting cramps this way...

A beautiful day.

Monday May 7, 2012

Danielle, Jérémy and Gabriel are coming for the afternoon and dinner.
We are patiently waiting for them...

Jérémy told us this was one of the lowest tide for the next month or more.
Off we go to check it out.

The low tide is approximately 4 meters from the high tide.

Back at the campsite, we have a nice campfire.

Cool Gabriel with is beautiful mother.

Gabriel is a pretty quiet baby.  We relax and enjoy each other's company.

A good raclette for dinner!

A beautiful day with love ones...

Tuesday we stayed home.  Only me went to town, I made an appointment with a graduating student to teach me some CSS stuff and some basics for the web page software Wordpress.  I have learned a lot today.

Wednesday, Thursday May 9 and 10, 2012

Not much got done on Wednesday, it is just an easy day.  The nice weather has finally arrived with many +20 for the next few days.

Thursday is a "take it as it comes" day.  I use my time to continue the upgrade on our page...

Jérémy invited us to go and see him flying one of his gas airplane at the club.
Here, he is showing me how things work.

Another member has his plane just about ready to fly.  It sure looks real to me...

Fill the tank with Nitro.  Big engine!

The toolbox with everything you need for a day of flying.

Ready for takeoff... Up we go!

Jérémy has not had a crash in the past year, a lucky year, but it is catching up to him now.
A tree jumped right at his airplane and made it crash.
Total lost of the airframe, but all the servos and the engine is salvageable.

This is where the branch hit the horizontal stab.

The Engine was at max throttle when it hit the ground.  It buried itself in the ground and Jérémy had to dig it up.

Courtenay has a nice theater  and we checked out the schedule.  Turns out they have this play, Women Fully Clothed, so we bought tickets for this play.  What a great play, we laugh so much!

Beautiful evening.

Friday, Saturday May 11 and 12, 2012

Two beautiful days.
Michèle and I took a nice walk in the campground.

Saturday I modified another garberator.

Jérémy got his motorcycle out for the summer.  He came for a quick visit.

Working on the changes for the web pages.

We ended the day with a nice fire...

Sunday May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!  You are the Best!

We are invited to Danielle's Grand Mother for dinner.
Julie has a very nice home with a covered patio.
From L to R Colleen, Danielle, Colin, Jérémy and Michèle.

Lots of photos of our grandson, Gabriel!

New Parents!!!

From L to R, Colleen, Jérémy, Gabriel, Danielle and Darren.  They are Danielle's parents.

Danielle's grandmother, Julie, Michèle, Danielle, Gabriel and Colleen, Danielle's mother.

The Dads, Denis, Jérémy and Darren.

So beautiful, both of them!

We forgot to take some photos of the meal.   It was salmon cooked on a cedar plank and it was delicious.
Thanks for inviting us over, we had a great time.

Monday, Tuesday, May 14 and 15, 2012

No photos of Monday!
But we had a night at the theater again!  Courtenay has a Drama festival this week.  Six plays total, but we bought only 3 of them.
Tonight is  "The Long Week-End".  A comedy and we really loved it.

Jérémy mentioned that he would like to take me kayaking to Comox lake.  This is also where he does some rock climbing with his friends.  Tuesday is the day for that.
What a view from the lake!

Jérémy takes me to where he, Danielle and Shann do some of the rock climbing.
Can you see the beige kayak?  This rock face is over 90 meters high and they climb it!

Here he is showing me some of the basis of climbing.

After Jérémy showed me where he climbs, we went to the river and went up some of it.
Very nice and quiet.

What a nice afternoon on the lake with my son.  Thanks Jérémy

Until next time.

Life is good...

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