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June 29 to July 5, 2020

Where are we?

Monday, June 29, 2020

Our two beautiful girls.

Kristin and Jeremy and resting and Gabriel is gone to play with a friend. Michele with Natasha, both of them are napping.

So that Natasha does not wiggle and falls off, Michele raises her legs.

Natasha is trying Clementine for the first time. She loves it.

Natasha at the spa getting her nails done.

One thing I can tell you, she sure gets moved around. She loves it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Gabriel will be here today. Kristin and Jeremy are going to pick him up in Saskatoon.

Michele is now busy with Natasha. So, after looking at many videos on YouTube about the problem with the Two-Haul feature on our Ford Chassis (MH) transmission, I will take it apart and see what could be the problem. It does not work anymore.

I do exactly what the videos told me to do. I access the shifter lever on the steering column. I found the cause of the problem. I also forgot to take a photo of the problem... It is the wire coming out of the shifter lever that got pinched and finally broke in a few places. Jeremy should be able to fix the wires this evening.

Meanwhile, Natasha is getting her diaper changed. NO! Not on the face!

Not on the head!

That is better. One happy little girl.

We received a photo from Kristin. They are on their way back and Gabriel is sound asleep.

There he is!

Gabriel gives his dad his father's day gift.

Everyone is watching Gabriel giving a hand to his dad in changing the line on one of his reels.

We are all happy to have Gabriel. He will be us for the next two months.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

We will be shore fishing near Courval. By the way, Courval had a population of 5 in 2006.
Saskatchewan is very flat around here.

Jeremy was not quite sure of the road to the bridge. He drove in a real muddy road to get to it. Lots of mud.

We are fishing on the river Wood.

After about an hour of fishing, we went to another bridge.

We are fishing under the bridge.

Little Gabriel on a big bridge.

Our catches.

We only kept on pike, the one from Gabriel.
Jeremy is very good at making fillets with pikes.

Last night, Jeremy repaired the wires on my shifter lever. The arrows indicate where the repairs took place.

I am re-installing the lever and the arrow shows the wire that I will reposition so it does not pinch anymore. It should last a few years.

It is not hard to do, but you have to remember in which order the parts go back on.

The test, the MH is started and the Tow/Haul light is not on.

I turn it on on the shifter lever and the light comes on. All is good!

The only thing lest to do is a test drive to confirm it is really working. I will do that next week when I go and dumped the used water at Wakamow.
Because Jeremy could repair the wires, I just saved over $200 for the part and just imagine the labour cost...

What are we eating? The pike Gabriel caught. It is very good.

A few more photos of our little Natasha.

Natasha loves Gabriel and Gabriel loves his little sister.

Kristin is gone play softball in Regina this evening. Jeremy just put Natasha to bed and has a beer on the front porch. Since it is a very hot evening, I go out and have a beer with him.

A great day.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The day starts with a bike ride for Jeremy and Gabriel.

When Gabriel got back, he helped me remove the weeds from the flower bed. He is pretty good at it.

The before and after photo.

I also removed the weeds from the garden.

After, I finished washing the MH.

Having fun.

Kristin bought some rubber pads to put under the pool. Gabriel and Joshua are helping Jeremy put them together to measure the overall size.

Kristin and Natasha.

Grand-maman and Natasha.

Playing with a friend.

Brother and sister.

I think Gabriel is not used to be so busy. He is a little tired.

This is the first time Gabriel feeds his little sister. He is pretty good for the first time.

We are eating our last steaks from Saint-Tite, QC.

It is funny to see how Gabriel is holding his sister. He is all crooked.

Tonight is the first movie night/sleep-over in the MH. Look at the two comedians.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Jeremy prepared a good breakfast this morning. Natasha loves looking at us eating. She is mesmerized.

Why the big breakfast? We are going to the beach today. We are going to Lovering Lake with some friends.
We drive by the west end of Buffalo Pound Lake.

It is a beautiful sunny day. It looks like there are a lot of people all next to each other, but it is the angle of the camera that gives this perspective.

The lake is split into two halves. The west side is nice and clear while the east side is green and not very nice.

The kids are having a great time with the crawfish and the minnows.

Nicole and her family are here at the beach. The kids and the adults had a great time.

Jeremy fed us some hot-dogs for lunch.

We did try to fish, but the water level at the boat launch is too low and the kids got caught in the weeds all the time.

The two partners in crimes.

Jeremy bought a new fish-finder for his boat, more info later on.

Gabriel before bedtime.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

A big day fishing for Jeremy, Kristin and Gabriel. They will be going to Lake Diefenbaker later on.
Michele and I will be looking after Natasha.

Natasha is giving a hand to her dad installing the new fish-finder.

Gabriel cannot wait to go. They will be leaving after lunch.

One happy little girl.

Time to go fishing.

They got delayed to launch the boat because of the weather.
Once on the water, they had a good time.

This is the sky we had at home.

Diefenbaker Lake is a nice lake.

It was after 9 pm when they got off the lake. They caught lots of fishes.

Natasha is now in bed. She moves a lot in her sleep.

Because it was dark when they came back, they had a flat tire on the trailer.

The four best walleye they caught.

Jeremy is also very good a fillet walleyes.

Our fishermen had a great day on the water.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Jeremy and Kristin ended up going to bed very late last night, past midnight. They are somewhat tired today.
While they were gone to town for ice-cream, I cut the grass.

Looking after Natasha is a pleasure.

Gabriel must be tired, after coming back from ice-cream, he spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa. The fishing day must have been too hard on him.

With this hot weather, we spend most of the afternoon on the front porch.

Gabriel still loves dinosaurs.

Natasha wants to grab the cell phone.

Gabriel all clean after his shower.

What is up with that? Another night in the MH!

It is so nice to be with Jeremy, Kristin, Gabriel and Natasha.

Until next time.

Stay safe & Stay healthy.

Life is good...

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