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July 8 to 14, 2019

Where are we?

Monday July 8, 2019

Getting the last stuff ready before leaving for Wakamow. Wakamow is only 8 km away from the base.

Some radishes from the garden were ready.

Jeremy is cooking eggs for sandwiches.

We are having some big, tasty egg sandwiches. Gabriel ate the whole sandwich.

After this good meal, we head out to Wakamow.

In a short time, we are all set-up at our site.

Gabriel could not wait to go minnow fishing with his net.

He gets help from grand-maman.

Jeremy too is fishing, but he only catches the bottom and the bottom won!

Jeremy had to break the line and tied it to the shore, so he could come back and get the lure later on, with a boat. At least it is the plan.

Gabriel turned out to be the only lucky one catching fish!

Miracle catch!

Back at our site, Jeremy is showing all the lures they have to Gabriel.

There is nothing better than hamburgers when camping. Kristin is not with us. She is very tired, she stayed home.

Two happy campers.

Gabriel got to play and take some photos with a real camera.

After Gabriel's shower, time for a movie.

Gabriel always falls asleep fast.

All three of us area happy to be at the campground.

Tuesday July 9, 2019

We started the day with a bike ride.

We had to stop and check out all the parks along the way.

We sure look bad with washers for eyes. Gabriel is too small and the washers keep falling off.

Croissant sandwich for lunch.

Surprise! Asher is also at the campground. Asher is the friend Gabriel made last year at the campground.

Me, I work on the next update for the blog.

We do not have a pump to inflate this inflatable boat. Jeremy has to do it by mouth...

Jeremy is now ready to go and get his lure back.

He get to where the lure is stuck by pulling gently on the line.

Once over top of the line/lure, Jeremy gently pulls up and, hopefully, get the lure untangled.

He got his lure back, but he has to hold it in his mouth to prevent the lure from puncturing a hole in the plastic boat and sink!

Dad had to help!

Kristin came after work.

Jeremy with washer eyes

Gabriel went back to get some more minnows while Jeremy and Kristin keep en eye on him.

A good day.

Wednesday July 10, 2019

Gabriel had a small accident this morning. He broke his i-pad. I do not understand why the i-pad did not have a protective case since a kid was using it! Gabriel is very disappointed.

We had to make a stop for ice cream during our bike ride.
Gabriel even paid for the ice cream.

No photo of grand-maman with her ice cream.

Another croissant sandwich for lunch!

Gabriel is showing grand-maman how to dance...

And the ant hunt is on!

Asher came over to play with Gabriel. Asher got a new hairdo.

We even go Ella with us. Hannah had to go in town and asked us if we could keep an eye on Asher while she went to town with Ella. We told her to leave Ella with us. When we only have Asher and Gabriel, it is pretty easy to look after them, but when Ella is there, you have to pay a little more attention. She is not bad, it just that she is 3 years old.

Sometime you also have to play with them to make it easier on yourself.

They had watermelons for a snack.

More playing.

Next snack is an ice-cream cone.

Three nice photos of Ella.

We had promised Gabriel we would have a fire one evening. Tonight is the night.

With the fire comes the s'mores!

Rolland asked me if a friend he made while at the Matte Association of America could stop for a visit while on his way to the Canadian Rockies. Sure, I said.
Murielle and Jacques came by for two nights. They are visiting Moose Jaw. They also had a lot of questions about spending the winter in Texas and Arizona. As usual, too many questions and not enough time! Murielle and Jacques are very nice people.

We enjoyed our time them.

Thursday July 11, 2019

Jeremy had time for a tour of the squadron with Murielle and Jacques. They really enjoyed the tour of the Snowbirds hangar.

They got the "full tour" from Jeremy. It lasted over one and half hour. They were pleasantly surprised by the length of the tour.
Thanks Jeremy.

Gabriel loves pasta!

Asher spent the afternoon with us again. They play so well together.

Jeremy came with his boat after work. We are going fishing at Diefenbaker Lake. Diefenbaker is about 130 km from Moose Jaw. It is a little out of the way, but the fishing is good and the fish are good to eat. The water in the lake is very clean.

We came to the village of Elbow where the boat ramps is located.

In less than 15 minutes, the boat is in the water. The weather is nice, but a little windy. The waves are pretty big today.

I still do not have my fishing license. It is OK, the fish are not bitting today.

The bay where the marina and the boat ramp is located are very nice. We saw a few houseboats at the marina.

The water in the bay is calm compare to the lake. The boat ramp is very nice.

We made it back home by 10 pm. No fish, but a lot of fun.

Friday July 12, 2019

This camping trip is over, time to go home.

Michele and Gabriel on their way home.

I had to dump the tanks before we left.

My next stop is at the RV dealer in Moose Jaw. I want them to start a claim for my extended warranty.
As I expected, it was total confusion! The personnel I talked to before were either not there or "busy" somewhere else. Thank God I had an appointment!!! So they asked another employee to do the diagnostic. He did not have a clue what he was doing. I had to tell him how to do his job, imagine? They now have all the information. They will have to call the extended warranty for the claim. More to follow! Probably more confusion too!

When I got back home, Gabriel was indoor because his friend Joshua was not at his home.

Groot the cat.

Gabriel seems very tired after camping for almost a week.

Me too!

For some reason I will not mention here, I did not have a very good day. Nothing was working the way it was supposed to and I had a short fuse.
Some days are just like that!

Saturday July 13, 2019

Michele and I woke up late today.
It is hot and humid today, +28° C.

After lunch, Kristin, Jeremy and Gabriel were going fishing at Diefenbaker Lake.

Michele and I are staying home. I am fixing the two clean water hoses ends with either new metal clamps or new plastic end.

Here area some photos of the day Kristin, Jeremy and Gabriel had at Diefenbaker Lake.

Jeremy caught a small walleye.

The cute couple.

Diefenbaker Lake is a reservoir and bifurcation lake in Southern Saskatchewan. It was formed by the construction of Gardiner Dam and the Qu'Appelle River Dam across the South Saskatchewan and Qu'Appelle Rivers respectively. Construction began in 1959 and the lake was filled in 1967. The lake is 225 kilometers (140 mi) long with approximately 800 kilometers (500 mi) of shoreline. It has a maximum depth of 66 meters (217 ft), while the water levels regularly fluctuate 3–9 meters (9–27 feet) each year.

While they were on the lake, they watched a storm cell traveling east when suddenly it turn north towards them. They scrambled to get to the ramps and get out of the lake. They had to wait their turn as the clouds were coming toward them. They made it out of the lake in time. Now look at what was behind them!

One part of the storm caught up to them and the rain came down very very hard. They had to drive at over 110 km/h to get out of the storm. The clouds were starting to turn on themselves, meaning possible tornado. They had no problems, but they were happy to be away from the storm.

Those happy moments.

Jeremy is filleting the walleye.

Later in the evening, we heard many towns north of Moose Jaw got hit pretty hard with heavy rain and hail big enough to break windshields.
Here? Nothing!

Sunday July 14, 2019

Another hot and humid day that feels like +37°C with the humidity.
It is time to weed the flower bed again before it gets to hot.

Gabriel is helping his dad to dry up the boat.

Gabriel is very helpful.

During that time, I added a zip-tie to the hose coming out of the windshield washer tank. It keeps coming off and I was loosing all my windshield washer fluid.

I am cooking chicken tonight. It is the recipe Suzie gave us. Michele is helping.

Supper was a success again.

After Gabriel's bath, Jeremy cooked the walleye. It was good.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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