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Wednesday February 1, 2012

Nothing special today.  Woke up with some fog and it is going to stay with us all day.
I went for a bike ride in town.
By the road, you have this little pond full of ducks and I mean lots of ducks...

On the way back, a short stop at Pier 19.  It is a restaurant/bar.  First photo is toward Laguna Madre and the other photo is toward the shore.  You can see the fog in the distance.

Lots of brown pelicans in this area.

Did some shopping in the afternoon.
A few days ago I mentioned the little prickly thing in the grass, well you can buy bike tubes with some "slime" inside the tube so you now have a self sealing tube, no more flat tires.
I have to get some of those for our bikes.

Friday February 3, 2012

Sunny, light wind, it is hot, let's go to the beach.
On our way to "our" spot for a few hours.  The beach is quite narrower here compare to Port Aransas,  where we were last month.


Michèle taking some photos from the top of the sand dunes.

Looking north and then looking west toward Laguna Madre.  The Laguna Madre is actually the inter coastal waterway between the main land and the island.

Denis having fun in the gulf.  The water is not too bad.  I am not going too far in the water because they forecast some very strong rip current for today.  I had a lot of fun.

Out of the water and into the sun.

Because of the high humidity and the wind, when you go on the beach with the car, you have to rinse it out when you get home. The car is covered with a layer of salt and sand.

Some more reading before dinner.
I purchase an E book reader, the Nook from Barnes & Nobles.  I love it!

Around 6pm, I get online to check email and I notice that our visitors counter is at 10,000 since we started our adventure.  WOW!
I would have never believed that I would hit 10,000 hits this fast.  Some numbers for you...
February 3rd is our 587 day on the road (1 year, 7 months and 8 days).
10,000 hits is about 17 visits per day.  If I remove our visits, I estimates between 10 and 15 hits a day.  Unbelievable!

At one time when I was wondering if I was wasting my time doing this.  With that number of hits, it does not seem to be the case.

Keep coming for a look.

Saturday February 4, 2012

Today and tomorrow is SPI Kite Fest here on South Padre Island.

This is a free even and let me tell you, lots and lots of people. The photo on the left is only showing a small part of the site.
Now the photo on the right, I cannot believe someone would come to the beach for the kite Fest wearing high heel shoes! Remember, this is sand...
I know she looks cute but maybe, not that smart!  My opinion...

This is early in the day, so not too many kites are flying right now.

Some of the competition are in groups, as in flying formation and areal ballet, and some are solo kites doing wonderful stuff in the sky.  Unbelievable what they can do with the kite.

Some very big kites are also flying.  Sometimes the big kites are used to lift another kite, like the one on the right photo. The kite on the top left corner is lifting the octopus.

Lots to look at, but we forgot our chairs.  After a few hours, standing up and looking to the sky, we went back home.
We'll come back tomorrow with our chairs this time.

Sunday February 5, 2012

Last evening the weather turn south again.  Thunder storms, high wind and rain.  No kite fest today!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday for the americans.  Michèle is watching the game with passion.  Myself, just watching some bits and pieces.  I take care of cooking, the wings and making sure Michèle is not running out of beer.

Monday February 6, 2012

Woke up to a cool +10 and a forecast maximum of +11 for today.
Still very windy, but I still went for a walk on the beach.  You have to get outdoor sometimes...
A shrimper coming back home.

Impressive to watch the waves crashing on the jetty.

Even the palm tree have their hair on the side.

Boring day, can't wait for the nice weather to comeback...

Tuesday February 7, 2012

A warmer day today, +19c.  I need to fix the shower, a small leak somewhere by the glass.  As you may have read before, I did fix a leak a few months back.  Well our home does travel at 100 km/h down the road so the shower walls do move a little.  This is why you have to put more silicon then in a home shower.

Short story about the silicon...
I went to a building material place to purchase the silicon...
I ask an "associate" to help me locate the "clear" silicon.
He proposes a clear silicon and I bought it.
Once at the motorhome, I prepare everything and just as I am to apply the silicon... It is white!  Tabarn@c!
I re-read the instructions on the tube, nothing says that it will turn clear as it is drying.
I went back to the store, talked to another associate, he is as confused as I am about the tube saying clear and the stuff coming out is white.  He went to talk to an "expert associate",  The "expert associate" tells us that yes it will turn clear as it dries.
Back at the motorhome, I apply the "clear" silicon with the hope that it will turn clear as it dries.
It does turn clear as it dries!
Lots of time spent driving around, getting information that should have been on the tube, but hey!  It works.
The silicon is supposed to dry in 4 hours, but with high humidity it may take longer.  10 hours later, it is almost dry.  We do have high humidity here, between 75 and 100%.

For the next two days, they have the "Winter Texan' Snowbird Extravaganza" at the convention center.
This is a show especially for the snowbird with lots of Canadian entertainers/Speakers and with booths on health insurance and the like for the seniors.  Good shows and good information.

Small note:  As most of the entertainer were canadians and with about 40 % of the people present are americans, they could not understand a word of some comedians like Jimmy Flynn (Newfie) and others.
For once, we are the majority and after all we, the canadian snowbirds, are a very big part of the economy in the lower states.
Only my opinion!

Wednesday February 8, 2012

The weatherman did not make a mistake in his forecast, 100 % chance of rain and we got it.  High wind on top of that.
Lots of big waves on the beach today.

A shitty day as far as the weather is concerned!  But we are very excited at the same time because our son Jérémy and his girlfriend are arriving tomorrow afternoon.  Darn, we can't wait to meet her.
Michèle forced me to do a major house cleaning today. OK!  We did it together and it was quick because we only have 438 square foot of space to dust and vacuum.

Thursday February 9, 2012

Jérémy and Danielle are arriving today.  Hurray!!!

Here is a simultaneous description of our mornings.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
While we were asleep, Jérémy and Danielle were boarding their first airplane of the day.
Boarding at five forty in the morning, BC time.

South Padre Island, Texas, USA.
10 am and we are doing our last laundry.
Jérémy and Danielle are somewhere between Seattle and Houston right now.

Houston, Texas, USA.
They had time for coffee between flights.

South Padre Island, Texas, USA.
Shortly after lunch we left for Brownsville.  We have some shopping to do before they arrive.
But first, as we leave South Padre Island, the wind and the rain starts.  The guessing weatherman is right this time, he is forecasting 100 % rain and it is.

Brownsville/South Padre Island, Texas, USA.
Here they come, Jérémy and Danielle in Brownsville, Texas.

This is Danielle's suitcase, only for 4 days?
No, no, just a joke, the suitcase is for both of them.

After more then 10 hours in airplanes and airports, they want to walk around and stretch their legs.

Why Jérémy and Jesus?  We told Danielle and Jérémy that when they go for a walk, if the get lost, all they have to do, is find Jesus and they will find their way home. The motorhome is very close to the Jesus statue...

Some more photos...

If you are not aware of this, this is the first time we meet Danielle and what a pleasure it is.
She is a great girl and not too shy, a very good match for Jérémy!
I am sure we will get along very well with Danielle.

Friday February 10, 2012

The weatherman was right again today, wind in the 30 km/h range with some rain and +17C.

We still went to the beach for a walk.

The wind had some bite into it.

Next, we visited the Sea Turtle Rescue Center.

Some of the turtles that were rescued, big and small ones.

A new breed of turtles?

This one will not be release as it is too familiar with human for a safe return into the wild.

The island has a small micro-brewery, they also serve food, got to have lunch there!
Me and Jérémy ordered a sampler of the beer brewed here, from stout to porter and in between, blonds, IPA and wheat beer.
Good food, good beers and good people.

Part of the afternoon was spent at the SPI Birding and Nature Center.

A view for the top of the observation tower.

Very nice exhibits about seashore birds inside the center.

We continued our visit on the elevated boardwalk, a nice 1.4 km stroll.
On the right photo, Jérémy is standing on a ship port hole...

Some of the birds we saw...

Cool photo!

More fun in the birding center.

On our way back home, we had to stop at one of the souvenir shop.

A busy day, the time change is catching up to Danielle and Jérémy.  Time to go home and relax.

Saturday February 11, 2012

Danielle's grandmother give her a 3D ultrasound as a gift.
Here is the face of the little boy to be born.  Cute!

Some shopping at the local Walmart.
Danielle is depressed as she looks at the price of wine here compare to Canada.

The sun is out, off we go to the Pirate ship "The Black Dragon" for a cruise.
Before boarding, we walk around the port and take some photos with the "locals".

Michèle has a weakness for seaman?


We have lunch at the restaurant on the pier by the Pirate ship.  Danielle is surprised by the size of the serving, from food to drinks.

Before we board the Black Dragon, we have a pirate flame thrower to entertainer us.  Sarcastic humor, a very good show.

A cannon shot to signal boarding the Black Dragon.

Pirate "El Roba Todo" in action.

Jérémy and Michèle looking down at the action from the upper, back deck of the ship.

The pirates asked if it was someone's birthday today and only one boy had his birthday, so the pirates ask if someone wanted their birthday to be today, Danielle said yes!
They got hit with lots of water guns...

The cruise is also and initiation to become a pirate.
You cannot be a pirate without a mustache.

Who is scared of  Ruby, The Queen of Pirates?

El Roba Todo with his modified Mexican water gun.

Any good pirates has to know how to clean the deck!

Once we crossed the Laguna Madre, we came to the Pier 19.  We were attacked by a pirate and his cannon.  He is just above the P of Pier 19.

El Roba Todo does not recognize his reflection on the restaurant windows and he wants to attack the "other pirate ship"...

Really good cruise, lots of fun, three and half hours of action.

The new Pirates!

After our pirate cruise, we stopped at the "Sea Life Center" where you have a chance to touch some of the creatures of the sea.
Star fish, crabs and the likes.  OK place.

Back at the campsite, got to take photos of cactus...  And no snakes!

Good thing we took the cruise this afternoon because by dinner time the weather really started to cool off.

A really good day with Danielle and Jérémy.

Sunday, Monday February 12 and 13, 2012

We were hoping for a sunny day on Sunday, but the weather stayed crappy.  We still went to Brownsville to shop, but not at the flea market.  Still purchased some baby stuff.

Monday is a SUNNY day!!!

A placed a bird seed bell on the post by our site.  Some of our visitors.

With the sun out, we went for a walk on the beach and tried to get a sun tan, maybe even a sun burn if the sun is out long enough?


Texas 2012!

Danielle trying to get closer to the grand blue heron.

With the high wind, lots of big waves.

Jérémy having fun on top of the sand dune.  Getting some sand for Danielle's grandmother.

Got to have a photo with the palm tree!

Having fun with Michele's bike.

Danielle and Jérémy invited us out for dinner.  But first, we had to go and watch the sunset.

They chose the "Shrimphaus" for our meal.

With the Gulf near by, the theme of the restaurant was maritime.  Nice fish tank!

Jérémy with his two women...

Thank you for the excellent meal, but we are still a little sad to see you leave tomorrow morning.

Tuesday February 14, 2012

Woke up very early this morning, like 3 am.  The plane leaves at 5:20 am.

Houston is covered with a blanket of fog, flight delay here at the Brownsville airport.  From a 5:20 am take off to possibly 8 am take off.
This has a domino effect on all the connection Danielle and Jérémy have.  Long day ahead of them...

WOW!  What a pleasure it was to meet Danielle, a super girl, very grounded, cute and very smart.  We got along right away.
She is very easy to love.

Bye Danielle, Jérémy and baby, can't wait to see you again in a few months.

Danielle, you are already in our hearts.

Wednesday February 15, 2012

Yesterday we took it easy, but today it is nice out and I washed the car and the motorhome.

I worked so hard, I had to relax after all this hard work with a good beer in the sun.

The sun is still out after 2 hours?  Let's go to the beach for a few hours.  Nice day at the beach with a good book and my lovely wife!

A female Great-Tailed Grackle who did not want to come too close, even for a peanut.

Since we have not had lot of sun lately, we got a little sun burn.  We wear it with pride...

Four days of fun and happiness with Danielle and Jérémy.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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