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September 18 to 24, 2023

Where are we?

Monday, September 18, 2023

Jeremy and I went hiking near Campbell River.
Jeremy is hiking the Campbell River Lookout Trail. I am hiking the Ripple Rock Trail.
I am not hiking the Lookout Trail because it is a little above my skills.

The trails are well marked.

Why is it called Ripple Rock?

Ripple Rock is an underwater mountain located in the Seymour Narrows of the Discovery Passage in British Columbia, Canada. It had two peaks (2.74 metres and 6.4 metres below the surface at low tide) that produced large, dangerous eddies from the strong tidal currents that flowed around them at low tide. Ships transiting the strait preferred to wait until slack tide to safely bypass the rock.

The trail is very pretty.

Most of the bridges are made of aluminum.

The trees are so big.

The water is so clear.

Menzies Bay.

Menzies Bay in a panoramic view.

The same Bay, but from a different location.


At the same time, Jeremy made it to the top of the Lookout Trail. I am where the arrow points.

Nymph cove.

Again, in a panoramic view. It is so peaceful here.

At times, the trail is very steep.

It is all worth it, just look at the views.

I am almost at the end of the trail.

Behind me is the Seymour Narrows. The eddies you see in the water are where the Ripple Rocks are located.

The last 800 meters of the hike are pretty hard. It is a climb at an angle of 10 % or more at times.

This is the hike I did.

I really enjoyed this hike.
Now, the afternoon will be to relax and recuperate.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

Jeremy went fishing today.
Here is what he saw from the bridge. He told us a bear actually came to the river near him at one time.
The bear is probably used to see fishermen. He was not concerned with people.
They are not hungry at this time of year.

It is still mostly Pink Salmon going upriver.
They are jumping like crazy.
The following photos are from after supper when we went back to the river.

We are not the only ones fishing here today.

Even Natasha reeled in a line a few times
The fish are not eating when they are going upriver.
We came back home empty-handed.

Jeremy Is getting his fishing gear ready for the next outing.
He uses pieces of noodles as storage for hooks.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

A photo we received from the daycare.

Jeremy started working at noon today.
We picked up Natasha from daycare. We went straight to the post office so she could send a letter to her Mom.
She loves the ritual of sending a letter.

She is sleeping with us tonight.
That is one big snack.

It is not because she sleeps in the trailer that her routine changes.

Thursday, September 21, 2023.

Jeremy finished late last night but still gets up in the morning to walk Natasha to the daycare.
Why ski goggles? Simply because!

After we dropped off Natasha, Jeremy and I went fishing.
The view from the bridge.

Life is good.

The salmons are close to us, less than 20 feet. They don't bite.

Do you want salmon?

After daycare, we baked with Play-Doh.

Natasha is eating like she is starving.

She is back with us tonight.

She is so good with us. It is a pleasure to have her with us.

Friday, September 22, 2023.

As usual, Natasha had a good day at daycare.

She dances for us.

Saturday, September 23, 2023.

The weather is changing. The forecast is calling for rain and windy conditions until Friday morning.
Michele and I are yard saling. The local high school is having a fundraising yard sale today. It was big.

Natasha is trying one costume for Halloween.

Grand-maman put some decals on Natasha's fingernails. She loves it.

It is homemade pizza night. Natasha is a big help.

Our friends, Jannie and Jan, arrived today. They are at Costco for the night and will move to an RV Park tomorrow.
We stopped by to say hello before we went to the Virago Nation Show in town.

It is a burlesque show, so we are not too sure what to expect.

WOW! It was not what we expected. I am not commenting about this show because it could be offensive to certain people.

The communities of Comox and Courtenay are very supportive of the LGTBQ population.
This sign could be read in so many different ways...

What an evening.
On the bright side, we saw Kelly and Ted at the theatre. We worked with Kelly in 1979 in Cold Lake and I worked with Ted at different times in my career. It was good to see them.

Sunday, September 24, 2023.

Blocks are a classic toy for kids and are still liked by kids today.

Natasha is spoiled, having lunch in the living room while watching TV.

After her nap, she went to the playground with grand-maman.
Of course, she had to act for the camera a little.

We forgot to take photos, but Jannie and Jan came for supper.
We had a lot of catching up to do.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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