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Sunday July 1st, 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!
145 years old!

We went to town for the activities.

A few old cars were still there and my favorite was the Meteor.

Lewis Park on Canada Day!

What is all that yellow stuff in the boats?  Well, they are yellow rubber ducks used in a race down the river.  You can "purchase" a rubber ducky for $10  and you have the possibility to win great prizes.  Like a cruise, holiday in Disneyland for the family and many other prizes.
Here you see volunteers picking up ducks going past the finish line and other removing the label with the numbers from the ducks.  Sadly we missed the arrival of the duckies!

Once back at the campground, the wind picked up and it got cool.  I had to "break" the wind to keep the heat on the frying pan to cook bacon.

Monday July 2, 2012

We can see the rain coming (again).

Danielle invited us for a walk with her and Gabriel.  With the rain coming down, we just went for a visit at her house.

Mischievous face!

About a week ago, I dropped off our car at the dealership to get the wheels fixed.  They are de-laminating, being under warranty, they loaned us this 2011 Impala.

Pretty laid-back day.

Tuesday July 3, 2012

Lots of rain last evening and last night.  We know it is going to rain again this morning because of the big angry clouds coming our way.
So we go to Campbell River looking for Thrift Shops.

Two types of berry are just about ready for picking, as we go by, I stop to get some.

One of the local resident.

Half way to Campbell River the rain is coming down pretty hard.

Last weekend was the judging of sculptures done with chain saws.
Here are some of the results...


Of course, they could use some other tools to carve, but still, look at the details.

Good idea for a bottle filling station.

A very good week.

Wednesday July 4, 2012

Didn't do much today.  Nice sunny weather.

Michèle fixing us a great brunch of crepe.

Thursday July 5, 2012

Now that the weather is turning warmer, I wash the front part of the motorhome before I will wax it, finally!
After washing the top, I always have to wash the windows...

Some soldiers training for the International four days marches, Nijmegen.

Danielle, Gabriel, Colleen, Danielle's cousin, Michelle and her husband, Keven (missing form the photo) came for dinner at the motorhome.  A nice Taco dinner.

Handsome Gabriel.

Got to end the evening with a fire!

What a lot of fun it was to have them all for dinner at our place.  Really nice people.

Friday July 6, 2012

This morning I picked up our car at the dealership.  Here it is with its refurbished wheels.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, no complaining here!
I installed our sunscreen to the awning.
What a difference it makes.

Here I am waxing the front "cap" of the motorhome.

And the front/side of the motorhome.

With all the bunnies "doing it", we had to see some babies at sometimes.  Here is a little one.

I can tell you that I will have sore arms tomorrow with all the waxing done today.

Jérémy dropped by later on today.  He is back from his motorcycle trip with a bunch of friends from Cold Lake.  They went in the Rockies.

Saturday July 7, 2012

I am not waxing the motorhome today.  Michèle made me "understand" that on weekend, you do not use a polisher.  To much noise!  I used to hate it when an "old fart" would use power tools all weekend and ruined my weekend with noise.  I do not want to be this "old fart" and ruin someone's weekend.  No waxing today!

Jérémy is here with Gabriel because, but Danielle stayed home because she is coming down with a bad case of a sore throat.

Surprise, an old military motorcycle with a side car.

And an old car on top of it.  WOW!

We had a nice fire with our neighbor.  Michèle is covered with little pieces of ashes.  It is from this African wood we got!

A great day!

Sunday July 8, 2012

Tonight we are having Chinese take out.  Jérémy's gang is coming for dinner.  It is a very hot right now, +28, about time!
We are not doing much, it is so hot!

On our way for some ice cream at the little food concession next to the office.  Lots of berries are ready for picking and I do lots of picking!

Gabriel with the "cook".

Gabriel with his cute little hat!


We really enjoy having Danielle, Jérémy and Gabriel over.  We love Danielle, she is so nice and always happy.  She is a very good mother.

Yes, life is good!

Monday July 9, 2012

Today is the last time I have to use the "honey wagon".  I will not be missing this part of camping!

Jérémy and Gabriel came in for a visit this morning. We left Gabriel with Michèle while me and Jérémy go to town.  We have to find out if our wine is ready and Jérémy has to stop at the Nissan dealer for a recall on his car.

When we came back, Michèle was still alive and Gabriel was not outside the motorhome, good!  Michèle said everything went fine.  Gabriel was an angle!  We will be bottling our wine this afternoon.  I enjoy Gabriel for a few minutes before he goes home for his meal.  Gabriel did not want to make good photos.

Second time around, it did not take us very long, 45 minutes later we had 60 bottles of white wine ready to take home.
Michelle was giving us a hand with the filling and corking of the wine.  What a nice lady.  All the employees look very happy to work at Grape Expectations.

Jérémy suggested we go for a kayak ride at Royston Shipwrecks.  Of we go!
You can see the shipwrecks on the left.

We paddled around the shipwrecks for almost an hour.  They were put there on purpose, not because they actually ran aground.
In no particular order...

From 7:30 to 8:30 pm, very nice, no wind, the tide was coming in so not much paddling.

Just as I got back to the campground I saw six deers, only four in the photo, but two were very close to the one you see.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

I started (finally) to wax the motorhome.  This will take quite a few days to complete.  The front and back are done.  Here, I am starting on one side.  The weather is on the hot side, +26 and no wind.

Jérémy, Danielle, Gabriel and Colleen are here for a nice campfire and some s'mores.  What a great evening!

Always fun to be with the one you love!

Thursday July 12, 2012

This morning, we treat ourselves to a "PMS" breakfast.  This is from the snack bar at the campground.

Here is the definition of PMS.  Very good!

We need to take a good walk on the beach after this gourmet breakfast.

Back at the motorhome, wax time is on again.

Colleen, Danielle and Jérémy, invited us at Colleen's place for dinner.  Hot dogs and Hamburgers.  Hummm!
But Gabriel takes the spotlight.

Lots of talking going on!

Another great day!

Friday July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is a day like any other one for us!

We will be leaving Comox on Monday morning and go to Nanaimo for the night.

Cleaning the carpets and the tire covers.  I cannot wait and do everything on Sunday, I will run out of time if I do that!

We take Danielle and Jérémy for a Poutine lunch at the snack-bar.

Gabriel and his "Cool" sunglasses!

We are full from the poutine, but Danielle still has some room for an ice cream cone.

Life is good!

Back at our site, it is very hot, no wind.  Taking turns on the hammock.

Me, I spend time with Gabriel.

Jérémy had to make a print of Gabriel's "foot" on the mirror.

Once it got to hot in the afternoon, they all went back home.  I continued to sort and clean the basement.  Lots of stuff is gone now.  More and more room!

Thawing out the fridge and freezer.

After all this hard work, time to go and pick some berries.

The rest of the day was to get more stuff ready for Sunday's departure.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Why this bubbly wine?
Well!  July 4th was our wedding anniversary (31 Years) and we did not celebrate it.
So, today we treat ourselves with a very in-expensive bubbly wine.

The finishing touch before closing the awning.

We are hosting Jeremy's family and their friends Shann and Delora.  Our last campfire for a while.  What a pleasure it was to have them all with us on our last night!  A great evening. Colleen arrived later during the evening.

Tomorrow, we are leaving Comox.

Sunday July 15, 2012

The wheels are turning for the first time in three months.

Bye bye "TeePee Park"!  It was a great place to be.  Lots of great people in that park.  We will miss them all!

After the motorhome was dropped off at the Costco, we headed to Jeremy's place for one last visit.
Here is his garden with the peas.

The family!  Danielle and Jeremy are very good parents, it comes naturally for them.  Gabriel is one lucky kid.
Danielle, you are so easy to love, we will miss you.  Oh!  Jeremy and Gabriel too!

Shortly after noon, we are back to Costco and hook up the car and head to Nanaimo.

One last look at the Comox glacier.

Once we are close to Nanaimo, we only have to follow the direction for the ferry.

We stop at the Walmart for the night.   We will be taking the ferry early tomorrow morning, six twenty.

You cannot imagine the people you meet at Walmart.  I saw a Québec plate on one of the motorhome, started to talk to the gentleman.  It turns out he was in Cold Lake, Alberta.  He was visiting his daughter, she is a teacher at École Voyageur.  The very school our two sons went to when we were living in Cold Lake.
Small world!

Until next time.

Life is good...

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