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February 8 to 14, 2021

Where are we?

Monday, February 8, 2021

Our "new to us' car is on its way to us. It should be home  around noon today.

Jan and I are working a little faster to get the 6 new fire trucks out of the shop today.
It is past four-thirty by the time they are all completed and out of the shop.

You see seven fire trucks because Jan had built a prototype first. It is the one with the red light bar on the roof.
I helped with the other six.


Some benches for the firemen.

Just to let you know, the fire trucks are not mobile. The wheels are just for show.

Did I say they are all sold already?
I had a bad thing happen to me. I broke the garage door open! We managed to close it.
Jan has received orders for more fire trucks. He has ordered the lumber for them.

A potential buyer came over to look at our Pontiac G5. It is for his son. I told them everything about the car, not hiding anything. I provide them with all the repair bills. They are very happy with the car. They really like the price ($1,500). They ask if they can take it to a garage for an inspection. Sure, no problems. They take the car for a quick ride. They will pick it up tomorrow and take it to a garage for the inspection.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

I am helping Jan cleaning up the shop. It took about two hours to make a good clean-up.

The Pontiac stayed inside last night. I am using it this morning to go to work. At lunchtime, I left the Pontiac in the garage and took the Sonic to work. The potential buyer is taking it to a garage today. We had a little bit of snow last night.

After work, I got to take the Sonic in the garage.

Our "new to us" car just turned 50,000 km on the odometer.

We only have to remove the snow from the front of the garage doors, the sidewalk in front of the door. The rest is plowed by Patricia. All included in the rent! How lucky can we be!

This is Jan's shop after lunch. The garage door is still not repaired. I feel so bad about it. The lumber has arrived, but we can not take it inside yet... We still have some lumber left, so we start the construction of the next four fire trucks.

The potential buyer's name is Trevor. He took the Pontiac to the garage for inspection. He told Michelle that if nothing major is wrong, he will buy it. We cannot wait to see what the mechanic will find.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Surprise! I went to change the plates for the Sonic to us. The safety inspection sheet is missing! The dealership has forgot to give it to us!!! I call them right away. I am not impressed. There answer? Oops! They are sending it by mail today. So, on my way back from Service Ontario's office, I took the long way home. The road pass next to the canal between Weller's Bay and Lake Ontario. The water never freezes here.  Many birds spend the winter on that water.

An aerial view of what I am talking about. The top arrows points to our current home and the bottom arrows, to the canal.

The lumber is still outside, but we are still building the chassis.

After supper, I went to the car in the garage to check out the new technology. Comparing a Pontiac G5, 2009 to a Sonic 2018, WOW!
I must be getting old. I am reading the car's manual!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

The garage door got repaired late yesterday afternoon. Jan has brought the lumber inside right away. This way, it is dry some overnight.

We had a good day of work done today.

This evening we are having diner at Jannie and Jan's home.
We brought wine from Chili, a Santa Rita. The name of my mother, and it was good.

Darn, an out-of-focus photo!

We had homemade Lasagna. Jannie is a very good cook.

As usual, after a very good meal, we played Sjoelbak. Jan is starting to think we are getting too good for his liking!  Too funny.

Thank you for the great meal. We had a great time once again.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Jan has decided to have a completed fire truck in the shop with us. We can now use it as a reference as we build the next four fire trucks. It turned out to be a good idea.

Four new fire trucks are under construction. Only one is left to sell!

We received a photo of Natasha in an emergency bath! Apparently, she had an explosive poop!

We had a very good week. Six fire trucks completed and four more starting, a car sold, a "new to us" car in the  garage. All this during a pandemic!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Last evening, on Market Place, I bought 2, 5 liters jugs of synthetic engine oil for $35.
We are on our way to pick them up this morning. It is also a good reason for a drive in the "new" car!

I can tell you coming from a car with 2009 technology to a car with 2018 technology, I had to really read up on this stuff.

Going in to pick up the jugs, with all the COVID-19 safety practices in place.

They are new, still sealed.

On our way back, we saw the Big Apple near Cobourg, with a mask on, good.

So far, we are very satisfied with our new car.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

A beautiful sunny day. The snow is sparkling.

Tennis has restarted. I am now a "tennis widower". Michelle is and will be watching tennis on TV for the next few months...

I am having coffee with Benoit this morning. We had many laughs. Always good to talk to him.

I even managed to change the way skype is showing our video! I still do not know how I did this!!!

Now, honestly, we are missing our travelling life.
At the same time, we really realize how lucky we are to have a beautiful place to spend the winter and to top it all, good friends in the same bubble as us.

More photos of Natasha with mom.

Another good week.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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