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Tuesday July 1, 2014

I got the latest update for the blog done and Michele did the corrections and up the internet it goes.
At around three pm we head to Reg and Nan for a potluck and a tribute to the Canadian military and the RCMP.
We had really good food and the tribute was small, but well done.  We had lots of fun, great conversation.

Our hosts hard at work.

We were quite a few here today.

We had to leave at eight pm and go home to get ready for our trip to Québec tomorrow morning.  We will be visiting my family and our son Benoit.  We will "steal" my oldest sister and bring her back with us so she can spend a week or more with us in the park.  We can't wait to see them again.

If it can go wrong, it will!
I was trying to put away our awning, but the canvas had moved more to one side and was no longer aligned properly to close.  Not that easy to correct!
Then, the locking mechanism decided not to work anymore!  I had to remind myself that it is 14 years old after all.
I think I am a psychic, I can see money coming out of our pocket soon...

Wednesday July 2, 2014

We are on the road by eight and heading to St Jérôme, QC.
We only got a slow spot on the 401 and the cause is ???
We do not know, nothing to show why!

So cute!

We are not going through Montreal anymore, go to Hawksbury and cross over to Quebec.  A good lunch at a roadside burger joint.

A few minutes later, we are in Quebec.

By three o'clock, we are having a beer with my brother Rolland and his wife Suzie.

Boy do we have a lot to talk about!

Thursday July 3, 2014

First thing we do is go to Costco and buy lots of beer.  It is way cheaper, and I mean way cheaper in Quebec than Ontario.
The rest of the day we just keep on talking...

Another good meal with Rolland and Suzie.

As usual I am helping my brother with his laptop.

I still can't believe how much we have to talk. ;-)

Friday July 4, 2014

We even have a nice campfire.

Saturday July 5, 2014

This morning, we are on our way to downtown Montreal.  We take the metro as it is hard to find a parking spot near where Benoit lives.
We are going to see Benoit and visit his apartment.

Our son Benoit!

After a short visit in Montreal, we are back at my brother's place with Benoit.  My brother and his wife are gone to a wedding.

Making myself look skinny!

Benoit hasn't started a campfire in a while so he is the fire starter.

We sure had a great day with Benoit.

Rolland and Suzie got back from the wedding and we had a few more drinks with them.

Sunday July 6, 2014

Today, we leave Rolland and Suzie's place and go to my sister Estelle for a few days.
She has organized a nice diner with her whole family.
Our Benoit and Estelle's husband, Robert.

From L to R.  My sister Estelle, Simon, her son, my other sister, Christianne.

Marilyne, Estelle's daughter with her husband Charles.

We are 12 around the table, a real family diner.

From L to R.  Andréa, Simon's girlfriend, Marie-Loup, Guillaume's girlfriend, Guillaume and  Simon.  Marie-Loup and Guillaume are having a baby.  I know, Marie-Loup is having the baby!!

Robert and Michele.

What a day!  We are pretty happy to have met Andréa and Marie-Loup, seen Simon and Guillaume as well as Marilyne and Charles.
Thank you Estelle and Robert for a great time with your family.

Monday July 7, 2014

Benoit is going back home this morning.  First, we are stopping at the extended care home to visit my mother, Benoit's grandmother.
Benoit has a smoke break before we go in.

Sadly, my mother does not recognize us anymore.  Alzheimer is taking away her mind, but still, it is always good to see Mom again.
We like to believe that somewhere in her head, she knows we are there.

After the visit with Mom, we head to Laval and the Metro Montmorency.  This way, we do not have to drive into Montreal to drop off Benoit at his place.

Back at Estelle's place, we have a good meal and enjoy a little wine .

Tomorrow morning, we are moving one more time.  This time it is at my other sister's place, Christianne.

Once again, our heart felt thanks to you, Estelle, and Robert.  It was a lot of fun to see both of you and your family.

Tuesday July 8, 2014

After settling at Christianne's place, we are invited at my uncle and aunt André and Gisèle for supper.
My two sisters are also invited.

We had a very good meal and very good discussion.
From L to R, Christianne, Gisèle, André, Denis, Estelle and Michèle.

Back at Christianne's place, we do the packing for our trip back in Ontario.
We are taking Christianne back with us to Trenton for about 10 days.

Wednesday July 9, 2014

We left Christianne's home at about eight in the morning.

On our way to Trenton, we stop in Gatineau so Christianne can visits a friend she hasn't seen in eighteen months.
While Christianne visit her friend, we stop for a coffee at the local Timmy.

Christianne waiting for us after visiting her friend.

To get back to the 401, we have to drive through Gatineau and Ottawa.  A pretty little house in one of the park.

Once on the 401, we stop for lunch at a McDonald.

We share the road with many different people or animals...
Some pigs moving from one place to another...

Once home and the diner over, we have a nice little campfire, a propane one!
We really like our propane campfire.  It will never replace the real thing, but it nice have.

Christianne's first impression of the RV park is very good.

Thursday July 10, 2014

A day busy doing nothing.  Boy are we busy!
Just relaxing after our trip to Quebec.

Reading, some walks in the park, the good life!

Friday July 11, 2014

Our wine is ready for bottling.  This is the place where we got the wine made and is now ready for bottling.

The two girls hard at work, Michele is washing the bottles and Christianne is filling the bottles with our wine.

Ouppps!  Here I am.... getting ready to cork the bottles.

The next step is to put the labels and the "shrink" on the bottles.

The final result is...  30 bottles of Leibfraumilch and 30 bottles of Riesling.  60 bottles of wine, homemade, for under $4 a bottle.  You can't beat that!  Now we should be good until we leave for the US on November 1st.

So much hard work is tiring, Christianne taking a nap in the afternoon.

I am putting the last touch on the next update for our blog.

Our motorhome door is having some issues.  It is getting harder and harder to open.  I take a quick look, but the sun is actually in my eyes...  This has started when the wind opened the door too far this past winter in Quartzsite.

We introduce Christianne to Corned Beef.  She loves it.

We ended the day with another propane fire.  Christianne loves more and more the propane fire.

Saturday July 12, 2014

A big day in front of us.  We are taking Christianne to the PEC (Prince Edward County).
Of course we will have to stop at all the yard sales on the way there...
One of our stop is at the Sandbanks vineyards.  Thank you Christianne for the great bottle of wine.

As we drive into the PEC, we see this cool roadside art.  A simple door hanging on a limb with a plastic crow.
Boy does it look real,  we like is a lot.

An older motorcycle as a front lawn decoration?  Cool!

The little town of Picton is full of little shops and restaurants.
A bench made with a truck's tailgate!

I knew there was a distillery in the county, but not sure where exactly.
Lucky me, I drove right by it.  We (read I) had to stop and check it out.
It is the 66 Gilead Distillery.

We did not do the tour, but I still did some sampling...  I really liked the Loyalist Gin and the Pin Vodka.
I bought a bottle of Loyalist Gin.  Hummm!

The prices are the same as at the LCBO.
All of their alcohol are produced here at the distillery.  All of the alcohol is done by trial and error.
The PEC is also home to over 40 wineries and estates.

The evening is very laided back for the three of us.

Sunday July 13, 2014

Today is the final game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.
The game is between Germany and Argentina.
It was a very good game and Germany won after two extra time.
We even watched the game outside.

With the game over, we prepare supper.  We have Corned Beef Quessadilla, a first for us and it is very good.

Time for bed.  Here we are getting Christianne's bed ready for her.

Monday and Tuesday July 14 and 15, 2014

Monday was a quiet day, just a little grocery shopping.

Tuesday, I start the day by cooking my breakfast sausages.  I freeze them all and only used what I need.

While I was cooking I noticed a stain on the motorhome wall.

Upon checking it closer I realize they are some kind of insect eggs.  I will have to take care of this later on.

Christianne doing a video of the park.

We had a nice Gyros lunch today.

The weather is finally warm enough for us to go to the pool.  The water is only at 24 C (72F), but it is very refreshing.

Overall a very good day.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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