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Saturday October 1, 2011

Saturday is another cold and damp day.
But Odette came this afternoon.  After a nice spaghetti dinner, we are off to the play at the Brighton Barn Theater for "Don't dress for Dinner".  All three of us loved this comedy, a very nice evening.

The Quinte and Northumberland counties have changed quite a bit since we left in 1998.  The tourism industry has really taken off in the area with the arrival of theaters, nice restaurants and even vineyards that are now pretty well established now.  And they taste good too!

Sunday to Tuesday were really uneventful days other then it is still cold and rainy...
Good time for internet, books and TV.

Wednesday October 5, 2011

About a year ago we had a water leak around the shower stall.  The silicone was old.  We changed it and all was well.
The water leak cameback.  This time the carpet trimming around the shower stall was wet.  Upon closer inspection, the wood under the carpet is rotten.
Out it comes.


Got to do some cleaning.

luckily there is no damage to the structure of the motorhome.  During the installation of the shower stall at the plant, they cut the flooring.

We will come back to the carpet a little later.  We have some shopping to do and find a suitable replacement for the carpet.

After the old silicone was removed.  I had to make sure the area was really dry.

Since I am using silicone, why not find another place that needs it.  The kitchen sink.
We had to remove all the stuff from under the sink to lower it and clean the old silicone.

The sink is installed from under the counter top.

Cleaning the old silicone is not easy, got to find a better way.

Why not remove the whole sink ?

And clean it outside

Here I am re-installing the sink but not completely.  I still have to put some silicone in there.

A well done job in the kitchen and the shower stall.

After such demanding jobs, a good meal at the Chinese restaurant is a must...

The nice thing about being retired is, time does not have the same meaning...

Thursday October 6, 2011

Have you ever noticed those little cartoon on the back of vehicles?
Dad, Mom, 4 kids, two dogs and a cat.  Must be "reconstructed" family from divorced couples.
Who would have 4 kids now a days?

Friday October 7, 2011

Lazy days...

This time a year the temperature cools off rather quickly after sun down.
This is why we are having our camp fire between 4 and 7 pm.

Thanks Giving week end and lots of warm weather, the campground is almost half full.

From October 8 until the 10th, 2011

This weekend we met some very nice people.  Ron and Joyce who were on their first weekend with the new (to them) 5th wheel.  Rob and Donna who had some hard time with the truck being towed twice during the weekend.  Laura and Dave, the great travelers.  Lots of good time around the camp fire with all of them.

The temperatures this weekend was in the +23 C.  This gave me a good chance to go for a few bike rides.  About 10 km per day.  I biked along the Murray canal, one half the first day and the other half the next day.  Here are some facts about the Murray Canal.

The first time there was talk about building a canal was in 1796. The construction actually started in 1882 and was completed in 1889.  Eight kilometer long, 2.7 m deep and a width of 15.2 m, the Murray canal links the Bay of Quinte to Lac Ontario.  Saving some valuable time by not having to go around the Prince Edward County.  Nowadays, the canal is used by pleasure crafts.

The following photos are from Lac Ontario to the Bay of Quinte.


Very nice to see even if the bike path is not maintained it is still pretty easy to do.

Tuesday October 11, 2011

The photo does not even come close to what we were seeing.

The weather is suppose to turn to rain tomorrow and this for many days.
Probably the last time we can have a camp fire for a while.

Another great week.

The week of October 12 to the 18, 2011

Not many photos this week.  Mostly because very few things were worth taking photos.  But on the other side, lots of new information came our way and we had to revisit some stuff, more a little later.
After a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, the bad weather came with a revenge.  Rain, wind up gusting to 50 km.  I know that our son, Jérémy is used to higher wind then us, but for us this is a lot.  We even had to close our slide for a day and a night.  The wind coming off the bay made our slide's awning flutter, in turn this made the whole slide move, even the motorhome was moving at times.  Not much fun.  With a balmy +10 C in the day time, add rain and we decided to stay put in the motorhome or go to the mall.

Surprise surprise, the campground owner asked me if I am my class D license for the motorhome.
Heuuuu, No!  Why?

Well, in Ontario you need a class D, like a class 3 in Alberta, to drive a motorhome with a weight of over 11000 Kg.  It is consider a truck and you need a truck licenses to drive it.  Quick to the licenses office to find out.  Yes, we do need a class D for the motorhome.
OK, first criteria, a medical exam, no comments please, $150 and 10 minutes later, I am declared healthy and sane!
Second criteria, written exam.  $20 for the book.  We found a web site that has practice questions for the exam, $30 later we are in and "using the resources available" to study!
And to finish, a practical exam with the motorhome.  Cost?  No idea yet.
More monies spent in Ontario but hey, we chose to live here, so we pay!
Quick note, if you move to Ontario and have a 5th wheel, check the weight, you may need a tractor trailer licenses to pull it!  No kidding.
Because of this, we are not in the States yet and with the cold weather, this is not nice.  We'll keep you posted.

Some photos of this past week.

The base is growing like crazy.

WOW! Some sun for a long 15 minutes.

One more project done, the ball cap rack.

Working on the next web page.

Michèle having fun with the camera and the mirror.


It was still a nice week after all.

Trivial Information.

I know that most of our readers know about the tabs at the top of the web page but I think some may not know what they are used for.  So here it is.

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Just some trivial information.

Until next time, take care...