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July 9 to 15, 2018

Where are we now?

Monday July 9, 2018

We spent most of the morning getting ready for our trip to Wakamow.

We arrived in Wakamow shortly after lunch.  It is hot and humid today.
Gabriel is no help to us for setting up. LOL!

With the minimum done for setting up, we head for the park across the street.

We are looking at some baby sparrows in a nest inside the tree.

With all the playing done, we go back home to continue setting up, this time it is about the outside toys for Gabriel.  Now he is helping!

Our home for the next week.  A few years ago the joined two sites to make one big site.  Also, the electricity for the sites was so bad.  They have them all fixed now.  Good clean power at every site.

Time for a bike ride around the campground.

The clouds are getting darker and darker.

Two strong men!

Gabriel and I are checking out the clouds coming our way and they look menacing.

We went from tornado watch to tornado warning for about half an hour and then back to tornado watch.

Who's that coming for a visit?

Kristin came to make sure we were aware of the tornado warning.  She told us that the hospital even had moved some patients to the hallways because the rooms have big glass windows.

Kristin did not stay as she is on call for the hospital and she can go any time.  We did see a cloud starting to turn on itself, but it disappears shortly after.

It turns out the big part of the storm went north of us.

Gabriel is very hungry, he eats like a bear.  What a difference when he only has one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We had a good first day at the campground.

Tuesday July 10, 2018.

Gabriel slept 13 hours last night.
After a good breakfast, we walk to the park across the street.  Gabriel wants to catch some minnows and other creatures by the dock.

Too many kids from the summer camp were on the dock.  Not much living animals left by that dock, they all had nets to catch minnows.

One of the young boys from the summer camp asked Gabriel if he wanted his crawfish?  Gabriel did not say no.
Here is a baby crawfish.

The weather is not good again today.

The sky is still blue, but the dark clouds are still a long way away.
Why not a bike ride before the rain.  We are looking at the words carved in the rock.

Our home, seen from the other side of the river.

All three of us are on this bike ride.  A stop at the playground  next to the burger shack.

As we continue our ride, we come across the giant turtle.

Can you see the words Moose Jaw, Museum & Art Gallery, Wakamow Valley, 2007?

We had a problem, Gabriel's ice-cream reservoir is empty.  We had to stop at the burger shack for an ice-cream cone.
Gabriel had to fill his reservoir after all!

With the reservoir full, we continue our bike ride.

A big dark cloud coming our way.  We heard some thunder and saw lightning in the distance, but no hail.

Gabriel goes to bed at 7:30 h.  He really needs to catch up on his sleep.

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Another 12 hours of sleep for Gabriel.
Just like two old friends having breakfast together.  Special moments.

This morning we are going for a long bike ride.  We have to stop at a playground we never played on before!

The Merry-go-round being to dangerous, so they say, we know have a table with springs.  Let me tell you, this is just like a mechanical bull.  We did bike 6 km today.

Gabriel has found a new friend with the boy next door, Asher.  They get along great.

An ant mining site!

I have to change the crawfish water.  I am under strict surveillance from Gabriel, Asher and Ella.

They must have spent over an hour looking at and harass the crawfish.

I spent some time talking to Asher's parent.  Nice people.

Thursday July 12, 2018

It is Kid's Day at the park.  It is not very big, but still fun to go to.
I will get back to this photo.

Gabriel had a good time in the bouncing cow!

The bouncing cow is on her back!

Some skill games.  All for some candies.

Gabriel even milked a cow!

Gabriel toured the ambulance.  The first responder in the ambulance was very good with kids.  Gabriel has a good pulse and his oxygen level is very good.

We had a game of snake and ladders.

Going up the inflatable slide.

And coming down with a crash at the end.

Gabriel wants to go up the hill.  Michele says, "Sure, Grand-Papa will go up with you!"
At the same time a teenager loose his footing and comes down in an uncontrolled fashion...

According to Google Earth, it is only 40 feet high.  It is pretty steep as far as I am concerned.


This is the view at the top.

The going up was slippery, imagine the going down?  We both made it OK.

After the visit of the Kid's Day, we head home for lunch.

Gabriel had a major crash with his bike.  He is now wounded behind his right knee.  Here we are talking about the fix, should we cut the leg or just put band-aids on the wound!  Gabriel opted for the band-aids.

Jeremy came home in late afternoon and he will be here until Tuesday morning.  He will be working every day.
Sometimes your work, any type work (like oil patch), will take you away from your family for a period of time.  Thrust me, this kid will not need therapy for this.
Gabriel is very happy to see his Dad.

Father and son talking bike stuff.

Gabriel is explaining how he fell from his bike.

After supper, Jeremy and Kristin had to go back home.  Kristin is on call and Jeremy is working early tomorrow morning.

A good day.

Friday July 13, 2018

Yesterday, I went to Canadian Tire to purchase a new bike rack for the car.  I had bought another one last spring, but after trying it, it was not very good.  This one was on sale, so why not!
I must getting old, I am reading instructions!

Where did I put those instructions?

I had to take a break and chat with Asher's Dad.

The assembling is done, not bad at all.  Much better than the other one I had.  I will probably need to do some adjusting as we use it.

Grand-Maman bought a bag full of dinosaurs and Gabriel loves them

Another very good day!

Saturday July 14, 2018

We bought a dinosaur identifier for Gabriel.  He loves it and can even read the information!  He will be in first grade in September.

Let's go for another long bike ride.  It was another 6 km ride.

When we got back, Kristin was home from the hospital.

Kristin could not stay with us for supper.  She had a very long day.
We are having pizza for lunch.  Gabriel is very hungry.  He ate 3 slices for pizza like this one.

It is pretty windy today.  The sun is hot, but the wind is chilly.

Gabriel and Grand-Maman needed a jacket.

Another bike ride, but only in the campground this time.  We were using the small walky talky to keep talking to Grand-Maman back at the MH.

Jeremy and Kristin came after work

We had a simple supper, hot-dogs and hamburgers.  Gabriel playing with his Dad hat.

Gabriel is burnt-out.  He finally goes to bed at 8:30h.

Sunday July 15, 2018

A great morning.  Gabriel wakes up at 7:20h to go to the washroom,  I told him to go back to bed and he woke up at 9:35h.
I was waiting for him to have breakfast!

So, after a good breakfast, we went for another long bike ride.
Gabriel showing the spring table to Grand-Maman.

We are at home this afternoon.  Kristin is still on call and Jeremy is working for the Air Show of Moose Jaw.
We enjoy the pool.

Even if Gabriel does not spend a lot of time in the pool, he had a good time with Grand-Maman.

Playing is so tiring!!!

Good conversation with Gabriel.

Happiness, ice-cream after the pool.

Kristin is home, but she is getting stuff ready for the Bay Shower tonight.  She did cook us a nice supper of smokies.
Gabriel is very tired.

Jeremy got home late afternoon, he had a quick shower and they all left for the Baby Shower.  We just went back to the MH without Gabriel, a night off for us.

Tomorrow we are moving site at the campground.  In the afternoon, I will help Jeremy and Kristin move some furniture from her house in Regina to Moose Jaw.  I just "love" moving furniture.
It has to be done.

We have made reservation at Grassland National Park near Val Marie.  It is about 4 hours south-west from Moose Jaw.  After Grassland, we will go to Eastend and visit the T.Rex Discovery center with Gabriel.

Until next time.

Life is good...

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