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Saturday September 1, 2012

This morning, we are going back to Montréal to pick up our youngest son, Benoit.  He will be spending the weekend with us.

For those who do not know, Berthierville where Gilles Villeneuve lived from 1957 until 1977.  He is Québec Formula 1 driver and the Formula 1 racetrack in Montréal is named after him.  This is why the formula 1 car is there...

Manon coming back from watering the new grass planted over the old ditch.

Saturday morning and still lots of car coming out of Montréal for the last long weekend of the summer.

We are to meet Benoit at the Metro station Radisson.  We are a little bit ahead of time.

Here comes Benoit.  We had not seen him since September 2011.  So good to see him again!

Back at Patrice and Manon's place we head to the pool.

We spent a lot of time talking about what had happened in the last 12 months.  A busy afternoon and evening.

Sunday September 2, 2012

Benoit sleeping in!

Patrice is giving me a hand trying to find the problem with the motorhome AC.  After checking the wires and the fan, we found the condenser is not sending the message to the solenoid to make things happen.  I will have to shop for a condenser.

Patrice working hard, well, he is showing us the big wasp nest in one of the big tree in his backyard.

Manon's sister is her for a few hours with her family.

Anthony is driving the quad with his little brother on the back seat.  Manon's brother-in-law is picking up and old patio door from Patrice.

Taking the trailer back.  Do not do what you see on the second photo, dangerous!

Another great day with Michèle's brother, Patrice, Manon, Rock, Catherine and Valérie.

Monday September 3, 2012

After breakfast, the five of us went for a long bicycle 20 km ride.
Here we are, Denis, Benoit, Patrice, Catherine and Manon.

Pretty neat!  A lady and a tractor made out of hay balls.

A closer look!

Catherine showing us photos she took as part of her course in college.


In the afternoon we are back in Montréal to drop off Benoit.  He has to work tomorrow.

Back at the motorhome, I decide to wash the motorhome, it really needs it.
The sun is too hot on the sunny side so I only had the chance to do the roof, the back and the driver side.
The rest? Tomorrow.

Me and Manon playing at being cook.

We played more game for the rest of the evening.

Another great day!

Tuesday September 4, 2012

The forecast is for rain, but we still go for our bike ride this morning.  The Saint Lawrence river is at the lowest since 1912.
Global warming?

The pros!

Many ships are at anchor in the Saint Lawrence.

Taking a short break.

I noticed a screw in the right rear tire of the car.  This morning, we are taking the wheel and tire to a repair shop and get it fixed.

$20 later and the wheel is back on.

Tonight is taco night.  Catherine and Valérie are going back to the college in Trois-Rivières (Three rivers) tonight.  They will be back in a few days.

Wednesday September 5, 2012

One of the highlights of our days were our bicycle ride.

Humm!  Could not believe what was inside the cocoon.

This rest area is maintained by local residents.  What a nice thing to do!

Some of the views along our path.

I have to say that our path is along back roads.  Who says back road says farmers.  Well, this farmer decided that a doghouse was too expensive and the price for his old car was not worth it, so he turned his old car into a doghouse.
No kidding!

Patrice and Manon are now growing grass where the old ditch was.  Here are the results after only a week.

This time it is me that have a project for Patrice, rather then Patrice for me!  I would like to have three more electrical outlet inside the motorhome.  Patrice tells me what to do and I do it.  He knows more about it than I do!

We use existing passage to route our wires to where we need them.  On the right, the new electrical outlet on the right hand side, behind the passenger seat.

On the left side, one behind the driver seat and to finish, one more just forward of the fridge.

This is not very complicated, but still, it was nice to have someone who knows what they are doing helping you!

We are very happy with the results.

Thanks Patrice.

Thursday and Friday, September 6 and 7, 2012

Thursday was a pretty relaxed day as you can see from the photos.

Friday we started the day with our bicycle ride.

By 10 am we are on the road to the flea market in St-Eustace.
Very few purchases for us and Patrice, Manon and Rock.

Hot Dogs for dinner.

Saturday September 8, 2012

Guess what?

Back on the road with our bicycles.

Last night, we had some pretty strong winds and rain.  Some of the new cedars got blown over by the wind.  A small string was criss-cross between the cedars to keep them from falling.

Tonight is moving time (again), we are moving the pool table from one end on the basement to the other and the TV room to the other.
We used small moving rollers to move the pool table. The pool table in its new home.

And the TV room on the other side.
Patrice is checking the cable connection for the entertainment center.  Manon did all of it, but Patrice is double-checking.

Sunday September 9, 2012

The weather turned a little cooler today, nothing to stop us from going biking.

An egret!  Since the St-Lawrence river is so low, we can see lots of garbage on shore.

Right in the middle of the hamlet of St-Ignace-De-Loyola, you have farmers fields with cows.

Here I am using a Mandolin to cut potatoes.  We had a great chicken dinner.

Monday September 10, 2012

Manon cleaning up the septic tank covers.  Tomorrow it will be emptied.

I am also working very hard keeping Manon protected from this nasty beast.

Once this was done, we went out to check out the birds on the shore.

A very relaxed day!

Tuesday September 11, 2012

I used Patrice's compressor to clean our two small electric heaters and the vents on our laptop.  Always good to get rid of dust...

Sadly we forgot to take a photo of the "poop-sucking" truck, we stayed inside, the smell did it to us.
Manon working hard again to cover the septic tank covers.

I do not know the exact term for what we are doing, but we are removing all the branches that do not have tomatoes on them.

Hummm!  Back on the road for our bike ride, looking at the ships and birds on the river.

And the busy bees in the flowers.

Back at the house, I installed a small sheet metal under an exhaust clamp to give it more "clamping" power.

We ended the day with a nice Chinese fondue.

Chubby wanted some, but hey, he is just a dog!

What a week!

Wednesday September 12, 2012

A slight change to our "scheduled" bike ride. Today we went to Berthierville for a nice picnic.  First, a local paper mentioned that Louis Riel's great grandmother was born here in La Visitation-de-l'Île-Dupas.

I did lots of research a few years back when I did my trip to the Deh Cho in the North-West Territories and I did not know that the Metis had two separate flags.
One flag has a blue background with a sign of infinity in white for the French/First Nations.
The other, with a red background with a sign of infinity in white for the English speaking/First Nations.
Click here for more info.

We continued towards Berthierville for our picnic.  Very good sandwich and we were next to the boat launch.

After our great meal, we biked a little bit around Berthierville.

A few hours later, we took Patrice's pickup truck and drove around the islands.

We stopped at a nice little rest area for a cold beer.

On our way back we saw some local art.

I know I said it before, but it was a great day.

Thursday September 13, 2012

Today we were spoiled.  Manon and Patrice took us to Trois-Rivière (Three Rivers) to the "Sieur de Laviolette" located right next to the Laviolette bridge for the buffet .

Very good place to eat.  Lots of very good food.  Do not be fooled by the outside look, the inside is huge, clean and pretty classy.

Two "chicks" in the back seat!

After the great meal, a stopped at Costco, Walmart, Sport Expert and a stop at the apartment of Catherine and Valérie to drop off some sandals.  We took the "back roads" to come back home.

Once in Maskinongé, we had to stop at the "Cailette".
I can remember stopping here with my mom and dad on our way to Lac St-Jean when I was younger then 10 years old.

Campfire time!

A very good day!

Friday September 14, 2012

On our bike ride, we stopped at Jocelyne place to invite her for dinner tonight.  A view from her backyard.

Back on the road for exercise.  We had to stop at the docks to have a look around.

Over the last few days the St-Laurence river has dropped at least 6 inches.  Unbelievable!

Another rest at the rest area.  Another view of the very low St-Laurence river.

Every time we biked by this field we were wondering what was growing.  A lady was walking by so we asked her what it was.
She told us it was Soybeans.

Another discovery, those pretty flowers.  They are called Japanese Lantern.

Once back home, I installed my rain gutter spout on the motorhome.

The importance of the new spouts is to keep the rain water away from the motorhome side and preventing black streaks.

A very humid day.  A dip in the pool is needed even if the water temperature is only +22C.  Brrr!

Campfire again tonight.  Notice how far we are from the fire?  It is so hot and humid we had to stay far away from the fire.

My straw hat has come to an end of its useful life.  Time to disappear.

Diner was cooked by Catherine.  A very good lasagna!

This is our last weekend with Manon and Patrice's the kids.

Saturday September 15, 2012

Manon bought quite a few tomatoes plant this spring.  Each day we harvested 4 or more big tomatoes and untold number of cherry tomatoes.  Needless to say tomatoes dominates our meals!

Manon and Patrice had two apple trees in the backyard and they only gave small, sour apples.  The apples were constantly attacked by insects.  Yesterday we took them down and today we were picking up the branches and leaves.

KFC dinner.  A crazy photo with our napkins on our head.

With a belly full, we needed to move around.  Pool time!
The winning team!

This team only had one game for the night!

This team only won the last game of the evening, but they claim to be the best!!!

We had lots of fun playing pool this evening.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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