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July 25 to 31, 2022

Where are we?

Monday to Thursday, July 25 to the 28, 2022.

Monday, the MH is back at the body shop to finish the cleaning job.
The driveway is so big without the MH.

At the body shop.

They worked from 8 am until 5 pm, but they are finished now.
They did an awesome job.

Now we wait for Crystal Glass to come and re-seal the windshield.

Natasha loves stickers.

Natasha got an umbrella. Since it is raining this evening, she gets to use it.

Tuesday, we went to Regina for a coffee with Audrey and John in the morning.
After, we did some shopping at the liquidation supercenter.

The prices are very good on some articles, but other articles are of mediocre quality.

We made another stop at the Minhas brewery/distillery/winery. I got some gin for myself.

Jeremy received his electric scooter.

Darn, it has a manufacturing default. He will have to return it.

Wednesday and Thursday were just ordinary days.
All of us cannot wait for the move to start.

Natasha loves the new living room carpet.

We are on our way to the playground. She can hold on for 10 seconds.

Jeremy and Kristin are having a goodbye lunch with friends.
Natasha's snack just before bedtime.

Friday, July 29, 2022.

The mover/packers are starting with the garage and basement today.
It is so hot today, poor people.

They were done by 3 pm.

Jeremy and Kristin bought some donuts and coffee for the movers. Natasha "stole" a donut for lunch.

Getting ready for bed.

Now that the packing has started, it feels like things are moving along with the move.

Saturday and Sunday, July 30 and 31, 2022.

Saturday was a relaxed day for all of us.

Sunday morning, Jeremy, Natasha and I went for breakfast in town. Natasha was very hyper today and not because of the syrup.

Jeremy makes her walk to the washroom with her hands up to get them clean.
It is funny to watch her walk between tables like that.

The afternoon is spent at the playground.

And in the water puddles.

And having fun with bubbles.

Tomorrow we are moving to the Wakamow campground. This way, we will be out of the way for the mover/packers.
From Tuesday to Thursday, we will have Natasha with us. This way she will not be in the way of the mover/packers and parents.

I almost forgot. Sunday, the owner of Crystal Glass came to finish the sealant around the windshield.
The results? 95 % is still bad and the last 5 % is barely acceptable.
I am at the point where I just do not want to see them ever again in my life.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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