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July 27 to August 2, 2020

Where are we?

Monday, July 27, 2020

We have a busy day ahead of us today.
The morning starts with lots of fun with Natasha.

Gabriel plays well with Natasha, until she wants to eat his nose.

Gabriel is not mad at her, he is very gentle with her.

Mommy with her baby.

As I mentioned, we have a busy day ahead of us. First off, we head to Regina this morning to get some parts for the outboard motor. BTW, the Audi is very comfortable. Michele is at home with Natasha.

This is our first stop, Pro-Tech. This place repairs all makes and models of outboard motor. They had the parts for Jeremy's old motor.

Now that we have the parts, we go to Cabela's. I am shopping for a small, lightweight camping cot.

They did not have any.
This part of Saskatchewan is very flat.

With the new parts installed, we head to Lake Diefenbaker for some fishing. It is next to the small town of Riverhurst.

Kristin and Natasha wishing us good luck fishing.

Arriving at Palliser Regional Park, we go to the marina. It is about one hour and forty-five minutes from home.

This is a nice boat launch.

The marina is in a long and deep bay.

Gabriel loves fishing. He found my old cowboy hat and insists to wear it most of the time. It is too big for his head, but he still wears it.

It turns out the motor is not working. We use the electric motor to move around.

It is very hot today (+33° C). Just imagine at 4 pm on the water!
It does not take long we head to the beach to fish and play.

Jeremy caught a walleye. Gabriel is more excited than his Dad. Gabriel is the net guy.

Gabriel with his new friend.

I caught a walleye too, but it was way too small.

The scenery is so beautiful here. Can you see the deer?

Here he is. We were on this beach half an hour ago.

I caught a Goldeye. It is not a very good fish to eat.

Jeremy caught a second walleye.

With the sun setting, we install the running lights on the boat.

Kristin has a ball game in Regina this evening.

Meanwhile, Michele has some fun with Natasha.

We got back from fishing around 11 pm. Gabriel is worn-out. We only kept only one walleye. But, we had a lot of fun. The only bad thing is that the motor is not running.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

We still play around with the motor. We cannot find anything wrong with it.


It is another hot day.

A welcomed break in the shade.

After about an hour in the pool, Jeremy offered a banana split.

Gabriel loves his cowboy hat.
Handsome man.

A handsome man, but a little creepy.

The boys being boys!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Natasha is really good at eating her cookie by herself, almost.

A few days back, I borrowed this pressure washer from Jeremy's friend. I used it to wash the MH after our trip to Grassland. Today, I use it to wash my sun-shade for the windshield and the carpets.

The windshield needed it. Four months in the sun and dust in Texas, they get dirty.

The two kids playing in the pool.

All clean.

Our two carpets drying on the grass. The carpets were really dirty.

It is way too hot for Natasha to be outside for long.

We even let Gabriel watched TV in the afternoon because of the heat.

Kristin has another ball game tonight.
Jeremy found an out-board motor like the one he has for $700. It deals for a bit and gets it for $600.
The motor is in Regina. Off we go.

Grand-maman is looking after Natasha and Gabriel.
They are so easy to look after.

Jeremy buys the motor for $550. Once the other motor will be fixed, he will sell it for about the same price.

We have a lot of laughters with Gabriel.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The person selling the motor did make the motor run, but we wanted to do it again today and really check it out. It runs very well.

Some of Kristin's flowers.

We are so lucky to have both of them in our lives.

This is a very, very hot day, near 40° C. with the humidex.

Natasha loves green beans. I think she loves all food!

The last one out of the pool.

Friday, July 31, 2020

The two compadres!

Jeremy and Kristin's friends came over for a visit this morning. They are in town for a few days.
Joel, Rebecca and their little girl Calie are very nice.

Gabriel is very happy to have other kids to play with in the pool. Anna and Myra are very well-behaved, nice girls.

Natasha is at the spa again!

I sure don't look too happy.
But I am...

Michele and Gabriel are back in the pool in the afternoon. It is not too hot today.

Kristin and Jeremy are not here this evening. Kristin is at ball and Jeremy is gone mountain biking with friends

Grand-maman is having a sleep-over with Gabriel. It only so Gabriel can try our new cot we bought Wednesday, so he says.
The new cot is in the blue bag.
Jeremy gave us the military air mattress in the green bag.

This is the mattress inflated.

What is in the cot bag?
The legs, three of them.

Two long bars to make the sides of the cot.

The fabric making the bed.

Let's start. First, you place the two long bars in the fabric.
Next, you assemble the legs and place them on the bars.
Flip the levers and make the fabric tight.

The view of the underside.

And the right way.

Gabriel will try it tonight.
But first, time for cartoons with grand-maman, in our bed!!!

The two best friends.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Gabriel confirms that the new cot is comfortable.

Some special moments between grand-papa and Natasha.

Gabriel, Jeremy and Kristin are going to Buffalo Pound to try out the new "old" motor.

Some of the photos Jeremy sent us.


Weird position to sleep!

Kristin found a screen enclosure for only $65 online. It turns out to be new. It will be useful since they are going camping next week.

The supervisors.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

It is a beautiful day, not too hot. I am going for a walk with Natasha.
Here is a little something, the ride on this stroller is super smooth. Natasha was not falling asleep. I pushed the stroller beside the path, on the bumpy grass and she falls asleep right away!

When we got back from our walk. Jeremy was cutting the grass. Natasha and I watched him the whole time.

Two cute girls.

It is hot again. We watched the kids playing in the pool.
Gabriel is playing with Joshua.

Kristin is making cinnamon buns from scratch.

The keeper of the buns. We did have some for dessert at lunch.

Poor Natasha, she did not have any cinnamon buns...
But, she can hold her own bottle now.

We are having a cheese fondue tonight.
Gabriel is helping to cut the bread in cubes.

It was a great supper.

Gabriel loves cheese and bread.

Until next time.

Stay safe & Stay healthy.

Life is good...

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