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Sunday June 1st, 2014

I spent the morning re-organizing the basement and the stuff under the awning.

Once again, in the afternoon Johanne and Claude invited us for a boat ride with them.  WOW! We are spoilled.

This time, we went on Lake Ontario instead of Weller's bay.  We were looking for nice beaches.
The beaches are not too far from the RV park.

The water is so clear that we could see down 2 to 3 meters down.

We stopped on the beach and took a ice little walk on the beach.

The four of us on the beach.  The water you see behind us is Weller's Bay.

The weather is really nice with a +20 on the lake, the water is at +13 with light wind.  A nice afternoon on the water.
It had to come to an end and head back to North Shore RV park.

As we were heading back home from the docks, this man called us by our first name and we do not know this man!
It turns out Bruno had been following our blog for the past two years and knew we were here at the park.  He was on his way back from picking up an RV in Indiana and decided to stop and meet us.  We talked for about 15 minutes and Bruno is a nice man.  I am sure our path will cross again.  Bruno, it was a pleasure to meet you.

This is the first time we meet one of our reader.

Our life is full of surprises.  We have good neighbor and we met one of our reader.

Monday June 2, 2014

Monday morning and I have to get to work!
My big job, sort all the empty bottles and cans.  15 minutes later, I am done for the week, life is good!
Here is my little corner where I sort and store the empties.

We are slowly getting spread around our yard.  I moved a few items around to make it more convenient and looking homey.

Tuesday June 3, 2014

An easy day without stress, just like we love them!

Wednesday June 4, 2014

We made the decision to move our investment from Cold Lake Alberta to Belleville Ontario not because our financial planner was not good, but because we wanted a closer, more face-to-face contact.  We are still with Investment Planning Counsel.
This morning, we are meeting our "new" financial planner, Ted, here in Belleville so we can get to know each other.

Ted is a very friendly individual.  I think he will be a good planner for us.
We will have to get together again as the paperwork gets transferred to Belleville.

Thursday June 5, 2014

Two years ago, I met two gentlemen from BC.  We have been in contact by email every so often hoping our path would cross again.  Well they are coming here for a night as they travel to visit family in the county.
We dropped by their place at 2 pm and this is the first time they meet Michele.
They are snowbirds like us so we have a lot in common.  we ended up talking all afternoon about the places we have been, comparing notes, our good and not so good call on campground.  Boy did time flew by fast.
While we were talking a few families of geese walked by the motorhome.

Myself, Michele, Peter and Larry.

Peter, Larry, it was a pleasure seeing you again!  We hope our path will cross again soon.

Michele doing the daily "maintenance" on her hearing aids.  She is still very happy about having them and has no problem getting used to them.

A very good day.

Friday June 6, 2014

Michele went shopping this morning and she did not get back until 3 pm.
Me?  I stayed home like a good boy!  Some reading, updating our blog and working on Veteran Affairs paperwork
Friday night is dart night, but we did not feel like darts so we stayed home.

Saturday June 7, 2014

Michele left early this morning to go to yard sales, there are a few really big one.  I stayed at home and did little things around the motorhome.

Poor Michele, just as she got to Trenton the "check engine" light came on and the car has hesitation while driven.
She sent me a text message about it and I told her to come back home.  Tomorrow we will take the car to Canadian Tire to get it checked out.
Michele is very disappointed about missing the yard sales...

This ended up being a relaxing morning and afternoon for both of us.

The first bingo of the season in the RV park.  We were there!
This bingo is a very simple thing, kids are welcome, not big board to show the number called, no microphone required.  Everyone was just having fun.

Once again we did not win anything, but the young teenage girl at our table won twice for a total of $20.  Good for her!

Sunday June 8, 2014

Canadian Tire service department works on the first come first serve base.  We arrived at 7:45 to make sure we were the first one in line.

While waiting for the car, we went to A&W for breakfast.  After our breakfast, we came back to CT and learned it was the intake actuator solenoid that is not working right. They have to order the part tomorrow and they will give us a call when we can come back and get the part changed.

After CT, Michele wanted to go to one of the big yard sale so off we went.  In less than 3 kilometers we must have it 15 yard sales.  Michele was very happy.
Our grandson Gabriel will be happy too, we got him a nice Halloween costume for only $4.

For me?  A nice, used, grass scissor!

Michele also bought over 20 empty bottles of wine because we will get some wine started at the local "brew your own" place in Trenton.

A little nostalgic moment, here are two gifts we got from our friends in Cold Lake, Sean and Claudette, before we left.
"Matte Muffin" because I was cooking Mcmuffin like breakfast and "Whin O 1" because Michele was drinking wine with Claudette who was "Whin O 2".

Monday June 9, 2014

The towbar on the motorhome is in need for a good cleaning and lubrication and this morning is the day.
Here are the telescopic bars.  They were filthy and had surface rust.
They are now nice and shinny.

All the other part were taken off and cleaned.

This is the solid part of the towbar. The steel bars go inside the "pipes" and lock when I tow the car.

Now that everything is cleaned and lubricated we will only know in November if this makes a difference.
Today's weather was hot and humid.

Tuesday June 10, 2014

I have an appointment at Canadian Tire to install the new part on the car.  Done in less than one hour and the financial toll is not too bad after all.
It is still hot and humid today so I spend most of the day under the awning reading.
Suddenly an intruder shows up in front of me!

He is on his way to the ditch across the road in front of the motorhome.  He must have a date with a pretty green one because he is in a rush!

Looking at the weather forecast, we see that we will have lots of rain for the next few days.  More like heavy rain, 2 to 4 inches of rain in two days.
While the weather is good, we clean the basement and find all kinds of stuff we do not need anymore.
Those will be going to Jeremy...

Unbelievable the space we now have in the basement.  We only need to bring what we do not need to Jeremy and Danielle when we visit them later on.

Early evening and the rain has started and it is very heavy at times.

Wednesday June 11, 2014

More rain today, some thunder and lightning.  Part of the RV park are once again under water.

The owner drove by and offered us some tickets for tonight's Fish Fry in the club house.
It is done by a local fishing club, for $10 you have all you can eat.
Michele decided she is not coming.  Me, I am going!

They even have a silent auction, but I did not win anything.

The Fish Fry was all done by 8 pm and a few of the campers stayed behind to have a few beers.
The rain just keep on falling...

Thursday June 12, 2014

This morning, I went to Belleville for an estimate on the installation of two implants and crowns that I still need.
Here, they charge me $3200.00 for both and in Mexico is cost only $900.00 for the same thing.
I will have to calculate all the cost of driving close to Mexico and see what our Dental Plan will cover before making a decision.

It is election day here in Ontario and I stop and vote.  Now I can officially complain about the government.  Those that do not vote should not complain about the government. (End of lecture!).

I also stopped at Speedy Glass to book an appointment to replace our cracked windshield.  All is set up for Monday morning.

Back at home, the rain starts again.  They reported 4 inches of rain since Tuesday evening.

Michele voted in the afternoon and we went to get our income taxes done.  20 minutes later we are back out and we will have a refund from our beloved government!

One last stop before we headed home.  We stopped at a local "Brew Your Own" wine.  We have done the "hard" part, sprinkling the yeast and we will be back in 30 days to bottle the wine.

It was a very productive day.

Friday June 13, 2014

We were back in Belleville again this morning.  First to our financial guy to sign more paper and next to Helix for a check on Michele's hearing aids.  All is good with the hearing aids of Michele.  We got the TV adapter back and it was not broken, it was just a software selection that needed to be selected!

Once we were back home, Michele tried the TV adapter and it is working great and Michele loves it.

Michele found a $1 off for the Chinese restaurant in Belleville. We had a great lunch.

As every Friday evening, they have fun darts at the club house.
We played  darts, drank some beers, had  a great time with the other campers.
My team won all the games and Michele did pretty good too.

We had a nice sunset when we got back home.

One of the players, Jules and Lee, are having a campfire after the darts and we are invited.
All the people in the park are nice and friendly.

Another busy day.

Saturday June 14, 2014

This morning, we hit the road to go to Borden and visit our son Jeremy who is on course.  First we had to stop at a big yard sale close the RV park.

Michele did make some good deals.
Back at home, we finished preparing our stuff to go to Borden.

Going through Toronto is easy as usual, speed is 120 km/h and the traffic is light.  I rather cross Toronto than Montreal!
Once we arrived in Borden, we contacted Jeremy and pick him up.
We booked a motel room and then went to the big indoor flea market by the 401.

Back the flea market, we stopped to get some beer and surprise, the "Beer Store" has this sign in front of the store.
WOW!  A big thank you for the recognition.

We still had a lot to talk about with Jeremy.  We had pizza for supper, more beer and stories.

Nothing beats having your kids with you for a while.

Sunday June 15, 2014

Jeremy spoils us with a good breakfast for Father's Day.  Thanks Jeremy!
Sadly everything must come to an end.  Jeremy still has a lot to do for his course and we would like to go through Toronto before the Sunday rush hour.  Jeremy's course ends Wednesday and he should be home in Moose Jaw that evening.
Goodbye Jeremy and give Danielle and Gabriel a big hug from both of us

To get back home, we took a different road and missed Toronto completely.
Once home, I did the grass that I usually do on Friday.  Friday our yard was full of water and to use an electric mower is not a good idea!
We put everything back on the lawn and sit down for a rest and a few beers on the swing.

A very busy and productive week.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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