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Monday June 22, 2014

I am back in Belleville again.  This time, it is to get the windshield of the car replaced.
It should take about 3 hours, so I brought my bicycle with me to tour a little of Belleville.
With the car at the glass shop, I take my bike and my first stop is MacDonald for breakfast and reading the news on my tablet.
Next stop is at Helix because Michele's hearing aid has a little part broken.  Nothing major.  Stephanie gave me a few as spares.  Stephanie is such a nice person and she is an asset for this office.  From Helix, I decide to travel back by the river Moira that run through Belleville.  The river is still high, but not to worry about.  the route back takes me through some old part of Belleville.  I always find it interesting to see old parts of town and cities.  There are lots of old houses, some in disrepair other really well kept.  If only these houses could talk, the stories we would hear...

By 10:30 the sky turns darker with rain coming soon. I head back to the glass shop.  The car is ready by 10:50, I pay the deductible and drive back home in the rain.

This being Monday, after lunch I go and do the cans and bottles sorting for the RV park.  This past weekend was not a "busy" because there was very little sorting to do.

After that, I finally finished the paperwork for the veteran.  I only need to get the form double checked and sent them off.

All this work is really tiring so I have to check out the inside of my eyelids...

After about 30 minutes, my eyelids are doing really good.

By late afternoon the sky is really dark once again and we can hear thunder around us.  A few hours later the rain really comes down.

Tuesday June 17, 2014

My goal for today is to do nothing!
As usual, I end up doing all kinds of little chores.

Again, by late afternoon the thunderstorms come.  We still got a nice sunset.

We lost power for about 10 minutes and I used the generator so I could finish watching my TV show.

Wednesday June 18, 2014

Weird temperature this morning, it is 20 C, 20 minutes later it is +28 C, then 15 minutes later it is +19 C.
What is going on?
We have a lot of "fluffy" stuff from the trees floating in the air.  Is this summer snow?

Thursday and Friday June 19 and 20, 2014

Thursday is a day for reading and other little activities.

Friday evening is dart night again and we have a great time playing tonight.

Saturday June 21, 2014

Free breakfast this morning, this is from the campers association.

We find the breakfast really good.  We also notice a difference between breakfast here and in RV park down south.
Here ,the majority of the campers are still working so they come for breakfast any time between 8 and 10.  Down south, everybody shows up at 8 sharp.  This is way the photo shows an almost empty hall.

It is bingo night tonight.  Michele goes to the bingo, but I stay home and have a nice campfire.  Michele joins me after the bingo.

Sunday June 22, 2014

I am reading a really good book.  It is "In their own words", it is the stories told by Canadian soldiers who were in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2007.  All were awarded medals for what they did overseas.  It is amazing how the Canadian population don't know what our soldiers did in Afghanistan, not just fight the Talibans, but the good stuff for the local population.
Here, I am reading...

A nice day with a +25 C and low humidity.  The bad part is that the pool is still not open.  I will talk about that tomorrow...

Monday June 23, 2014

I have to talk about the pool.  The pool here in the park is very nice.
Last year the owner decided to upgrade the pool from a liner to fiberglass.  A liner usually last 2 to 4 years, but the fiberglass should last 20 to 25 years.  So, last fall the workers came and did all the fiberglass.  Something did not work right and this spring the fiberglass in the pool was all broken up.  The workers were back to fix it, but they needed 3 to 4 days without rain.  On top of that other problems were showing up.  The work had stopped because of it all.  The owner wants the pool done ASAP and the workers say it is the owner's fault!
Finally, the owner said "I will call my lawyer".  They are now working on the pool!  Guess what?  Rain for the next few days!  Will we have the pool before August?

This morning, I went and did the bottles and cans sorting.  After lunch, we went out grocery shopping.  With the temperature in the high 20s and the humidex in the low 30s, we did not do much the rest of the day.

Lots of storms were in the forecast for today and tomorrow.

Tuesday June 24, 2014

We had some rain this morning, but by 10 am it is over and the sun was back in full force with the humidity.

My neighbor brought me his saw, tomorrow I can start the installation of the new pantry.

Wednesday June 25, 2014

The work started this morning.  Now I am a little ashamed because I damaged the saw I just borrowed.  Not good!
Here, I am cleaning the inside of the future new pantry.

We measured for what we will need for wood and other stuff.  We went to Belleville to buy the wood and looking for the part I damaged on the saw.  No problems for the wood, but the part we need is like gold, can't find it anywhere!
We were back home by 4 pm and a little frustrated for not having found the part.  It is too late to start to work now.
Tomorrow we will try to get started again.
The temperature for today was +28 with a "feel like" of +36, hot and muggy!

Thursday June 26, 2014

A fresh day, time to start the pantry.
First, I had to remove a part of the wall to open up the "hole" where the pantry will go.
Here is the saw I borrowed.

This saw is absolutely useless.  After cutting only six inches, I give up and we went to Canadian Tire to buy a jig saw.  I did not care about the cost right now!

$32 later, we have a new jig saw with blades,  I am ready.

Boy, does it work good with the jig saw. After the cut, a little clean up before we put up the inner walls.

Tidying up the back of the pantry before we build the wall.

Almost done!
Well not really, an RV is not built square.  I have to add more wood at the top to attach the top part of the rolling pantry.

It is 4 pm and it is time to stop, clean up the mess and have a cold beer.
It was a hot day again, +29 and a humidex of +37.

I have to tell you about an accident that happens to us.  Hopefully it will not happen to you.  I am not very proud of myself.
When things go wrong they really go wrong. Without going too much in the details, here it is...
I changed the way I fill my 18 liters water bottle. Once the bottle was filled, I left a valve in the position it was in instead of returning it to the way it should have been.  At the same time, I shut the city water and used the water from the fresh water tank.  No problems so far.  Like every Thursday evening, we went to the club house for a few beers, but before we left I turned the city water on again.  When we got back 3 hours later we could hear water flowing somewhere.  Well, the water was coming out the vent tube of our fresh water tank.  I shut the water and checked the basement and the carpet is soaked.  Michele goes inside and discover water on the floor...
We clean up the water inside and we will see what else my mistake as caused tomorrow morning...

Friday June 27, 2014

This morning, I spent a few hours emptying the basement so I could vacuum the water of the carpet.  I checked the fresh water tank and I cannot see any damage. YES!

But I looked under the motorhome and see this...

I am not very proud of myself.  I tried to bring the support back up so later I could drive to a welding place and get my mess fixed up...

The basement drying out, not easy when the humidity is 90%.

So, always make sure and check twice that what you have changed is back the way it should be.

Michele take all this with a grain of salt and tells me "first the tool you borrowed and now this!!!"
I sat down and drank a beer...

We went to play darts after dinner and once again, lots of fun.

Today was another hot one, +29 and with the humidex, +38C.

Saturday June 28, 2014

Michele asked me to go yard saling with her today.  As usual, I bought more stuff than she did.
We also stopped at an RV dealer for a new AC thermostat for our bedroom.  Ours was getting temperamental.
This one is working great.

This being Canada Day weekend, the park as a lot of activities for the kids.

It is still too hot to do anything so we sat in the shade and did some serious reading...
We had a campfire tonight and the temperature was still +25 at 11 pm.

Sunday June 29, 2014

Are we ever glad we have air conditioning in the motorhome, we get to have good nights of sleep with the cool inside.
Early this morning we knew it was going to be a hot day.  We did some reading and not much else.
At around 2 pm, we watched the Canada Day bicycles/golf carts parade in the park

At 4 pm we went to the potluck under the willows.  The campers association supplied the pig roast.  It was good and the breeze from the lake was cool.  By 8 pm some of the campers got together with guitars and played some good tunes.
Shortly after 9 we watched the fireworks put on by the park and the camper's association.  It was good, but they had to stop it because the wind picked up and sent the debris from the firework onto the campers.

Monday June 30, 2014

It is a warm day again.
While I was out for my morning walk this morning, the owner asked me if I was busy?  Not really.  He is doing some work on one of the trailer in the park and he needs a few parts and going to town to get them take about two hours.  With only him and his wife working in the park, they cannot always leave and get the parts.   Sure I can go and get the parts for him.  I even got to use the park's truck.  I have to get my prescription from town anyway.  The owner was right, It took me a little over two hours to get everything and come back.
After my "shopping trip" for the owner, I continue working on the pantry in the motorhome.

About one hour later the owner is back and asking me if I could go back to town and get more parts as he has made a mistake on the size.
Sure, Michele has to get a haircut anyway.  Michele did not get a haircut, but I got the parts.
Once we were back home, I finished working on the pantry. Well, the temporary pantry anyway...

We finished the day with a nice campfire and it was still very warm outside at eleven pm.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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