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Thursday May 1, 2014

Roxane and Benoit!  they are going shopping in thrift shoppes.

The gifts from Benoit and Roxane.  You are probably wondering why the barbies?
Many years ago, when Jeremy and I went target practice with the 22, we got tired with shooting paper target.  So, we used Barbies for a while.  No, Jeremy did not turn into a serial killer!!!

Later in the afternoon we got to skype with Jeremy, Danielle and Gabriel.

I forgot!  It is my birthday today!
Getting the raclette ready for dinner.

I received great gifts, but the best was to have loved one with me.



I was spoiled today and thank you to all who wished me happy birthday online.

Friday May 2, 2014

For those that remember, we purchased a propane fireplace in the States.
Well, here it is.  Not much to look at, we will have to wait until day to see if it is good.

Tonight is the 25th wedding anniversary party for Sean and Claudette and we are invited.
From L to R, Barbara, Claudette, Delima, Andrea and Andre, the proud father.

The four girls with mom, Pearl.

Music has always been part of life in Andre's family.

Claudette with friends of the family. The gentleman on the left used to be in a band with Andre many years ago.

Friends of the family, they are very nice and friendly people.

We had a great time listening to music and talking to friends and family.

A very big thank you to Delima and Jay for having invited us to the party.

Saturday May 3, 2014

Sean, Claudette, Pearl and Andre stopped by in late afternoon.  Sean and Claudette wanted to see Benoit.

We are very lucky to have friends like that.

Sean and Claudette are returning to Cold Lake, but Pearl and Andre will visit again later on

An evening playing games with Benoit and Roxane.

Another day filled with precious moments.

Sunday May 4, 2014

The sun is pointing its nose finally!
Benoit and Roxane went visit the area and looked for sheep, pigs and horses.
They are very surprised with the friendliness of the local population.
Some stories!!!

Moment of love!

I am not hitting Benoit!!!  They are checking out my pregnancy???

We finally have some lemon so we can have the annual tequila shooter to celebrate my birthday (late).

Roxane was up on the ottoman to take photos.


Benoit and Roxane are leaving us tomorrow afternoon.
What a pleasure to have them with us.  Roxane, it was a pleasure to meet you and we hope to see you again soon.

Monday May 5, 2014

Today Benoit and Roxane are leaving us...
Here they are having a coffee and smoke.

We take a little stroll in the RV park.  we have a lot of photos of Benoit and Roxane because we will miss them.
They are leaving this afternoon...

A little craziness before Benoit leaves.

The mandatory group photo!

Goodbye and drive safe.  It was a pleasure to have you both with us for the last few days.

  We will see you later!

Tuesday May 6, 2014

A surprise is coming our way!
Michele's brother sent us a text message letting us know he is on his way to Toronto with a truck.  He has a few hours he can spend with us.  He also wants to watch the hockey game between the Montreal Canadians and the Boston Bruins.
Michele went and picked him up at the local Walmart.

We had a lot of catching up to do.
He is going to try and stop every time he goes to Toronto.

Wednesday May 7, 2014

Just an ordinary day catching up on chore.

Thursday May 8, 2014

A beautiful day, a little on the cool side, but hey, I'll take it.
I am listening to a CBC French radio show.

Another day catching up on little things that needs to be done.

Friday May 9, 2014

Last night while cooking supper in the propane oven I noticed that every time the burner came on it would make weird sounds.
It got me thinking (no pain in the brain!) and I remember the hot water tank also had a hard time to start on propane.
Thinking a little more I came to the conclusion that it was the propane regulator the culprit.  It is probably out of adjustment.
The normal pressure for propane is 11 inches of water column after the regulator.

I forgot to take photos.  So this morning, I install my propane pressure gage on the stove and check the pressure.  It is only 9 inches.
To gain access to the regulator, I have to empty half of the basement and than adjust the pressure regulator to 11 inches.
The results are immediate, the hot water tank light up right away without hesitation.
Another small problem fixed.

While half the basement is empty, I decide to get it organized  so we can now watch TV outside.  I even managed to get the satellite receiver connected to the basement TV, WOW!  Now if only the weather could warm up so we can watch TV outside!

Surprises are coming our way again, this time it is a camper in the overnight side who turns out to be Michele's old boss from Cold lake.
Roselyne, Craig (former boss) and their dog Storm.

We had a good time with them and their friends.

Saturday May 10, 2014

This morning we are yard sailing.
I am pretty successful with the purchase of TWO DVD player for a total of $5.00.  Michele got some shoes and clothes for Gabriel.
The Trent river is high, but not to worry about.

This is just as we turn into the village of Batawa.  Kind of cute!

With all the rain and sometimes nice weather, the grass is growing like crazy.  My lawnmower is not here yet so a neighbor kindly loan me his for the job.
On the right, the result.

For those that remember, we bought a propane fire pit in the States.
We never got the chance to use it because we did not have a propane tank.
We purchased a tank a few days ago and now we are trying it.
It is +10 C outside so we are going to see if the heat is good or not.
On the left, a normal fire and in the center and right photo the propane on max!

Of course the photos do not give a true "feel" of the fire, also it is not to replace a good old wood fire, but it does a pretty good job.
The main reason we purchase this propane fire pit is to be able to use it down south like Florida / Texas.  Very few places allow you to have real campfire so this will be the next best thing.

Maybe even being able to us it here in Trenton if there is an open flame ban due to dry condition.

Sunday May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's day to all the mom!

A lazy day ahead of us!  I go and pick up some more eggs at the local chicken farm.  At $2 a dozen it is not bad and they are BIG.
Back at home I cook breakfast / lunch for Michele and me even do the dishes.  Am I nice or what?

The afternoon is spent reading, updating the web page.
I also take the time to sanitize the fresh water tank.  I mix some bleach with the water and fill the tank to the max.  Than I run the tank water through all the faucets and let it sit for a few hours.
A few hours later, I drain the fresh water tanks and refill it again a few times.  Why do I do this?  We take in water from many different sources and even if all the water is good we still like to sanitize the fresh water system just to be sure.

Late afternoon we got a call from Andre inviting us for dinner at Delima and Jay's place.
We had a really good meal with really good friends.
We are pretty lucky to have friends like that.

If only good weather could come our way!!!

Monday May 12, 2014

WOW! The day started  with the sun!  I take this day to do some major exterior cleaning of the motorhome.
We have to move everything away from the motorhome before I start the washing.
I start with the roof.

When I say major, I mean every cover has to come off.
The covers from the two air conditioner and two more from the vents.
Unbelievable the sand and dirt that accumulates under these covers.
Once the roof is done, I start with the sides and front and back.
Michele is gone shopping so I am by myself and let me tell you, it does take quite a bit longer compare to when she is helping.
Five hours later, I am done and for a bonus I got a slight sunburn on my back!!

During the evening, we watch the hockey game between Montreal and Boston.  Montreal wins so they will play in Boston in two days.
All along the game I am exchanging test message with my sister-in-law in Quebec, she is a Montreal Canadian fan.

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Michele found a used swing set on Kijiji.
Here is the swing, it is mostly for one person.

After dinner, we are out for a walk when a group of campers invites us to the fire.
Michele stays home because of the large numbers of mosquitoes, but I went to the fire anyway.
I am having a good time getting to know more people from the park, but we can see lightning around us.
Of course we hold on until the rain is right over us before we all headed home under heavy rain.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

We went to the veterans affair office this afternoon to book appointments for our hearing, just a follow-up and start some new claims for both of us.
I also book some appointments at the dentist and the doctor for our annual medical.

While taking a walk in the park, we came across this pretty looking bird.  This is the first time we saw one like that.  It is so pretty with its vibrant colours.
After some research, I found out that it is a Baltimore Oriole.

Tonight is the seventh game in the quarterfinal between Montreal and Boston.
While we are watching the game, we have a big thunderstorm going right over us and we lost power!!
Darn!  we wait about 5 minutes and then it popped into my head "we have a generator!!!"
With the generator going we got to watch the end of the hockey game.
Montreal won the game and they will be playing against the New York Rangers.

Thursday May 15, 2014

This morning, I was looking outside when I saw this big female turkey just walking across the lawn!!!

Some White Trilliums in the woods.  This is the official flower of Ontario.

I saw these flowers during my bike ride this morning.
The temperature got as high as 23 c at 10 this morning, but went back down to +17 in the afternoon.  Weird for temperatures!

A surprised visit from Pearl and Andy, Delima is also with them.  Jay shows up a little later after he is done work.  This is the last time we see Pearl and Andy for a while.  We should be stopping by their place when we got to Moose Jaw this summer.

Shortly after they left the rain started to come down hard.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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