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November 5 to 11, 2018

Where are we now?

Monday November 5, 2018

Our first show in Branson, Missouri.
It is "Legends in Concert."

Michele with the Blues Brothers.

We cannot wait to see this show.

The show was OK, nothing extraordinary.
They are not the real singers, but look-a-like.
We saw the Blues Brothers, Tina Turner, Elton John, Elvis and Brooks & Dunn.

Half of the show was a Christmas Show.

It was an OK show.

Tuesday November 6, 2018

Our RV Park and our site.  It is a very small RV Park.  A young couple just bought it, and they are working on making it better.  The sites are very narrow.

I would not come here with an RV longer than 40 foot.  The price is good, being a Passport America park.  There are only two streets in the RV Park.

This afternoon, we are visiting the Titanic Museum.  No pictures allowed...
We really enjoyed this museum.  They have many artifacts from the Titanic.

Tonight, we are going to this theater for our next show.  We will see the Haygoods.

Nice car!

The place is full.  We do not know who the Haygoods are...

When the show starts, one of the musicians "floats" from the back of the room, upside down and playing guitar.
The Haygoods are five brothers and one sister, all musicians and signers.

We had a great show.  They were good.

Wednesday November 7, 2018

Tonight we are going to our last sow here in Branson.
The show is at the "Dolly Parton's Stamped Dinner Attraction."

It is beautiful.

We went in early afternoon to pick up our tickets.  It was a very good idea.
This is the place to pick up your tickets, WOW!

Since it is early afternoon, we visit the stables.
Michele is in the Christmas Spirit.

The horses sure look well taken care of.

Happy couple.

Italian restaurant?

We came back at 4 pm for the first part of the show.  We are in this large room for a short half hour show.

The three entertainers gave us a very good show.  We kind of liked the toilette paper being unrolled with the fan.

Next, we entered the arena for the main show.

Once again, it is mostly a Christmas Show.

As the show starts, so do the meal.  First, a vegetable soup with small bread.  It was very good.

Very nice.

The main course consists of a small roasted chicken, a wedge of potato, a slice of pork and a small corn on the cub (everything eaten by fingers).
We were told to come here hungry.  It is a very big meal.  They even gave us a doggy bag to bring the left-over back home.
The meal was very delicious.

So colourful.

And of course, a Nativity scene.  Really nice.

The MC had split the room in two and each side had a team to score point and win.  We are the green team.  Here we have a piglets race.

This was the best of the three shows we saw here in Branson.

So, we paid $150 to see three shows, the Titanic Museum and a $30 discount coupon at a restaurant.  This was not expensive at all.
But!  Always a but, we had to sit through a 3 hours sales pitch for a time-share.  It was worth it for what we got at the cost we paid.  BTW, we did not buy a time-share.

Thursday November 8, 2018

We are back on the road this morning.  We are going back to Springfield, and we have to cross all 6, big, valleys again.

They sure want you to understand not to drive on the left lane all the time!

Really understand!

We drove a short while in Arkansas.

We were supposed to stop in Oklahoma City, but the weather forecast is not very good, cold and possible snow.  We are now heading south to escape the cold front coming our way.

Another Passport America campground.  No bad for $14 a night, full service and 50 amps.

It was a long driving day for us, and it was very windy.

Friday November 9, 2018

With that cold front sweeping the area, it makes for cooler (cold) night.  We had a nice 0° C la night.
Goodbye campground.

This is the kind of roads Michele does not like at all.

A Canadian town?

In some little town...

It is still on the cool side...

Nothing like a coffee to warm you up and keep you awake!

Welcome to Texas.  The wind is still blowing hard.

This is the cheapest we have seen gas so far this year.  About $0.72 CAN per liter.

One more night at a Passport America campground and for only $25 US per night, full service and 50 amps.

Our site for the night.  Notice the big transport truck in the background.  It is very close.  It is very noisy.

Going through Fort Worth was uneventful.  The wind is still blowing hard.

Saturday November 10, 2018

Brrr!  It got colder last night, -1° C!

We love the stop sign.

Clear skies, but the wind is now blowing from the north all day and we are going west.

It is still on the cool side.

They have had lots of rain in this area  in the past few weeks.  Many secondary roads and streets do not even have bridges.  So the water is just flowing over the road.  On some of those roads, they even have measuring sticks by the road to let you know how deep is the water over the road.

Neat idea.

After we had filled up the MH, we bought two slices of Pizza for $6.  They are huge.

Interstate 20 is very nice, but the wind.

We saw many of those "convoy."  A car pulling two other cars.

Once out of the Fort Worth area, the speed limit goes up to 80 mph.

Our next home.  At one time this was a service town for the local ranches, but now it is for the oil industries.

Our new home.

It is not expensive and OK for the night.

Another long day on the road.

Sunday November 11, 2018

November 11th, Remembrance Day.
Thanks to all veterans that have served or are still serving.

Pretty sunrise.

WOW!  We are in Pecos, where they refine the oil and this is the most expensive place to buy gas!!!  About $1 CAN per liter...

The road is super nice, but the wind is now coming from the west and we are driving west.  Miles per gallon go down.

This area is all about oil.

The scenery is spectacular.

Going through El Paso was OK, but this city is narrow and long.

Shortly after El Paso, we entered New Mexico.

The Thing?  We did stop last time we were here, but not this year.

It was still windy today.
We like this message.

We saw a lot of feed lots in this area.

Deming, our destination for today.  We are camping at Roadrunner RV Park.

Our site.  It is a Passport America, so only $15 for the night.

Another good day on the road.  Tomorrow we should be out of this cold front.

We are staying here only for one night, but I think we will stay a little longer next time we are driving by.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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