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May 13 to 19, 2019

Where are we?

Monday May 13, 2019

Just like in Quebec, the weather here is not nice.  It is cold, miserable and rainy.This weather keeps us indoor most of the time.

The water level keeps going up with all the rain we received in the last few weeks.
The ditch across the road is our gauge for water level. It is close to be on the grass.

This is the same mobile home looking the other way.  Can you see our MH?

I did help putting more sand bags today. Another day indoor with rain for a change!!!

Tuesday May 14, 2019

The water level for Lake Ontario is stating the lake will go up another 8 to 10 inches in the next 7 to 10 days.
Another few more inches and the pier will be under water.

This is the water level at the beginning of the gravel pier.

A view of the dike.  We added two more layers of sand bags on the right-hand side, near the cottages.

This is the part where we added more bags.  When the wind is blowing, this part of the dike is getting hammered by the waves.
Jan even dug a channel to allow better drainage to the pump.

This is one of the two pump running 24/7 to keep this part of the Park some what dry.  The pump is at the end of the yellow hose.

I did not even get to the deep end of the dike.

Because part of the dike is sitting on the gravel road, the water from the lake is seeping easily under the dike.

The water level of the lake side from the picture above.

The other pump is also going 24/7.

Michele took a photo of me checking the water level.

Once again, we had rain most of the day. The maximum temperature we hit today was a balmy +8° C.

Wednesday May 15, 2019

Jan asked us if we were busy today? No was our answer. He asked us if we wanted to drive to Peterborough to pickup some parts for one of his machineries? Sure we said. We even use the RV Park truck to get the parts.  We are on the road by 7 this morning.  We are taking the back roads to get there.  The scenery is pretty and the traffic is very light.

When we got to White's WearParts, we picked up the parts and drove back to the RV Park.

We made it back to the Park by 9 h 30.

Andréa, Simon and Ariel welcomed the new addition to the family, Ludovic.
This is Simon, Ariel, Grand Maman and Ludovic.  Andréa is resting after the delivery.

This afternoon I have an appointment with the eye doctor for the one year follow up on my laser eye surgery.
All is good, but I may need a correction procedure next year.

Thursday May 16, 2019

We have a busy morning in front of us.  First stop is at Helix to pickup more batteries and a good cleaning of Michele's hearing aids.

Next, we cross the road to get to the doctor's office for our annual medical appointment.
All is good, except that my ulcer is acting up and I may need an adjustment on one of my medicine.  Nothing to worry about.

And our last stop, BioPed for Michele's orthopedics.

The new orthopedics went is the new shoes Michele got last winter.  She also bought some sandals that fit the old orthopedics. Tim also mentioned that with a prescription from the doctor, Veteran's affair would pay up to $250 towards new footwear every year. Tim filled out the paperwork that the doctor will only need to sign on our next appointment.  Thanks Tim.

Friday May 17, 2019

What are those things on the ground? Shadows?
I am taking a picture of a muskrat eating dandelion.

There he is.

Water level is still coming up on Lake Ontario. It is a good thing we added two rows of sand bags near the cottages.

An it keeps going up.

Today being Friday of a long weekend, campers are showing up right after lunch.

The sunset on another part of the flooded RV Park.

Saturday May 18, 2019

The water level has dropped a little over night. I know a lake does not have tide, but we notice a water level variation every few hours.  It is due to the wind on Lake Ontario.

The pontoon is a little higher than the 5th wheel!

The temperature is actually nice and warm today. Time to flush the hot water tank.

Once again I am surprised at how little sediments comes out of the tank as I flush.

Even the galvanic anode is barely damaged.

This is the reason the water tank is so clean. With those two filters on the supply water hose to the MH, we do not need to change the galvanic anode or the water filter in the fridge as often as before. To top it all off, the two filter only cost about $7 total in the US. In Canada, they cost over $10 each.

It is the Welcome Wine & Cheese at the clubhouse tonight. It is for the seasonal campers, but Jannie, Patricia and Jan invited us anyway.

Jannie with a few of the volunteer serving beverages.

Before the meal, they have to elect an Activity Committee for the RV Park.

Once that was over, the stampede for the food was on!
There was a lot of food.

We had a good meal and some good beverages.

Sunday May 19, 2019

One of our "marker" for the water level is the fire ring in the water in front of the cottage.
One more inch and it will disappear.

The water level forecast for Lake Ontario is as follow, the water level is going to go up many more inches over the next few weeks.
Soon we will lose the pier.

Last evening, Jan asked for volunteer to fill more sand bags this morning.  We were ready by 10 am.
The two kobota were used to ferry people to the yard where we fill the bags. The water level is so high that the golf cart cannot make it anymore.

More than a dozen people showed up this morning.

We filled over two hundred sand bags in under 2 hours this morning.
Nice team work.

With the bags filled, the ferrying starts.

A few of us ended up delivering more sand bags to one of the camper living on an island now!

Another part of the RV Park flooded.

We had a nice day, warm and sunny.  People had smiles on there faces.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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